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The Jeep Experience Newsletter, Issue #006
July 09, 2008
Hi ,

Well here in Texas we are in the middle of a Summer scorcher...but things at the website are cool and in control like a slow low-range climb up a steep enbankment...with more thanks headed your way for your continued support.

There are several new developments to tell you about since the last edition of this newsletter.

The most exciting part is your invitation to participate and create your own webpage on the site itself.

You've no doubt heard of "My Space"...well now you have a similar opportunity to write a dedicated Jeep Page...which will appear on this your own words...with your own URL.

For more information just go to Your Page for easy and simple instructions.

Also...if you like keeping up with national and international news items and articles about Jeeps of all kinds check out the new Jeep News page.

And...I recently included a piece in my "wheels" page called "Larry's Cheap Jeep Wheel Dress-up Solution" with details and photos of my stock MJ Comanche take a look in my Jeep Wheels page for that one.

Oh might want to look at a few more action Jeep Videos at (you guessed it) More Action Packed 4x4 Jeep Videos!

That's it for thanks again for your support and please tell your friends about this website...maybe even get them involved in creating their own webpage here.

Take Care and Jeep Safely,


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