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The Jeep Experience Newsletter, Issue #027
April 28, 2010
Hi ,

If you received my last newsletter (4-5-10) I mentioned that my new eBook would be available soon. The eBook cover image unfortunately did not show through for many subscribers in that issue as planned.

However, the book is now completed and will be officially launched to the general public on June 1, 2010.

I know your time is valuable so I will keep this short and (hopefully) sweet.

I am offering my book "Best Used Jeeps" at a discount to all "Jeep Experience" newsletter subscribers from now until June 1, 2010.

The regular price is $17, but you or a friend can immediately get this easily downloaded eBook for only $10 during this special offer.

"Best Used Jeeps" is written for you Jeep "newbies" and "veterans" alike who want to save money on your first (or next) used Jeep purchase.

You will get straight-forward, no-nonsense information about:

1) most every Jeep model available in the used Jeep marketplace

2) common sense reviews of the most common models available

3) pros and cons of all models listed

4) best bang for your hard earned dollars

5) which Jeeps are "Best Buys"

6) where to find the best used Jeep deals, and much more.

Okay, I promised to keep this short so if you are interested, please take a look here for more information:

Best Used Jeeps Guide...More Info!

Also, If you know someone (friend, family, co-worker, etc.) who may be interested in "Best Used Jeeps" please forward this email to them (they will also get the newsletter subscriber discount as well...only $10 if ordered before...6-1-10).

Thanks...and stay tuned for the next "Jeep Experience" newsletter...coming soon.

Your Jeep Lovin' Friend,


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