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The Jeep Experience Newsletter, Issue #008
October 01, 2008
Hi ,

Summer here in the U.S. is officially over, but that doesn't mean the fun stops. No way! Owning a Jeep is a year round experience where bad weather can actually be a plus. That's because the 4x4 Jeep is such a universal vehicle for any kind of weather or terrain.

In many parts of the country (and the world) snow, ice and rain are just among many great excuses...(er)..reasons for getting the Jeep out and about. Just remember that although Jeeps can certainly do a lot in many various conditions...NO vehicle can do everything in every situation. Even our beloved Jeeps have limitations.

Therefore, safety is critical while handling a Jeep...and...there is no substitute for driving experience.

So keep both hands on the wheel, stay off the cell phone, watch the road, don't trust anyone else on the road and always keep your Jeep upright.

Here at I have been receiving great reader responses to the invitations posted on various pages.

Several more invites have been posted for you (or anyone) to submit your Jeep story and have a photo of your rig added to the site. The new invitations can be found at:

So, check out what others are saying about their Jeeps...and while your at it send in your Jeep story and photo. It would really be cool to hear about your Jeep Experience(s).

Until next time...have fun and Jeep safely!


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