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The Jeep Experience Newsletter, Issue #017
July 01, 2009
Hi ,

Reader's Jeep of the Month

David's not so clean 1980 CJ5 (Click Photo for more info)

I can't imagine trying to forecast the weather in Texas.

From a ton of rain to hot and steamy days (with NO rain) the only constant here is HEAT..and lots of it.

In about 4 days we here in the United States of America will be celebrating our Independence Day (July 4th). It will be a time for outdoor barbecues, family gatherings, fireworks and time off from busy schedules.

Sometimes we forget what this special day really means especially when we consider our military troops, support personnel and allies who are putting their lives on the line everyday so that we can enjoy our precious freedoms.

One thing we all must remember is that Freedom is NEVER Free, and that by taking our freedoms for granted we may be eroding those very freedoms and aiding those who are naive or downright determined to destroy our liberties.

We must always be vigilant by holding accountable those in government office and those who teach our children...that democracy and liberty require self sacrifice and personal responsibility.

So on this 4th of July take a moment to remember what that day really means and say a prayer for those who have given, and are giving so much for us.

What's New at 4 The Love Of Jeeps HQ

Here's a scoop about a not yet disclosed raffle for a restored 1946 Willys Jeep through the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) organization.

The Willys Jeep was donated to the PVA..and Richard Petty's Racing Team has volunteered to do the complete restoration. Richard Petty, one of the greatest race car drivers in history< is a spokesperson for the PVA.

I was contacted by the company who promotes PVA and although I have donated to this wonderful cause for a number of years, they were more interested in getting help with some promotional material relating to the Willys and military Jeeps.

So, I would encourage you to help support this program through their website at WWW.PVA.ORG and keep your eyes open for the '46 Willys raffle hopefully before the end of this year.

Also check out some of these Military Support Websites.

Do you have a Jeep (any style or condition) that you would like to share with others on the Jeep Lovers website? Just choose the category that best describes your Jeep from this list of "Invitations" and follow the simple instructions. Hundreds of readers have proudly displayed their Jeeps and/or stories about their rigs here. Please feel free to include yours as well.

Don't forget to keep in touch with your comments, questions and/or suggestions by Contacting Me.

Take care and have a safe and Blessed July 4th celebration!


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