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The Jeep Experience Newsletter, Issue #002
February 21, 2008
Hi ,

Are you experienced? Jeep Experienced that is.

(Recognize the Jimi Hendrix reference?)

No-one needs to be "experienced" with Jeeps to enjoy the material here at

As a matter of fact, this guide is designed to enlighten those who don't know a Jeep from a Jaguar, and to hopefully entertain (and maybe enlighten as well) those who are quite experienced with Jeeps.

I am really excited about the new additions.

The Jeep Action Videos pages have been introduced and will continue to grow in time.

Okay...I can here you saying "I can see Jeep videos on YouTube..why do I need to come here?"

Well, you CAN see them on YouTube...

HOWEVER, what I have done is select specific categories of Jeeps in action, and then hand selected the best of the best in each category and put them on dedicated pages.

Want to take a look? Choose and Click any link below:

Extreme Jeep Videos...Hillclimbs and more!

Jeep Off Road Extreme Rock Crawling Videos!

Jeep Off Road Videos...Mud and Water!

Desert Off Road Jeep Videos!

I truly hope you enjoy these videos...

I must admit that most of them knocked me out! I tend to prefer Jeeping in the desert and getting to some really remote spots...but those Icelandic hillclimb videos are amazing to say the least!

Please let me know what you think by contacting me anytime at Contact Me Your feedback is really helpful good or bad.

Also, on the Jeep Action Video Page there is a comment box for your input and any recommended videos you have or have seen. Just tell me where and how to get them and I will review each and every one for possible inclusion to the site. is relatively young, but growing fast thanks to you. I am researching and adding new material often.

This is your website too and I will be increasing interactivity with you in the near stay tuned.

So until next time...Enjoy The Jeep Experience...and be safe!

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