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The Jeep Experience Newsletter, Issue #009
October 29, 2008
Hi ,

How are you doing? Hope your Autumn weather is as nice and crisp as ours is here in Texas.

Where I live the weather rarely gets severely cold...for very long anyway. There are some days when we have pretty intense ice storms and occasionally some snow. These are the days when it's fun to get the 4x4 Comanche MJ out in the elements and test her skills (and mine also).

Being a desert rat (love driving in and through the desert) I can only take so much icy/snowy weather before I go stir-crazy. But that's another story.


Over the past month I have been focusing a lot on Supporting The Troops and Allies. By asking the question "how do you support our troops and allies?" I have received a good number of heartfelt responses. You can read these responses and add your own as well by clicking here.

Other additions over the past month include:

Well those are the most recent updates...and don't forget there are many opportunities for YOUR input into which is always appreciated.

So Jeep Safely and keep in touch!


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