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The Jeep Experience Newsletter, Issue #023
January 04, 2010
Hi ,

Hope you had a great Christmas season, and are starting a happy and prosperous New Year.

The last year (2009) was a roller coaster year for many of us. However, here at 4 The Love of Jeeps we seem to have made it to 2010 with fresh hope and renewed determination to provide the Jeep community with the best "Jeep Lovers" website on the internet.

As I looked back at my very first newsletter from January 15, 2008, I still hold true to the commitment stated there 2 years ago. Here is a brief quote from that newsletter. "Through '4 The Love Of Jeeps' I vow to provide honest researched reviews, articles and feedback from my own experiences, other author's insights as well as the experiences of you the reader.

Yes...this is your website as well. It was designed for you because it will only exist with your input and support."

Note: You can see all of the archived newsletters by clicking here: The Jeep Experience Newsletter Back Issues

One of my favorite things is to see your Jeeps in all manners and, old and in various stages of development. So let's start with:

Readers Jeeps of the Month

Nikki's pride and joy '97 TJ..Click Photo for More Info

Clair's beauty of a CJ8 Scrambler..Click Photo to See More Info

Russell's Military Vehicles old GPW...Click the Photo for More Info

J.G.'s 1975 J20 Pickup...Click the Photo for More Info

What's New at 4 The Love of Jeeps Headquarters

This past November ('09) I was honored to have my Jeep website 4 The Love of Jeeps win 2nd place (in my category) in a national online contest for start up businesses.

It was really a thrill to achieve this recognition for all of the hard work (as well as the fun) put into this website.

However, the real thanks goes to you the reader who makes this site what it is. Your feedback, comments, questions and Jeep submissions are what help make this website interesting for folks all over the world...and for this I am humbled and most grateful.

Click here to see the winning acknowledgement page: Top 100 Home Based Businesses

Also in the works is my first ebook which will soon be available (for a nominal cost) on the website. Although I haven't quite selected a title yet, the downloadable ebook will focus on what you need to know to find your perfect used Jeep. It will cover all of the most popular Jeeps found for sale on the used vehicle market, and a few less popular models as well. More to come on this as it develops.

I am often asked how you, the reader, can get your shiny new Jeep, or project banger on the website like the photos above. Well, it is pretty easy to do. The best way is to go here: Readers "Rants" and "Reviews"...Invitations and Responses and choose one of the 22 links that best fits your Jeep submission...then click that link and follow the directions. If you have any problems please Contact Me and I will help you in any way I can.

A photo of your Jeep submission really makes your story stand out, so although it is optional, you might try to get a good photo uploaded as well. Also, I don't care if your spelling or grammar is not perfect. I can edit that myself as long as I can understand what you are trying to say. Not all submissions are accepted and the ones that are not approved are usually due to the following:
  • Not enough information. A brief description of your Jeep, and any stories you may have about you and your Jeep will work well.
  • Inappropriate language or content will not be accepted. I'm no prude but this website is for all ages...young and old.
  • Blurry or poor quality photos. Photos must be clear and show the Jeep at its best.
  • Submitting other peoples Jeeps, content or photos without their explicit permission. If it's not your Jeep and your story please don't take credit.
Okay, now you have no excuses. Let the world see your Jeep...old or new...because we love Jeeps...all Jeeps...not just the $50,000+ mega-rigs.

And remember...take heart! No matter what Fiat does to Jeep, good or bad we will always have about 70 years of past Jeeps to buy, build and keep going for generations to come.


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120x60 JC Whitney Clearance Center

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