Jeep Girl Nikki

by Nikki Flanagan
(Stafford, VA)

I've grown up with Jeeps. When I was just a baby my dad built a car seat that actually got put between the drivers seat and the passenger seat, and it was passed as safe by the police department.

We lived in Arizona at the time, so I had my first real jeep experience with the top down when I was only a few months old. Later when we moved to VA we ended up getting a '97 Jeep Wrangler, which started out as my dads, and became mine when I turned 16.

People tell me that I look like a Jeep girl before they even realize I own a Jeep, and they're right! I can't really explain why I love Jeeps so much. Maybe its because I don't like whimpy vehicles (I can't stand driving cars, yuck!), and maybe it has to do with the fact that I myself am short, so I like to feel higher up?

I mean, I do have a 4" lift with 34" tires. But for whatever reason, my Jeep is my baby!

Larry's Comment: No need to explain why you love Jeeps so much Nikki (but glad you did anyway). We understand here!

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Nice looking Jeep
by: Joseph

Very attractive Jeep. I know what you mean by loving jeeps. I fell in love with Jeeps when I was 7-8 years of age. The trippy thing about it is I never knew anyone with a Jeep. I was influenced by just the image the Jeep had, and the type of people that drove them.

Now that I have a Jeep, I know I wasn't just having a childhood fantasy.

What trails have you taken your Jeep out on? What trails do you recommend?

Nice Jeep
by: Jim

We had an '88 YJ with a lift kit and 36's on it and went offroading in Colorado with it on the weeknds. Nothing says rugged like JEEP.

Fun to see girls getting into the sport of offroading too. Nice Jeep, have fun!

Great looking Jeep
by: Steve

It is so great to see a young woman like you interested in Jeeps, and not being brash, but you are a very good looking woman and it is so sexy seeing a women climb out of a Jeep in jeans, boots and flannel.

Keep up the great work, and be safe wheeling till your heart is content!

Great Looking Ride Nikki
by: Jim

I have an '88 YJ with lift kit and 34's on it and a 1958 CJ with some Mickey Thompson 36" mudders on it. There is virtually no place around here I can't go with them, and the river bottoms are my favorite places to go muddin' and play.

It's great to see women out there enjoying the outdoors, and doing it in a Jeep is the way to go!

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