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The Jeep Experience Newsletter, Issue #001 -- At last...It's finally here! The first issue.
January 15, 2008
Hi ,

Thanks for subscribing to the first issue of the "The Jeep Experience Newsletter".

It's purpose is to keep you informed and up to date regarding these unique road and offroad vehicles called Jeeps.

What is the "Jeep Experience"?

That's kind of hard to pin down. I guess it's more a special feeling one gets when driving a Jeep, seeing a Jeep, reading about Jeeps, wanting a Jeep or relating to other Jeep enthusiasts.

Well, if you are already an experienced Jeep owner, or just love what these great American icons have to offer, then you've come to the right place.

"4 The Love Of Jeeps" has the goal of providing accurate and quality information about Jeeps new and used...from the newest concept vehicles to the oldest original military "Universal" designs.

In developing this site I wanted to share my enthusiasm and love for these unique vehicles as well as point out some of the limitations of various Jeep designs past and present.

One example that comes to mind is the

Jeep Compass

as compared to the

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited .

Do I know everything there is to know about Jeeps?

Not by a long shot!

Although I have owned and driven several great Jeeps as well as a number of other Brand X 4x4's, I am aware of the vast diversity of knowledge and experience among other Jeepers.

Through "4 The Love Of Jeeps" I vow to provide honest researched reviews, articles and feedback from my own experiences, other author's insights as well as the experiences of you the reader.

Yes...this is your website as well. It was designed for you because it will only exist with your input and support.

Your input is highly appreciated...good or bad. (I really can take it!)

For now you can

contact me on the website

and tell me what you like...don't like...absolutely hate...suggestions...changes you would like to material...questions.....

I am listening.

In the future I will be adding more interactive pages to the stay tuned for that exciting development.

I have recently added a new page about the ladies called

"Are You A Jeep Girl?"

Also, you can read about the

Jeep Liberty's attractiveness to the ladies.

This site is appropriate for the guys...the ladies...and the entire family!

All of the website pages have also been updated to make it easier to navigate and find things of interest, or just go to the Site Map for alphabetical listing of pages. Tell me what you think.

Feel free to forward this newsletter to a friend or other Jeep lover.

Again, you can

contact me anytime!

Until next time...take care and continue to enjoy the "Jeep Experience"!


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