Are You A Jeep Girl?

Nohra Cecelia's Wrangler JK Unlimited

Nohra Cecelia and Her Wrangler JK Unlimited...Click photo for more

What is a Jeep Girl? Who are these ladies who love Jeeps? What attracts many women to Jeeps in the first place?

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Well, it would seem self-explanatory to say that a Jeep Girl would include any person of the female persuasion who has an interest in Jeeps and/or drives her own rig. Simple enough, right?

Who are these ladies?

Now, that's a tougher question to answer. It would appear to depend on a number of factors that would also be similar to their male counterparts.

Some factors would include:

  • Where she lives relative to climate, terrain, remoteness, etc. Many women (and men) in various parts of the world where inhospitable conditions occur drive Jeeps out of necessity.

  • how the vehicle is to be utilized, such as commuting, traveling, recreation, work, or any combination of these. With more types of "purpose style" vehicles to choose from, Jeep has entered this competitive market to deliver more options to women.

  • experience and orientation to Jeeps from family, friends, advertising, reading, etc. This would include the extent of a Jeep Girl's exposure to the Jeep brand.

  • the fact that Jeep has several different models other than the Wrangler to appeal to a wider demographic targeting many women such as with the Commander, Grand Cherokee, Patriot, and Compass.

  • availability. A lot of us didn't choose our first vehicles. If we wanted to drive anywhere we had to use what was available which might have been the old family car...or even an old Jeep.

So, what attracts women to Jeeps?

Okay, maybe I'm just making this more difficult than it has to be. A girl who love's Jeeps might be someone who thinks the darn things are just the Jeep Liberty, or the classic Wrangler.

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(Does driving a Jeep Liberty qualify you as a Jeep Girl? Click here to see!)

There is even a Barbie Jeep battery powered toy for future little lady Jeepers to drive around in the yard. (And I'm sure a few future Jeep Boys have been seen in their sister's or neighbor's Barbie Jeep as well). So, it seems obvious that Jeep as well as other auto manufacturers start planting the advertising seeds early.

Barbie Jeep Girl!

Power Wheels Barbie Jammin Jeep Wrangler

However, there are certainly quite a few die-hard ladies of all adult (I hope!) ages driving jacked-up CJ's and Wranglers through the mud, the muck and the mire with enough debris on themselves and their Jeeps to obscure the color of their respective rigs. What motivates these Jeep Girls?

Sorry, but I really don't know the answer. All of this is merely speculation.

I'm sure that the Jeep division of Chrysler has done a lot of market research on this issue, but that lacks the human touch in my opinion. Also, they are more interested in marketing their new Jeeps.

I am more curious as to WHO you ladies are, and WHY you love Jeeps.

That is why I'm giving you the exclusive opportunity below to enlighten those of us who are not of the female gender...and...maybe inspire those who are.

Read on!

Jeep Girl Loredanas Jeep!

Jeep Girl Loredana and her YJ...Click Photo for More Info..and also Add Yours Below

Are You A Girl and Love Your Jeep?'s your chance to tell the world how much you love your Jeep.

I know there are a lot of you out there.

Write your own page...and

include a picture of your Jeep (up to 4 photos accepted).

I and many other readers would really like to know the answers to these questions:

1) Why do you own, drive or simply love Jeeps?

2) What attracted you to Jeeps in the first place?

Don't be shy. It's fun and easy to do!

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I got a TJ that's turquoise for my 16th birthday and I love it. I have always wanted one, especially since my dad got his 4 years before that. …

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When I was young my uncle had a 1975 CJ5, and when we would go to West Virginia to visit him one of my favorite parts was cruising country roads with …

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I have always wanted a Jeep since the days of Daisy Duke. Finally at age 42 and a mother of 2 I GOT MY JEEP WRANGLER . It's a 2013 Black Wrangler …

Three Jeeps in 8 years 
I love being able to keep up with the guys when going four wheeling, and proving a girl can do anything that they can do. There is nothing more fun …

Jeeper Chick 
I am a Jeep girl because it's in my blood. I love to go wheelin' with my Jeep club. I love to work on them and they are my outlet for when I'm bored. …

Jeep Mom 
My first love was a yellow and black 1980 CJ 7. My then boyfriend, later to become my (ex)husband, bought it from his friend. I think I may have disliked …

A Canadian Girl and Her Jeep(s) 
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Newman! The '84 DJ5 Postal Jeep 
I'm a Jeep Girl all the way! I drive my DJ5 everyday, ok for work that is. My Jeep was made for delivering mail and does it better/faster than …

Rachel Loves Jeep Patriot 
I love the squared off edginess design that Jeep uses for their vehicles. I think not only is it a strong look but a pretty darn sexy one too. …

Canadian Jeep Girl 
I have loved Jeeps since I was a child. I Don't know why but I have. What attracts me the most is the freedom! Freedom to go mudding, topless, 4x4ing …

Female Jeep Fanatic! 
Back in the late 1970's when I was in college, a friend introduced me to off-roading in his bright yellow Jeep. It was so much fun that I was "hooked" …

Kelsey's Jeep 
I am a Jeep Girl because I exude independence and attitude...and I think a Jeep on its own does this. If you drive a Jeep you do anything and …

I Love my Jeep! 
I have always loved Jeeps. In fact, the small ones because they are very cute, but a few weeks ago I ended up having the Wrangler Sahara Unlimited 4 x …

Girls Get Dirty Too! 
You can rely on your Jeep. It never lets you down. Any girl who is her own person and takes care of herself, the only thing she needs in the …

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My 1st Jeep With All the "Goodies" 
My experience 4-wheeling started as a child. My dad would take us all out into the trails in SW PA where I grew up. The 1st vehicle I remember was …

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Okay, I'm not a Jeep girl. I'm a dad with a Jeep and I have two Jeep girls, Katelyn and Kristin. Both of my girls go off-road with me on a regular …

Jeepin Jezabella 
Well let me see....We had to sell our 1985 Jeep and we had so much fun. Times got a little tuff and we had to sell her. I cried for about a week …

Reliable Wrangler holds up for the long haul and has options 
Long story short, I had a 1998 Cherokee with 248,000+ miles that held up and ran like a sewing machine. Was sold regrettably to a nephew for a college …

Wrangler YJ Moms Ride  
I am 53 years old. Finally got my first Wrangler. I have owned a Cherokee and a Grand Cherokee. Loved them both!! But my Wrangler is my favorite. …

I am a Jeep girl because when I was five, I saw them running around on the road and I always thought they were the neatest looking vehicles. On …


Miss Kate Lynn's Jeep YJ 
I grew up driving a Barbie Jeep just like most girls, however, MY JEEP went in the woods. I am feminine and redneck, hence I need a Jeep! …

Kirstin from Henley '05 Cherokee 
My kind ex-husband sorted me out with a cheap Daihatsu to pull the horse trailer for our daughter's pony when I was married to him, and I also had …

Girl Luvs Jeeps 
I worked very hard for my Jeep. I have always loved Jeeps ever since high school, and now at 41 years old I finally have my Jeep. The story …

I Saw Him (Jeep CJ) and 10 mins. Later He Was Mine! 
Hi, I am Johanna, from Vienna, Austria. Since I was a kid I liked Jeeps, but just because of their looks. Hey, I am a woman. But still, one of those …

2010 Wrangler Unlimited 2-WD? 
We were taking a road trip vacation to San Antonio, Texas from Fort Worth, which is about 300 Miles one way. There were 5 of us and we had planned on …

From Life Saving Liberty to Wrangler Zenmobile! 
I always wanted a Jeep Wrangler...but was always talked out of it. I finally bought a Liberty 5 years ago...It saved my life when a deer decided …

My Jeep Disappointment? 
Well, I LOVED my Jeep. Strong, powerful, cute and sexy. But then she let me down! It's a '98 and only had 117,000 miles on her. Then she started …

Why Girls Love Jeeps 
I was 32 and it was love at first sight with a yellow TJ Jeep. I was married then and a lot of my "material" desires were put on hold. I'm now 39, …

Not a Soccer Mom, BUT A TONKA MOM!! 
I'm not quite sure how I became a Jeep girl. Could have been because I was raised doing off road activities with my dad, then again.. could just …

Lady Jeeper ! What took me so long to get what I wanted? 
Just couldn't help putting in a plug for all us Lady Jeepers. This one's a retired Grandma. It started as a plain white Jeep Cherokee Sport. …

Jeep Girl Nikki 
I've grown up with Jeeps. When I was just a baby my dad built a car seat that actually got put between the drivers seat and the passenger seat, and it …

I <3 my Jeep! 
Oh where do I begin?? It all started with my Grandmother. She has an old Jeep Truck, original jerry cans, camper shell, etc. It has been lovingly maintained …

Jeeps for First Time Girl Buyers 
I'm almost sixteen and my parents and I have been out researching and testing cars. None of them compare to the Jeep Wranglers. Honestly, it's the …

I'm very crazy because I have a Jeep club.... come to see us.... Club Jeep de l'est OIIIIIII0 Larry's Comment: I borrowed a photo from your …

Loredana's Jeep! 
Ciao Larry, I'm Loredana from Italy (Roberto's wife) these are some foto of me and my Jeep. I buy my YJ 2500, 1991 year two years ago and I use …

Willys Jeeps and Our Liberation 
I am sure many people can tell you about exhaust systems, transmissions, horse power and suspension systems, round head lights vs square, but nothing will …

Jeep CJ7 Girl 
My favorite is the Jeep CJ7, which I owned until I lent it to a friend. She originally pretended it got stolen when she was in a serious car wreck. …

Boos 4x4 Jeep 
I LOVE driving my black 2002 Wrangler Sahara (the Black Widow) w/ the soft top down, dew rag, tank top and jammin' to my tunes. It is the best feeling …

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2007 Jeep Wrangler Girl 
I drive a 2007 two door Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited edition. It is a soft top, with the standard six cylinder engine and automatic transmission. …

Grand Cherokee Girl 
Hi, my name is Brandy and I live in North Providence, Rhode Island. Back in 2002 I purchased a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I absolutely loved my jeep. …

Jeep Girl! Mommy Mobile! 
I bought my 92 Cherokee Laredo back in about 2000. It's a two wheel drive and has been my mommy mobile since the day my daughter came home from the …

Yellow Wrangler named Tweety 
I have a 2006 Yellow Jeep Wrangler I named Tweety. As in Tweety Bird. I love it. My favorite area to go off-roading is an area called Charoleau Gap …

Two Jeep girl (not at the same time) 
Hi, I'm Jeri (yes, a girl) and my last 2 vehicles have been Jeeps. I had a '97 Wrangler that I absolutely loved but I wrapped it around a tree in …

Love My Grand Cherokee 
Hi, my name is Cindy. I have a 1998 jeep grand cherokee! I love driving it every where! I have taken my jeep across the country twice now and it has …

Like the Wind in My Hair 
My name is Natasha. My Jeep is a 2008 Wrangler. It has a 202 hp 3.8-liter V6 Engine and I love it to death! I wouldn’t drive anything else. This …

My Jeep experience has been great. I have owned my 1996 Cherokee 6 cylinder for 12 1/2 years now and was brand new when I purchased it. It now has …

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