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The Jeep Experience Newsletter, Issue #005
June 06, 2008
Hi ,

Let's get right to it.

I have been promising you J.E. Newsletter readers for some time now that you would be able to have more direct involvement and interaction with website.

Well the future in NOW!

I am really excited that you are now able to:

  • Write and submit your own page(s) and get your own URL address to give to your friends and family

  • Get full credit (as the author) for anything that you submit

  • Download any accompanying photos (optional)...and best of all...

  • Give your opinions in your own words about the chosen topic on the Invitation (just don't be crass or inappropriate)

This is brand new here at and open to all visitors who want to participate.

It's totally free with no obligation...and the directions are very simple to follow.

Your input will add quality to the website and be fun for you and others who choose to participate.

So be one of the first to build your own web page and submit your opinion, ideas and/or comments to the specific questions on the invitations.

Again, a photo is usually requested but not required.

Here are the pages and links with Invitations at the bottom of each page:

1) Best 5 Jeeps Ever

2) Cheap Jeeps

3) Jeep or Hummer?

4) Are You A Jeep Girl?

So.. go ahead and have some any or all to write your page on.

I (and other readers) really look forward to your input.

Until next time...Jeep Safely!



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