Jeep 4x4: Top 5 All Time Best

Choosing the best Jeep 4x4 is a daunting task, but hey...someone has to do it...right?

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Well, to make things a little easier I decided to choose not just one Jeep model as "Best of Breed" (sounds kinda like a dog show doesn't it?)...but I am going to give you 5 Jeeps at the top of my list.

Subjective?...Heck Yeah!

How did I go about the decision making process?

In a nutshell I incorporated a decision making matrix with a cognitive theory base...followed by a selective reasoning analytical method of critical thinking processes.


I just picked the Jeeps I liked the best...

So let's get on with it.

I chose the following 5 Jeep 4x4 rigs based on my experience and the experience of other trusted don't throw rocks at me if your favorite Jeep is not selected.

(Write in your own choice(s) for Best Jeep Ever...
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In no particular order of preference my Top 5 Jeep 4x4 winners are (drum roll please):

1) The Military Willys MB (1941-1945)

Reasons: I love anything to do with military history and the proud Jeep heritage from it's birth to it's contribution to the WWII victory.

Great simplicity of design and function.

1944 Willys Military Jeep!

1944 Willys MB

2) Willys Pickup Truck (1947-1965)

Reasons: Tough...classic Jeep lines and downright cute for a pickup! Seeing these trucks restored is a real treat.

1962 Willys Pickup!

1962 Willys Pickup

3) Jeep CJ7 (1976-1986)

Reasons: Vast improvements over the highly successful CJ5 much of which centered around more comfort, more room and better handling characteristics (longer and wider).

1984 Jeep CJ7!

1984 Jeep CJ7

4) Jeep Cherokee XJ (1984-2001) and Jeep Comanche MJ Pickup (1986-1992)

Note: Both the Cherokee and Comanche were chosen together due to the similar platforms shared by both vehicles.

Reasons: The XJ Cherokee has great functionality in a relatively compact size, with good utility and economy and all the pieces to make a terrific off road rig to boot.

The Comanche MJ shares most of the XJ's attributes, but in a Pickup truck configuration.

1989 Jeep Cherokee XJ!

1989 Jeep Cherokee XJ

5) Jeep Wrangler TJ (1997-2006)

Reasons: The Jeep TJ was the beginning of a new era for the "universal" style Jeep with more civilized on-road handling combined with much off road improvements as well.

I like the TJ and much of what followed.

1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ!

1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ

So there you have it!

Larry's Top 5 Jeep 4x4 Winners. The Best of the Best!

What Do You Think?

Okay...I laid my Jeep 4x4 preferences on the line.

Now it's your turn to write your own choice(s) for Best Jeep Ever.

It's free, fun and easy to do.

It can be about a Jeep you currently own...

one you used to own/drive...

or just a Jeep you've dreamed of owning/driving (my list includes "dreamers" as well).

2-wheel drive Jeeps are acceptable.

You can get full credit for your submission as the author and be given a specific URL for that page if you choose to. (Pretty Cool...huh?)

I can't wait to see your Best Jeep Ever what are you waiting for?

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1976 CJ6 
Not much to say. I just love my Jeep. It's all original except this baby is driven by a 1UZ FE VVT-I 4.0 V8 290 hp Lexus engine and a 5 speed auto …

1999 Sport Wrangler, because I couldn't buy a Harley. 
Shattered my lower back in 2007 and have had 3 fusions since. Now, I've always loved Jeeps, CJ/YJ/TJ/M.A.S.H/Wrangler style. And I've always loved motorcycles, …

Best Jeep Ever Must have Willys on the VIN 
It obvious and very well documented that the Willys Overland (WO) and Jeep brand of vehicles are some of the very best, most original utility vehicles …

Remarkable 1959 Willys Jeep Reunion 
This story is about my father's beloved 1959 Willys CJ5. This Jeep has some history and a fantastic story behind it. It all started when it got imported …

Tracked vehicle training at Fort Hood Texas during war with Viet Nam 
Learned to drive the M151/M151A1 on the same course used for Armored Personnel Carriers M113. Seemed the course would always have a mud bath to …

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My '79 Jeep Cherokee Chief (I bought new) is my all time favorite of every car/truck I've ever owned. Great 360 engine, turbo 400 tranny, great seats, …

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I have a Wrangler Sahara 1997 with the 4.0L six and 5-speed manual transmission. It is fully loaded. Other than the typical rust these Wranglers …

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My first favorite Jeeps are the "Follow Me" Jeeps, used during WWII to guide aircraft on the tarmac. My next favorite Jeep is the CJ, then third …

Jeep XJ Saved AMC and Chrysler 
The Jeep Cherokee XJ was born in 1983 first introduced and built as a downsized Wagoneer (that bore no relation to previous models) by the American …

Jeep Trucks 
My favorite Jeeps to start off with are the Jeep J-10 and the CJ8 Scrambler. The J-10 is one of the first full-sized pickup trucks made by Jeep, …

'85 CJ7! 
My pick is the 1985 CJ! Larry's Comment: you may have noticed, the CJ7 was also my pick as one of the "Top 5 Best Jeeps Ever". …

Biased about my MJ and TJ 
I have a Jeep Comanche MJ and a Wrangler TJ. I bought the MJ in Florida. I was looking for a 4-wheeler. I went to a lot and they only had 3 4WD's …

My Grandfather's 1964 4x4 Willys Jeep 
This Willys 1964 model Jeep was bought by my grandfather when my father got married. My grandfather was in the British Army and after his retirement he …

The toughest trail yet for my CJ7: BLACKTOP! 
A number of years ago, we decided to forsake the winter freekin' wonderland of Northwestern Montana for the desolate broiler of Southeastern Arizona. …

Jeep Who? 
Are you really not going to consider other brands? Jeep is great, but come on let's be serious. Is there any, and I mean any logic to this thinking? …

CJ 5 
I have always loved the CJ 5. My father used to own one and it was so much fun to drive around and even go offroading in. I like the CJ 5's more …

YJ Wrangler! The Overlooked Jeep 
First off the YJ Wrangler is the black sheep in the family with square headlights, and it is viewed as the stepping stone in between the CJ dynasty and …

My Jeep XJ is Just Plain Fun! 
I know there are stacks of nice shiny "superb handling" 4x4's out there, and that's all great & good. So why is it my '96 XJ worth approx. £500/$300 …

My Best Jeep Picks! 
The best Jeeps were the first Willys. The starter and battery were mounted up high in the engine compartment. Great for deep water. Very simple to …

JerryJeeper-Old Retired Jeep Plant Manager 
Worked for Jeep for nearly 21 years and have owned over 50 of these great vehicles. Currently have a 1944 MB, 1982 Scrambler, 1989 Wrangler Islander, …

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Bale Pusher and Jeeps 
Raising Cattle in Northern Minnesota is not an easy task. Winter comes and cattle and horses must have feed brought to them. Not having a Tractor …

Tim's 10 Best Jeeps 
First, I agree. They are very good Jeeps. I love everything about Jeep, but Fiat will probably kill that. Whatya expect from imports. Anyway, Here …

5 all time best Jeeps 
As far as I'm concerned, the top 5 Jeeps were the CJ-5, CJ-6, CJ-3B, CJ-3A and the CJ-2A. I also like the M-38, don't care for the MB or GP. The …

My Tryst With Willys, Jeep and Mahindra 4x4's 
The Indian Mahindra CJ500D 4X4 (even the 2 WD) with the International diesel (MD 2350) was the crudest jeeps of all. When in the 1990's I changed over …

80 CJ-7 Rattling but Running Strong 
I had a 1980 CJ-7 Laredo. Got a job and drove from Connecticut to Illinois pulling a tandem axle U-haul with everything I owned and a few choice …

I agree on Jeep Top Picks! 
My first experience in a Jeep was my friend's, father's 1963 Willys pickup truck. That truck plowed the streets of our town, (a very hilly town) …

Willy's 50th birthday party..My CJ5 
I have a 59 CJ5, and I call my Willys "Willy". It's mostly stock and I added Saginaw steering. The body is rough, but it kicks butt off road. …

Wrangler Lasts Forever 
This is the pic of my 2002 is very fast on the careful minimize ur gas..70/80..mph is enough for u....but I go 90mph some …

Everything New 1994 YJ 
Got the Jeep for 2000 dollars and started to work on it. Over the past 6 years lot of money and effort put into it, and made it a handsome street …

TJ or Willys? It depends! 
The best and most universal on road/off road Jeep ever is the TJ for sure. I drove thousands of miles in my TJ through off roads and went back thousands …

Grand Wagoneers  
The 1984 Grand Wagoneer -- with its rugged metal dash, true posi- & quadra-trac, power everything, and leather seats -- provided the perfect combination …

Jeeps Rock 
I've owned 6 CJ5's a Wrangler and now a Cherokee and loved them all! I'd kill for a 2006 Rubicon! Larry's Comment: Might be better to save …

Best Jeeps 
Larry's Comment: Mike sent his "5 Best Jeeps Ever" choices listed below..and a few more: 1) The Bantam "Old No. 1" Pilot Jeep; 2) CJ2A-1947 …

The Early Ford Bronco 
It has a V8, Dana 44, and a Ford 9 inch. Larry's Comment: Although this page is about the "Best 4x4 JEEP" I thought that Chad's 1972 Ford Bronco …

How I came to know the CJ5. 
It was 1973 when a very good friend of mine bought his first CJ5 - I was 19 and he 20. When we went anywhere, we took that jeep and in February of 1974, …

Mahindra MM550XD - Invincible Indian Army Jeep 
Mahindra MM550XD - Invincible Indian Army Jeep is based on the CJ series from USA. This vehicle has a Dana Transfer Case and a Peugeot 2.5 Liter Engine …

The Mid 50's Jeep Wagon Was Best. 
It had a huge cargo capacity wedged onto the original (albeit slightly stretched) frame. What more can you ask for? Seating for 5? It has it, and …

Love My 1996 Jeep Cherokee 
My 1996 Jeep Cherokee is the greatest vehicle I have ever owned. It runs smooth and has never let me down. This jeep has gotten my family safely through …

Hurricane My Fav 
My favorite Jeep of all time is the unattainable one - the Jeep Hurricane. This beast of a Jeep is powered by not one but a PAIR of v8 5.7 liter OHV …

Jeep Liberty 
In my opinion the 2005 Jeep Liberty has to be the best Jeep 4x4 i have ever driven. The interior is comfortable, and classy, and the ride is consistently …

My Best Pick is the Liberty 
The Jeep Liberty 4x4 is the best Jeep 4x4 of all time. I especially like the high roof because it makes it easy to get my daughter in and out of her …

Jeep CJ is best 
The best Jeep 4x4 ever produced is the CJ model. This model is the most adaptive and most easily modified body. The new wrangler models have a great …

Best of the Best 
Purists will always argue the best was the first and the Willis jeep ( is not only a classic …

Grand Wagoneer hands down best! 
The Best Jeep 4x4 Ever: The Grand Wagoneer In my opinion, the best Jeep 4x4 ever built was a vehicle which is no longer produced and which largely faded …

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The Jeep 4x4 has had center stage...but Jeep also makes 4x2 vehicles such as a variety of Grand Cherokees!

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