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The Jeep Experience Newsletter, Issue #012
February 11, 2009
Hi ,

Here in Texas Cowboy country winter has been pretty mild...even in far. Of course not all Jeep Lovers live in the Southwestern USA...nor do many live in the USA at all!

When this website was started some time ago I never imagined the scope of international interest in this American Icon called Jeep. The shear passion throughout the world of those who use their Jeeps in their native lands is truly remarkable.

I suppose that by growing up in the USA and always knowing about the Jeep's heritage made me think that only Americans could love this great multipurpose vehicle. Well I was wrong. Sure there is a lot of passion for Jeeps here, but I have since been contacted by many Jeepers from countries like the United Kingdom, India, Lebanon, the Philippine Islands, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, Canada, and name a few.

Some of those have been included here in 4 The Love Of Jeeps webpages with the submitter's permission. Here are a few examples:

Mark from Australia and his beautiful '63 Willys truck.

Walid from Lebanon and his pride and joy 1995 Grand Cherokee Orvis Edition.

Jeep Lover James from the United Kingdom sent a nice photo of his Jeep Wheeling in the mud .

My friend Sateesh in India enlightens us on the Mahindra MM550XD Military Jeep.

And finally my new buddy Airon from the Philippines tells us some history of the infamous island Jeepneys.

I want to thank all of the Jeep enthusiasts from all over the world who have contributed to 4 The Love Of Jeeps website with your comments or by submitting your Jeep photos and stories.

All are encouraged to get your Jeep on the website through any of the pages in this list of Readers "Rants" and "Reviews"...Invitations and Responses. Just pick the one that fits your Jeep story best and follow the simple instructions.

Until next time...have fun and Jeep Safely!


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