Mahindra MM550XD - Invincible Indian Army Jeep




Mahindra MM550XD - Invincible Indian Army Jeep is based on the CJ series from USA. This vehicle has a Dana Transfer Case and a Peugeot 2.5 Liter Engine and gearbox. It has proved itself in the highest altitudes and snow clad passes in the world in combat.

Larry's Comment: Sateesh...I understand that the military MM550XD was introduced in 1996 replacing the MM540XD. What is the newest version of this military Jeep? Has it changed much since 1996?

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by: Anonymous

Dear Larry,

I understand the MM550XD is being replaced by a OM617 Mercedes Benz CRDI engined, independent suspension Mahindhra AXE.


by: Larry

Thanks for the update Sateesh.

Not sure I like the independent suspension suggested in the MM550XD's replacement, but should work okay in most desert conditions.

Mahindra AXE
by: Anonymous

Yes Larry - I am unsure about the independent suspension too - also the looks of AXE are too futuristic not classic like the traditional Jeep. Also there is something magical about the XD3PU engine having proven itself in Peugeot 505 sedans worldwide.

Axe vs. Humvee
by: Larry

I had not been as aware of the Indian Mahindra Jeeps beyond the classic American style Jeeps.

This new AXE by Mahindra reminds me of the original Humvee and Hummer H1 in the U.S. although it is built exclusively by India's Mahindra & Mahindra Co. and not licensed by GM or any other American source to my knowledge.

I understand that there will be a civilian AXE offered to the public in India sometime in 2009.

Sateesh...are you planning on getting a new AXE when they are made public..or will you stay with the classic Jeep type (assuming that you have access to one)?


by: Anonymous


I would be more than happy with the MM550XD - Primarily farmland and rural driving. As I have a 300D W123 Benz - this will be my car with independent suspension and OM617 Diesel.

Also the AXE is likely to prohibitively expensive by Indian Standards.


by: Sateesh


The Indian Jeeps were licensed by Willys originally to be built in India by Mahindra. The MM550 is actually a clone of the American original. Credit for the classic looks is due to the American originals designers.Larry - I am an American by birth in Honolulu, HI.

The AXE is also totally inspired by the Hummer. I saw some videos of Hummer failing to tackle ordinary inlines. Hope the AXE does better.


Mahindra MM 540s and MM 550s were based on M38A1 series which came in from Korea
by: Sabareesh

The Mahindra MM540s and MM550s were based on M38A1 series from Kaiser which was later developed as CJ5.

The CJ3Bs were flat fender JEEPs fitted with F-134 Hurricane Petrol Engines. One of the best counterpart made by Mahindra is the CL340DP popularly known as Mahindra Classic. However, it was powered by a Diesel plant.

Larry's Comment: Thanks Sabareesh. I know something about the M38A1 Kaiser Jeep because I once had a 1953 model which you can see here: (scroll down the page about half way).

army jeep
by: Anonymous

How can I buy INDIAN Army second Jeep?..please help me. And what will the expected price be?

Larry's Comment: Anyone who may have an answer to these questions, please enter them here as a "comment".

Indian Army Disposals Class 5 Vehicles
by: Anonymous

Indian Army Jeeps are auctioned in lots of 4,5,6 vehicles. Sometimes you may find a single vehicle as well. These are sold as scrap by the Metals and Scrap Trading Corp., in India. Scrap dealers bid in these lots and acquire them and sell them.

Be aware these vehicles cannot be registered in Metro cities and some urban areas.
Prices:Rs. 65,000-1,00,00


Buying Army disposal cautious
by: Sandeep Kortikar

HI everybody..
When you found any complete jeep at any auction dealer...pls dont show your extreme interest in that jeep. Firstly try your bid from negative side..found loopholes in that vehicle and elaborate them to the dealer..He will definitely come down and you will get that jeep in real prices. And one more thing..these peoples are generally decisive, so dont pay in cash...just by cheque....

If there is any problem just ring me..09890360807
I will try my best to help you...

Larry's Comment: Warning to anyone leaving, or responding to a telephone number, email address or mailing address on this or any website, I would advise caution before doing so!

by: Rajeev

Hi -

I am looking at buying a MM550 (Civil OR Ex Army) in delhi. I need help with contact numbers of ppl who deal in prebuilt Jeeps.


by: IVAN

I just want to say that our army requires new modern age jeeps with powerful engines and anti mines technology, with ground clearance like hummer, and tackle any condition. I want my Indian army to be more powerful by supplying them with sophisticated arms and ammunition.

Mahindra Axe
by: Shank Reddy


Mahindra AXE is under trial by Indian military,I think it will replace Mahindra jeep but not commisioned yet.

Buying Jeep In Los Angeles...Mahindra only
by: Anonymous

I live in Los Angeles, USA. Where can I buy a Mahindra Jeep petrol or diesel. Please can anyone post. Thanks

by: Sateesh

Contact Mr. Ashok Kapoor at Mayapuri, New Delhi in India.

He is a honest guy and will provide a vehicle in the 65,000 - 80,000 range. 1 USD = Approx. 48-50 Indian Rupees. The vehicles will typically require another Rs. 1,00,000 to restore, paint, register, upholster - New Tyres etc. Finally the vehicle may end up costing Rs. 2,50,000 (5,000 USD) to make it road worthy.


Jeep Wrangler
by: Merrill

Hi All,

Talks and rumours galore about Jeep Wrangler coming to India via FIAT and TATA. At last a true blue modern Jeep in India. Larry, any whiff of this in the US?

Larry's Comment: All I know Merrill is that Fiat plans on expanding the Wrangler and other Jeep models worldwide...and that should easily include India.

Trailer in mm550xd
by: m khonglah

Can this jeep mm550xd pull a trailer water tanker with a load of 1000 litres daily for a 5 kms road? Will it effect the gear box or other parts of the vehicle?

Jeep Wrangler
by: Sateesh


Yes there are rumours in the Business Newspapers about a Tata-Fiat Jeep Wrangler. They may go for the Army Business in India.

However Fiat is known to bring odd engine, gearbox combinations to India making - Tuxedo clad MBA's make the decisions at Fiat rather than hardworking Mechanical Engineers.

Tata usually lifts the engine, gearbox, suspension technologies and sticks it into its own vehicles.

It would be great if these two companies do not mess with the Jeep brand and just bring out Jeeps as they were designed in USA - maybe with more economical Diesel engines as a value addition.

Planning to buy MM550XD jeep
by: mady

Is it worth buy this for 1.6 lacs Indian Rupees?


Please any one let me know where do I get the blackout light, back convey lights, reverse lights, jerry can for mm550 army jeep in delhi. Please provide me the mobile no & the address of the suppliers if anyone has them.

E-Mail id

Indian Wrangler as THAR
by: Merrill

Mahindra Thar was shown in the Delhi autoexpo. A hard top is also revealed. Could this be a fitting reply to JEEP-Chrysler-FIAT combine rumours of bringing the JEEP Wrangler to India?

Jeep Spares
by: Sateesh

Please contact Mr. Ashok Kapoor of Mayapuri for all Army spares.09818251212 or Vijat Kapoor 09911087743

I want to buy the jeep
by: Ramdas

Hi Sateesh,
I am interested in buying the jeep.
How do I contact you?


by: Anonymous

I don't understand the fuss here. I have used these useless jeeps extensively and even the brand new ones are unreliable and poor build. Their steering columns are troublesome, engine weak and gearboxes faulty. The older Nissan jeeps, which were phased out for this junk were the real tigers, but had a bigger belly for fuel. This maybe more economical but is unreliable and we hope gets phased out soon.

I ain't selling my Jeep
by: Sateesh

Dear Ramdas,

I never said I am selling my Jeep. Contact the Mayapuri, New Delhi agents if you need a Jeep.


Looking for MM550XD
by: sanjay

Hi All,

I am from Mumbai, and planning to buy MM550XD from military auction. If anybody interested to buy it from auction, join with me,

MM540 & MM550
by: Anonymous

Hey guys plzz define.

I have a MM540 but I don't know what is the difference between MM540 & MM550. Someone plzz give the difference in terms of technology and power.

New to mm550
by: sandeep

Hi friends...

Can anyone give me tips about modifying my mm550?...I have just purchased mm550, 2000 model.

It is as it come from the company I want to modify plz give me some tips with pictures so that I can do it...

Mudguard muscle
by: ashwin bagmane

I have seen military 550xd Jeep mudguards with wide black muscle. Is it available for us at the market...and if so, where?

by: Sateesh

Delhi Mayapuri market. Rs. 2000 set of 4

Jeep Wanted
by: Amrik

I have been offroader in Dubai now in Delhi. Please help me get a reasonably new Jeep with enough Diesel engine Power. I need to modify with Rims and Tyres that I intend to import 31 inches Tyres with spacers from Dubai. What would such import cost and are there mechanics who can do such mod in Delhi?

Wanted a mm550xd
by: Ramdas

Hello Sateesh,

Let me know if you are selling your jeep.


Looking for Bolero Invader new or other models.
by: senthil

Hi Sateesh, great comments. Guess what? I plan to get a Jeep Bolero Invader 4w but company says all models on soft tops are stopped. This is going to be my 4th. Earlier I had 6 mm540's before as I reside in the estates at the kady. Can you pls tell me what Mahindras new models are?

senthil kerala.9656283998

Jeep 550XD
by: Anonymous

I am planning to buy an army jeep 550xd 2003 model at Rs.2,50,000/-. What is your opinion..? pls comment.


Contact me if any one wants to have army disposal jeeps. I am dealer for it.
cont. no. 00919915558812

Love for Jeep
by: surinder malik

I love army jeep!

Complete overhauled jeeps for 225000
by: Anonymous

Dear All,

Hi, I work for an multinational company and I have a passion in making decent jeeps. I reside in Delhi.

I can get a jeep made (qlty worth) for almost Rs.225000. with all paperwork , punjab number / p/streeing/ break.

My contact e mail id:

You can send in your queries and I will reply back.

Larry's Comment: This website does not endorse any personal advertising or claims.

Please report any SPAM or misleading ads on this website.

by: Sanket

Would anyone please specify the differences...and let me know if it is 4-wheel drive or not !!

Difference between mm540 & mm550
by: sandeep

Can anyone tell me the difference between mm550 & mm540?

Automatic transmission for MM550 XD
by: Anonymous

Hi, just wanted to know if it is technically feasible to mate an automatic transmission to the MM550? If yes, then which one? Can we mate the AT of the new Scorpio to this? Any suggestions and approx. expenditure involved?

550 XDB and 550XD
by: Anonymous


The 550 XD is the regular 550 with a KMT-90 4+1 Gear Box and the 2.5L Xd3p engine. There are civilain as well as army versions. The 550 XDB is civilain version, 2.5L XD#P engine mated to a BA-10 5+1 gear box, very few of them came out in 4x4 version. If you get one, go for it. It's an improved deluxe version of the 550, better built. Has the best rides of all the jeeps I've driven.

Buy Army jeep
by: Kunal

Hi, I want to buy a army jeep. Can anyone help me to get it? Sateesh, I am from Bangalore. Will it be available in Bangalore or do I need to go to Delhi?

Great product
by: Mr Anil

It is a great product VFJ having all functions shall be operating in all conditions like glow plugs and timer also powerful battery 12v 70ahc

Mahindra MM 550 XD
by: pawan patil

I dream of having one Mahindra MM 550. It's a really awesome suv. I don't know why but it's stuck in my head. I hope to buy it one day, with my money and not my dads.

To buy MM550 from Delhi
by: Srini

I am residing at Chennai, whereas now I saw the advertisement for the sales of MM550 at Delhi. Please advise me that I may get the NOC for re-registering at Chennai. Is there any agency to do the same in my favor of getting the NOC at Delhi and send along with vehicle to Chennai?

Military jeeps from auction
by: Naveen Reddy


I am Naveen from Hyderabad, and I wish to buy military jeep from auction directly. Please advise me on the procedure.


Want to buy mm550 dx
by: Ajay singh

Hi every one, I like to buy army disposal mm550, please suggest.

jeep mm 550
by: rana ajay 9299


Please help me from where I should buy jeep.

by: Akashdeep Singh

I am having one disposal 550mm jeep in very good condition. Interested call 09417078812, location Amritsar, Punjab.

Want to modify my 540 4 by 4 jeep
by: P.S.Sidhu

I have 1997 model 540. I want to modify it. Kindly show me some photos .

by: Mohammed

Hi, this Mohammed from Hyderabad

I am looking for MM550 stepni bracket. If any one you can guide me where can I buy this.

plz ring me 9963599944


I need MM550 2006 Model
by: vishal

Hello, if any dealer have MM550XDP3 please write me an email.. I am also trying from army auction and enquired with mstcl and they ask me pay 10k ... nd vat tin no ...instead of this long process if any one suggest good condition jeep, I can buy immediately. Please send me photo of jeep on my email


Mahindra Thar DI 4X4
by: SPS Gabrielite

Dear Friends,

I am travelling in military jeeps since my childhood and now driving Mahindra Thar DI 4X4.Earlier I had driven Mahindra 550 XDP.

AT Present Mahindra Thar DI 4X4 is real jeep with simple DI Turbo engine local average is 16 km.
A/C is not fitted in this jeep.This is real military vehicle.

I suggest you to go for Thar DI 4X4 only and assure you that you will find this as toughest vehicle available in our country.I can say this is real HAV High altitude vehicle.

Please do not change the originality,rims you can change to MRF 185 85 R16 steel muscle and steel radial tyre.

Please do not go for change i.e.alloy etc.
This is for your information friends.
Joy to You.

Mahindra 6x6 army jeep
by: digambar choudhari


Mahindra MM 550 Jeep 2004,2005,2006
by: Devesh Kumar Gaur

I want to purchase a MM 550 disposal jeep. Help me. My contact no. is +91-9468949694

Sale 550 XD
by: Anonymous

I am selling my Mahindra army disposal 550 XD in good condition , it is registered in West Bengal, NOC can be arranged.Price : 2.25 Lacs.

Looking to buy a Jeep then modify it. Economical
by: Bharath

I want it for my btech college. I wish to ride that to my college every day. So, it must give me some mileage. CONFUSED BY MANY MODELS. Please mention the models that will suit me and why? PLEASE HELP me out brothers.

MM550 mechanic
by: jasdeep singh

Hello, can anyone suggest me a good knowledgeable mechanic who can service MM550 vehicle in Pune or Mumbai?

Need mahindra mm550xd military jeep
by: Rojo

I want to buy military disposal mm550xd. Please tell me if anyone is selling this.

Mahindra MM550 XD
by: Mangesh Moreshwar Phadnis

Hello...I am looking for Mahindra's MM 550 XD which was disposal by Indian Army. Where do I get it in original spare parts? I am listening that there's an auction in Dehuroad near Pune....

Let me know if any body having any information regarding it.
Nashik, Maharashtra.

Army Jeep
by: Anonymous

Hi Satish,
I want to buy Army Jeep 550 in Mumbai. Can you help me? Send me mail on

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