Grand Cherokee Orvis edition '95

by Walid Wehby
(Beirut , Lebanon)

My 1995 Orvis

My 1995 Orvis

I own an ORVIS Jeep. It's the best suv car! With a V8 5.2L engine and a light body this car is a monster. I just use this Jeep for off road only. I have another car for the family. Each weekend we have some off road with my friends who use Range Rovers, Toyotas and Land Cruisers, and always the best is the Orvis among these cars!

You should really make a page for this very limited edition "Orvis".

Larry's Comment: I originally asked Walid to send some photos and written details of his GC Orvis and I would find a way to get it up on the website. Well..Walid did and I read on!

The Orvis (1995 to 1997) was a Grand Cherokee Limited package that featured an exterior color scheme of either Deep Hunter Green, or (less commonly) Light Driftwood, with red and gold side strip accents (1995).

Green paint accents on the road wheels (matching the deep hunter green body color) and the special "Orvis" brand badging were the only significant exterior visual differences.

In performance, the 5.2 V8 engine became standard, but was available with a 4.0L inline 6 cylinder engine. Also, all Orvis editions were installed with tow hooks and the Up-Country suspension group.

However, the interior was special. Two-tone green and tan leather seats were complimented with red accent piping and Orvis insignia. There was a slight difference between the 1996 and 1997
years' interior compared to each other. The 1996 had a black dash where the 1997 had a tan dash, this is an easy way to tell the difference between the two.

Because it was an additional luxury trim package to the Limited, the Orvis Edition (when fully optioned) became the most expensive of all the Grand Cherokee versions until 1998 when the 5.9 Limited was introduced.

Production numbers of the Orvis Editions are:
1995- 10,020
1996- 2,341
1997- 2,733
( )

Mine is an Orvis 1995 with the 5.2 v8 engine. I haven't changed anything in it. It's all original and full of power! It doesn't need any upgrades!

It's the best !

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Production numbers correction
by: Anonymous

Saw a mistake: in '96 and '97 over 30,000 were produced, and '95 was 10,030.

'95 Orvis
by: Jimmie

The Jeep is 20 years old this year. It has reached 43,000 miles. The normal up keep has been minimal and the Body is in great shape. It runs amazing, very sure footed in snow, it's very comfortable and reliable.

Restoring 1997 Orvis Jeep
by: Vernell

I need new decals for my Orvis Jeep that I want to be repainted. Any clue where I can find? Also, what happened to the website?

Jeep GCh Orvis 1996
by: Anonymous

Hola me ayudan con la calcomanía, la cinta amarilla. Gracias

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