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The Jeep Experience Newsletter, Issue #007
August 13, 2008
Hi ,

So how's your Summer going? Enjoying the outdoors? Doing much backcountry exploring and off roading? How about fishing or camping? Or maybe you're just mostly staying indoors and waiting for the cooler temperatures of Fall and Winter to get you moving outdoors...or..

maybe you are from the other side of the world from me (i.e. Australia) where the seasons are opposite North America's.

Anyway, Texas is still quite warm and dry at the moment...but I never let that interfere with getting outdoors.

4 The Love Of Jeeps has been getting some good responses to the questions posed a few issues back especially on the Jeep or Hummer page.

Go take a look for yourself and if you are so inclined..add your own comments...or better yet...submit your own response and photo of your rig. Just scroll down the page until you see the submission form and the responses below that. It really is easy and fun to see how other people view different vehicles.

You can also showcase your ride and tell us a little about it at Your Jeep Page.

Give your opinion as to what you think is the "best Jeep ever made" at the Best Jeep 4x4 Ever page.

Have you ever found a You can tell us more about it at Cheap Jeeps.

Interested in the hot Jeep Renegades? Get a little insight here at the Jeep Renegade page.

And finally...taking a trek into the backcountry, or any other place away from emergency service providers (i.e. civilization) requires careful planning to get you there and back safely...and with the least amount of hassle. So check out the lists of necessities for you and your rig at Jeep Essentials.

Have a question or comment for me? Fire away at Contact Me.

So until next time...thanks for your support.

Have fun...and Jeep safely!


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