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The Jeep Experience Newsletter, Issue #016
June 03, 2009
Hi ,

We're having lot's of rain here in Texas this week.

If you know anything about the great Southwest rain can be a rare commodity. By Summertime we usually get very little of the wet stuff and things get very dry and parched, which makes one very appreciative of any downpour...anytime.

Well, my Wrangler search is still ongoing and I am having to be patient for a couple of very good reasons.

First of all, everyone seems to want a new or used Wrangler in the Spring due to the great weather, and the top down (or top off) open air feeling only a convertible can provide. Spring and Summer also have a tendency to make more folks want to be outdoors off roading, camping and/or exploring.

This means that the availability of Wranglers starts to drop (decrease) while the prices begin to rise (increase). In other words, they have become harder to find for a decent price. This is simple Economics 101 demonstrating the concept of supply and demand.

Conversely, when Winter arrives (that means cold weather wherever you may be) more Wrangler Jeeps surface for sale which increases supply, and consequently reduces the overall prices being asked.

So, being patient is the key to finding a really good deal...among other things. See my response to Matt on how I am going about my search for just the right Jeep...for me.

What's New at Jeep Lover's Headquarters?

Ever heard of a Korando K9 Jeep?

How about Willys Jeep Wagons deep in Mexico?

Or, a Mahindra Jeep?

Do you own or have you ever had any experience with the famous Willys, Kaiser or AMC Jeep CJ? If so then please send a description, story and a photo (Click Here), and I will display it on the website!

And finally, I really enjoy hearing from you so keep in touch with your comments, questions and/or suggestions by Contacting Me.

Be safe and may your days be filled with joy and laughter.


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