The Korean Korando K9 by SsangYong

Korando K9 1994

1994 Korando K9

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So what is this K9? Is it a police dog? Is it kindergarten for those who failed the first year of kindergarten?

I for one had never heard of such a thing...but that's not unusual since for a long time I didn't realize that Jeeps were licensed to be built outside of the U.S.A. by other countries. Well, a while back I received this email from a great guy named John living in Germany. It read as follows: "I am looking to buy a Jeep here in Germany. It is supposed to be a 1994 model. Do you know of any CJ's built in 1994?"

I then unknowingly followed up with this answer: "The last CJ's built in, and for the USA were in 1986. The Wrangler (YJ) was built here from 1987 through 1995 (rectangular headlights). Make sure the Jeep you are looking at is not a Mahindra Jeep from India. Many of those look very much like the American CJ's. Also, the photo link you sent me did not show any specific I did not see the Jeep you were referring to. Let me know what you find out John".

John then wrote back with viewable photos and the new info he had received stating the following: "Thanks for the quick reply. I have now discovered that this is a SsangYong Korando K9. (The seller returned my call.) He says it was built under license from Jeep from 1987-1996 in Korea. He also said that all of the parts are interchangeable with the CJ-7 (Except the motor/drive train - just a minor detail!) The 2.3 liter 73 hp diesel motor was built under license from Mercedes in Korea. It does look like a CJ, much more so than the Mahindra Jeep!

I have attached a few photos for your reference. I also found some photos of a 1989 model. This owner even put 'Jeep' lettering on his!

By the way, the K9 was rated to carry nine people! There was also a four seat soft top version, which looks pretty much identical to a CJ-7. Thanks, John"

Needless to say I was excited to learn even more about the extended international history of the famous Jeep and thought others might be interested as well.

I have included John's K9 photos below and also added some links for more information about the SsangYong Motor Company and the Korando K9.


Korando K9 1989

1989 K9 ("Jeep" letters added)

1989 Korando K9 Rearview

1989 K9 Rearview

1994 Korando K9 Sideview

1994 K9

1994 Korando K9 Rearview

1994 K9 Rearview

1994 Korando K9 Rearview Interior

1994 K9 Rear Cargo/Passenger Area

Room for 9! You'd have to go to the Commander or Grand Cherokee here to even come close to that capacity.

Did Peter purchase John's 1994 Korando K9 above? photo to find out!

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See an example of the Short version of the K9 which looks a lot like the CJ7 and Wrangler by clicking here.

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