'06 Commander Great ol' Jeep

by Shawn

2006 Jeep Commander (File Photo)

2006 Jeep Commander (File Photo)

I've always loved Jeeps. There's just something comforting knowing that you can go nearly anywhere at anytime for anything.

My fiance and I just bought our Commander about a month ago. This is my 4th Jeep and her 1st, but she didn't miss a beat. She loves it as much as I do.

We currently use it as a daily driver toting our 2 German Shepherds & 1 Jack Russel terrier around. They love it too with much more room inside than my old Cherokee had.

No crazy off roading. We will be using it for our camping trips though and I'll be sure to find a little mud once we get there.

We bought the Commander used. It's a 2006 with the 3.7 v6 in it. It runs great, and unless you plan on towing anything or you just love getting 9 mpg, the V6 is fine. We actually get 13.5 to 14 mpg in town with it. Wish it was a lil better, but it's a big ol' thing so i guess that's not bad.

Haven't done much highway with it yet, but we did have it up to 17.5 mpg on a lil highway stretch. Can't wait to do a nice road trip with it.

This thing is like driving a Lazy Boy around. It's very comfortable for both driver and passenger. The interior feels very big, it almost sounds like you're in a house when you have a conversation in it, sort of like driving around your living room.:)

Road noise is minimal and the ride itself is very smooth in town, and lil bumps are not noticed at all.

Get the sun roofs if you can. Oh yeah, roof(s) as in more than one. The available sky lights are great. Everyone we show just loves them.

So far the only thing I didn't like was the load height. When you have the tail gate up and want to load something you're lifting your cargo almost waste high, which is fine unless whatever it is is heavy. Other than that it's great.

I heard they're going to have a new 6 cyl. for it out in the next few years, something like a 3.6 that makes 276 hp or more and gets better mileage. Can't wait for that one.

Look forward to owning a few more Jeeps in my life.

Larry's Comment: I was also impressed when my brother-in-law got his Jeep Commander. Great for touring, camping and family trips...with the ability for mild off roading as well.

As for a new Commander being available in the next few years...we'll just have to wait and see.

Editor's follow up comment: The Jeep Commander was discontinued after the 2010 model year.

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