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NEW! We recognize that many Jeep owners/lovers don't exclusively own or love just Jeeps. Many of you have or admire other 4x4, 0ff-road, trucks or vehicles. So, we are now including some selective "non-Jeep" vehicles in our Blog, as well as Jeeps of all kinds. Hope you enjoy.

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1958 Uijongbu, Korea Army Jeep

1958 Uijongbu, Korea Army Jeep

This is my Dad in the army in Uijongbu, Korea 1958. I know it's hard to read some of the wording, but can anyone provide any information on the Jeep he

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Not So Fast There Spanky!
Jeep vs. Hummer?

Jeep Wrangler

I think I can answer this question with much more authority and accuracy than others. I own both and have had 3 Hummer H2's and 2 Wranglers, a 2-door

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Jeep vs. Hummer?"

A Jeep Liberty Owners View

As an owner of a 2005 Jeep Liberty, I can attest to its off-road abilities. While I may not be the most experienced off-roader, I have taken my Jeep on

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What to do?

This Jeep belonged to my father in law, then passed to my husband, and now my son. We no longer have a place to store it and it has not run in at least

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Military Support Websites

Military Support Websites is a list of recognized websites to assist the viewer in locating various troop support websites and other related charitable channels.

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Unusual Modified Jeeps: Wild Jeep Videos!

Jeep CJ Cartoon Image 1

Modified Jeeps! These Jeep videos show you how far you can go...and then some.

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Project Needs A Home

Not sure if this is allowed on this website, but here goes. I pray I am not doing something that is frowned upon here. I have a 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sahara

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Whipple Supercharged 2021 F150 Build and Dyno

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Mahindra Economy

Mahindra Economy - It's a very rare model of Mahindra with a combination of Mahindra DI engine, 4-wheel drive, and new generation chassis and suspension.

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Crazy Horse PhilandRose CJ5

Side Shot, Crazy Horse 79 CJ-5 Driveway

This is PhilandRose 1979 Jeep CJ-5, 2,800 Miles, completely modified with stock features. New Frame, Metal Body, and All Attaching Body Panels, 4-wheel

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50th Anniversary Jeep watch

I have a rare, mint condition 50th anniversary commemorative Jeep watch and would like to know what it's worth. I have a few other special items from the

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ExtremeTerrain's Customer Spotlight JKU Build Breakdown

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1970 CJ5 Renegade 1

1970 CJ5 Renegade 1, finally at the beach

I bought this Jeep from the original owner back in 1987, weeks after totaling my 73 CJ5. It's been a low priority, no priority project since I got it.

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ExtremeTerrain's Customer Spotlight JK Build Breakdown

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Jeep Wrangler with Plans to Update

Hi! New Jeep owner here. I just bought my first Wrangler and plan to update it with some accessories. Planning to use some parts sources, but I'm open

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Top 5 Jeep mods to get the JL ready for some serious off-roading

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New Bronco vs. Wrangler Showdown Video

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'98 Jeep TJ

I have a '98 Jeep TJ and it does have a lift kit. I am trying to find out if anyone else has any of the same problems I am having. While I drive it,

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It's a '91 YJ High Output with a 3-inch shackle lift, K & N air system, throttle body spacer, and straight pipe. I’ve put 700 miles on this thing in one

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1980 CJ5 V8 Renegade

Found this Jeep on the side of the road one day. It had 2 dented front fenders, a bent frame, and surface rust all around. Some kid had really mistreated

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Sunset Reflection on a 2021 Wrangler

I have never been a car enthusiast until we purchased our Jeep. My wife and I decided to do a Wrangler because of the 4 wheel drive and it is notable

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Start The Season With a Free Lift Kit From XT

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Air Force Strata Blue M38A1

Air Force 1953 M38A1

Being retired from the Air Force and long-time Jeep enthusiast I was wanting a project to occupy my spare time with so...I started searching for an old

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ExtremeTerrain's Customer Spotlight Build Breakdown

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War Ready Jeep

I've heard some Jeeps were set for the civilian market but were made war ready in case they were needed. This could explain the Jeep I bought, that the

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The Willys Jeep: In the Beginning!

1945 Willys MB Ethel C2.0

The Willys Jeep began life during a period of world turmoil. How did these military Jeeps survive?

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Watch 5 Summer Oriented Jeep JL Mods

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