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"You are doing an amazing thing with this site. You have info that is really helpful as well as giving the (everyday) person a voice. Thanks for everything." (Jonathan)

"Your site looks fantastic and it 'sounds' great - you come across as enthusiastic and knowledgeable and I really wanted to jump in one of those rigs in the home page photo. Well done!!" (T.M.)

"Since communicating with you, checking out your website, and visiting a few other sites, I have a renewed enthusiasm for these American Icons...(yours) is really a one of a kind site." (Ron)

"I have recently stumbled across your website while researching to buy a 1972 CJ6. I found all the information I needed on your website to make an informed decision to buy. I even told my wife and sister about the site. They liked the girl section of course. Thank you for putting together such a great website." (Gene)

Jeeps...What the heck are they? Where did they come from? What do you do with them? Are you thinking about buying your first one? Already own one...or two..? Are they safe? Can they be contagious? Want to unload one?

Well, just stick around and I will do my very best to guide you through everything you need to know about living with this one of a kind, totally American icon known all over the world.

We will take a look at the new models, however this guide will focus on the old(er)... and...the new. From the original Bantam, Ford and Willys-Overland military contract battles, through the Willys, Kaiser, American Motors, Chrysler, Daimler/Chrysler to Chrysler LLC/Group/Fiat (and any other future owners), I will give you reviews from experts and users/owners of various models (including a few of my own).

This guide will also focus on increasing your understanding of the basic history, styles and various models...from the early Willys to the Wranglers...4x4 vs. 2-wheel drive...and off road wild to pavement mild.

The Jeep "mystique" is very powerful for some of us...well, I can only speak for myself...but you just get a sense that something is different when you own one.

Sometimes this mystique attracts people who "absolutely must have one" and then later find out that their dream vehicle, or at least a certain model, may not be right for them. This guide will explore what to expect from specific models and what to look for before you take the plunge.

Jeeps, like any other mechanical beast require maintenance and upkeep. One of the great things about them is their inherent built-in ruggedness and durability. However, most of us owners won't leave well enough alone and can't help but want to add new and better parts, equipment and/or accessories.

Okay, then this guide will also look at accessories, gear, parts, and how to get what we may want and need for our pride and joy.

This guide is not a technical manual and will not necessarily focus on why the thing-a-ma-jig! quit working on the whatcha-ma-call-it!...although some non-professional "shade tree" mechanical tips will be provided. Take a look at the Jeep Q & A page for friendly answers to some common problems.

The guide is not just for the guys. You ladies are more than welcome to participate. So jump right in anytime.

Kristin's Cool '85 CJ7...Click Photo for More Info!

I have also added a Contact Me! page for your Comments. I hope you will feel free to tell me what you like or don't like about anything on this site, so that I can make this a helpful and entertaining place to visit any time.

This guide is frequently being updated and added to, so please Bookmark it; add my RSS/Blog to your site; and/or, subscribe to my Free Newsletter and come back often.

And finally, this site is dedicated to you the "Jeep Lover" if you currently own one you will find numerous easy ways to get your ride showcased on this website starting with Your Jeep Page.

So...Buckle Up and get ready for a fun ride down the road at

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