Website Dedication

By: Larry H. Morton

Jeeps-and-Jesus...An unlikely combination for a dedication?  How could the King of Kings and Lord of Lords have anything to do with Jeeps?

Well, a better question is:  How could Jesus NOT have EVERYTHING to do with Jeeps?  The son of God, the creator of all, from the beginning to the end? 

When this website began in 2007 I knew that Jesus was always guiding me, however it wasn't until recently that I realized I had not given Him the credit.  I just loved Jeeps (among other mechanical wonders) and as a typical sinner in this world I took the credit for myself. 

I understand that some here are not believers, and I respect that choice.  However, God loves ALL of his people and very simply wants all of us to eventually turn to Him and know that He is the truth and the light of salvation.

When I built I was excited to share my love for this iconic vehicle with all who come to visit this site.  I am grateful to Jesus for all that He does for me, including allowing me to develop and grow this website.  Without Him nothing else ultimately matters.

You see, when I exit this world all I truly leave behind is the hope that others turn their lives over to Jesus, the only true God, and that my presence on this earth was not in vain.  We all have a chance to meet in heaven if we follow His simple plan. 

The Holy Bible is the road map to eternity for all of us.  It contains His word both directly and through the prophets.  Diligent study will prove to any doubter who is willing to open his/her heart that Jesus is real and the only route to true happiness and peace throughout eternity.

Life is short!  I know we hear this quite often, but it is so very true.  We will all pass away from this world some day all too soon.  Heaven is real.  We have to make a conscious, daily choice to trust and follow Jesus in order to be with Him for eternity.  He is no less real than our beloved Jeeps...or anything else in this physical world...which again was totally created by Him.

I sincerely dedicate this website and all that I do to the absolute creator behind Jeeps, the giver of the free gift of salvation (for the asking), and the perpetual King of the Hammers...Jesus Christ.

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This is a new book written by my wife, Shelly.  It is not about Jeeps but it is about the battle against evil in the world...and most importantly how we as believers can overcome evil through the love and power of God Almighty.

I hope you will give it a try and please give an honest review on Amazon when finished.  Thanks...and God Bless us one and all.

Larry H. Morton

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