'06 Liberty Renegade
Why I as a guy bought a Liberty over a Wrangler.

by Drew T
(Inman, SC, USA )

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(file photo)

In 2006 a 4dr Jeep was a Liberty or Grand Cherokee with no 4-door Wranglers yet. The Grand Cherokee was out of my price range. The Liberty Renegade had more hp from a V6, twice the towing capacity, skid plates, A/C, more cargo room than a Wrangler, back glass pops up without having to open the tailgate, same rear end and I think same transfer case, plus a little more mpg.

Tires were even bigger than standard Wranglers. I think Wranglers were 205 and mine were 235. However, the big reason was 4 doors. The kids could get in or out without the hassle of a 2dr, plus power windows, door locks and a big reason was the hardtop with benefit was the strongest roof Jeep had put on a vehicle to date.

I live in the southeast and this Jeep has done everything I ask it, from towing a boat to mud holes deer hunting. My only issues have been the window regulators are junk. Here I am still driving it over 10 years later. I still don't think I did wrong in getting it and in comparison to the new Wranglers I still like the Liberty for the same reasons I bought it then, plus 5,000 lb towing that the newest Wranglers still can't do.

Yes a solid front axle would be nice with locking differentials but I'm okay since I don't do rock climbing out west.

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Why I as a guy bought a Liberty over a Wrangler.

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by: James

A Jeep is a Jeep is a Jeep!

You have a beautiful looking Jeep my friend and the fact that it does everything you ask it to (minus the regulators) is just another testament that if your driving something that says JEEP, your driving a solid off road vehicle.

I was watching Motorweek, the TV program and they took a STOCK Liberty on some serious rock crawling trails. Yeah! They used the winch a few times but all in all the thing kicked butt and did I mention it was stock?...100% stock, small tires and all. It made me proud to be a Jeep owner.

You have a great Jeep and you use it and that's what separates them from any other vehicle. Sure, you could buy a stock Range Rover, but you'll have to mortgage your house and sell your wife, and that's just to drive it off the lot if you know what I mean.

Cheers! And enjoy your Jeep!

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