'07 Rocky Mountain Commander 4.7 V8

by Cgars
(Clawson, MI)

2007 Jeep Commander (File Photo)

2007 Jeep Commander (File Photo)

This is my 2nd Jeep. It started as a 30 month lease and at the end of the lease I was able to purchase it for $6000 less than market value.

At that time they stopped offering the 4.7 and if you wanted the towing power of a V8 you were forced to purchase a Limited with the Hemi. Personally, I think the Hemi is overkill and the 3.6 V8 is under-powered.

I will admit there are some design flaws that result in some sunroof leaks down the front pillars, but overall it is worthy of the Jeep name. Although I haven't tested its extreme off road capabilities (my XJ Cherokee Sport was truly a go anywhere do anything stock Jeep) I have driven over fallen trees and through monster snow without any worries. And when pulling a camper or boat up I-75 to northern Michigan, you don't even realize you are towing at speeds of 75+ mph. Great stability even in heavy winds.

But my favorite part is that as the original owner I have the lifetime power train warranty. Every two weeks I get an offer from one of six different CDJR dealers in the area. This week's offer was for 120% of book value. Because they discontinued the Commander and the 4.7L specifically, my Jeep is holding its value better than
most vehicles.

Mechanically, I've had minimal issues for the first 100k miles. With the exception of some transmission issues that were covered under the warranty and a result of a flawed recall software update, I have been able to complete minor repairs and maintenance myself and parts are readily available aftermarket for a fraction of dealer pricing. I'm FCAs nightmare.

I maintain the vehicle and look forward to the day when I hit them up for a free new engine or tranny. Also, two years ago, it survived a flood that resulted in 12" of water inside the vehicle. I was able to drive out of 40" of water while everyone that was parked near me ended up stuck and forced to total out their vehicles. No mechanical or electrical issues resulting from the flood which also speaks of the Commander being worthy of the Jeep badge.

While many Wrangler owners make fun of the Commander, it has both superior ride and towing capabilities over the Wrangler. Nothing beats the Wrangler off road, but the Commander hold its own better than most. Also it is more comfortable for a 6'4" 250lbs diver with great head,leg and shoulder room.

Not a month has gone by in the last 7 years where I haven't received a compliment on my Jeep and I will drive it until it disintegrates.

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