1949 Willys Jeep Utility Trailer

by Donald

Here is a picture of my 1949 factory trailer. It was purchased with the 1949 Willys Jeep family vehicle.

I received it from my dad.

Why is the trailer never talked about with all your Jeep lovers?

Being 63 and with first hand knowledge of the trailer places me in a good position to confirm the trailers heritage compared with other trailers that were lost in the many layers of sales and trading...

In Norway there is a Jeep restorer that confirmed the fact that Jeep did make trailers.

Another detail... My dad had the tongue extended after trying to back up the short tongue and ended up falling on the ground in frustration (maybe a little exaggerated).

The trailer also had a pull down support stand that was latched up by a spring loaded hook. The lights needed to be upgraded due to Maine requirements.. Stop and Signal. But have the original license plate light..

Would love to sell the trailer to a restorer that would keep it as I have...

Larry's Comment: Donald, I have been researching the Willys/Jeep trailers, but with little success due to the (now) rarity of these great little utility trailers.

They were evidently not cataloged or documented well when they were made making finding any identifying information very limited. I have a number of books written by Willys/Jeep experts with little or no mention of the specific trailers or implements once available.

I went to eBay.com to see if there was much activity regarding Willys/Jeep trailers and there was very little to be found.

If anyone knows more about these trailers you can comment directly on this page below.

Comments for 1949 Willys Jeep Utility Trailer

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I have the same Utility Trailer..
by: Greg

I have the same Utility Trailer that Donald has from Maine. I want to sell it, but not sure what it's worth?

Larry's comment has peaked my interest with him saying "I have been researching the Willys/Jeep trailers, but with little success due to the (now) rarity of these great little utility trailers".

Rarity was the key word that stuck out to me. I as well have tried researching this Trailer without much luck.

If anyone one out there can give me an idea of the worth of such a beast.. Thanks

WOW...finally found it!!
by: Pat L.

A fellow just posted this trailer up in a forum and I was thrilled to find out the manufacturer and see pictures of one.

Great job, nice site...thanks, Pat

trailer value
by: William

I found one of these trailers on a farm in Arkansas, in good working condition, needs some restoration, would like to know what would be a good price to offer.

1/4 to Trailer
by: Anonymous

I have a trailer just like the one shown under-Willys Jeep trailer, but mine is a Converto trailer, with 6 lug axle wheels. I would guess it to be a post war trailer. Has a model TC, Serial # 30567. I would like to know more about it (year made etc.) Thanks!

John McGee (***phone number removed to protect privacy...responses can be made in this "Comment" section***)

Same Trailer
by: steve

I have the same trailer and wondered what it was. No I am not interested in selling though. Can anyone put a ballpark value on it? I bought mine from a junk yard.

Same Trailer Too
by: Jim

I bought mine in Arizona with a homemade title. I would like to send a pix, but not sure I can. I use it to camp with and pull it with my Jeeps.

Larry's Comment: Jim..you can send photos of your trailer and your Jeeps at the link below:

Willys Jeeps and More!

Utility Jeep Trailer too, Maine
by: Brian


With the Willys Jeep Truck I've inherited, comes a
Utility Jeep Civilian Trailer. This is a really neat trailer and after doing some research, found out it is the TC-3 civilian version made by Bantam.

Both the trailer and truck need complete restoration but the trailer is at least usable and it tows quite well!

Is the Trailer still for sale?
by: jason

I have a 1947 CJ2A and I think a trailer as such would make a great addition. Is it still for sale or do you know of where I could get one?

Willys Utility Trailer
by: Sheepdip

I have a near perfect model "s" Willys trailer with the factory bows for the tarpaulin cover. I consider it from my own personal research to be a very rare survivor.

Converto Trailer
by: Gary

I have what appears to be the same trailer. I bought mine with a "home made" title. A little research tells me it is manufactured by Converto. Mine is a 1946 supposedly. Note only four stake pockets. Different top rail. Converto made a small dump trailer for WWII but this is not military. I believe there were many company's making trailers for the war. Mostly Bantam though. My $0.02 worth. Gary

Willys "Spen" Trailer
by: Sheepdip

With a little more research on my trailer (and I could very well be 180 out) it is titled as a 1947 Spen. It is the original color/paint (turquoise) and I have the original bows for a tarp cover also. It is a Spen Model "S" with 6 lug spindles. The original landing gear is still intact and in excellent condition. I was told by a fairly knowledgeable person at a military Jeep show whom dealt in these old trailers, that after the war a few different manufactures of different styles/models were produced and some were sold thru Willy's dealers and some were sold outright by the manufacturer to the public. Mine was bought from the original purchaser several years ago, and according to him he purchased it from a trailer dealer here in California in 1947.

Converto Trailer
by: William Craddock

I dug A Converto trailer out of a Military junk yard in North Carolina, Model T C Serial 6156.
I am in the process of putting it back original. It is quite a fun job. Someone had apparently welded extra iron on the axle and tongue to carry heavy loads. I was really excited to find the picture of exactly what I am working on. Have had
trouble finding out any information on this Converto. I will pull it behind my 1978 Air Force
CJ5 that I have restored.

Yes, Converto
by: Anonymous

I agree with the Converto consensus. Two stake pockets, 3 tie down hooks, top rail detail, 6 lugs. I own the same.

Gary U

by: Shane Wright

I just bought a converto trailer just like this with a six lug axle and four stake pockets. I'd love to find a tailgate for it if any are lying around. Shane Wright

by: Jeff

I have a survivor Jeep in Norway Maine. Who is the Jeep restorer you mentioned? Thanks

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