1955 (I'm told) CJ-5 - Can't find the Serial Number Anywhere!

by Danny Fabacher
(Lafayette, LA, USA)

I just acquired a CJ5 and can't get the thing licensed. Jeep was in my son-in-laws family for past 25 years and never licensed. And said this jeep was put together with a couple (at least) of 1955 CJ5s.

State police here in LA say they need to locate a number on the Jeep. I've searched for tags and numbers all over the cab & frame. This thing has been welded on all over the frame. So I just may not find a number.

I may give up on this one!

Larry's Comment: Might not help much Danny, but according to sources the serial number (assuming it still exists on your Jeep) should be located on a plate riveted to the firewall on the driver's side in the engine compartment...while a paint and trim option plate is located on the passenger side.

The engine number (assuming the original motor) should be located on a pad behind the water pump on 134-ci fours and on a pad on the block deck visible between the first two exhaust manifold runners on the passenger side.

Does LA have tags for custom vehicles? Just a thought. Good luck.

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It's an M38A1
by: Danny Fabacher

It's an M38A1 from all the pictures I'm seeing. The plates on dash and behind passenger seat are gone. I found a number stenciled on the windshield lock handle 8329653 which seems to indicate it's a CJ5. It's not a split windshield so it may have been changed. I also found a number on the engine 4J8652. I'm told the engine was changed at one time as well. the Jeep needs some work But runs and can be driven on the road. I just can't get a license. df

someone will love it
by: Anonymous

Don't trash it. If all else fails fix her up and sell it as a mud buggie, or maybe you can go to your department of motor vehicles, and at its age say you made it from buying scrap parts from multiple vehicles. It works in Florida good luck

Serial no
by: Hilton Robin

Hi, hope I can help. I am restoring a '46 Willys, and found myself in a very similar situation. I found my serial no. on the tailgate. It is stamped on the side under all the paint. So you will have to sand it down to bare metal to find it. I live in South Africa, and parts are very hard to find. I hope to get it finished soon. Happy Jeeping and good luck.

I have a 1955 Willys CJ5
by: Anonymous

Try the Driver's side firewall. It may be painted over. Or, by the steering box by the tub brace. My Jeep is identical to yours and ours was on the firewall. But if you would like I can do more research for you.

Help serial number
by: Mr Bates

I have a 1952 I think m38a1...all data tags are missing...I did find the engine number above the water pump...R4J 09108...but I can't find anywhere on line telling me what year it is...can anyone help me please?

I'll take it!
by: Anonymous

I'd be more then willing to take it off of your hands.

Metal Tags on Firewall
by: Garry

Mine has the mentioned metal tags on the firewall. Odd thing is I can't find my serial # listed. The first 5#'s are 57548 which are used on many years starting in the 50's and go to about 61. Accordingly, it is a Universal/CJ/1324cu.in. F-Head/all wheel drive. Mine is a 1963, according to title and my Dad bought it brand new, but the charts only list to 1961?

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