1966 Jeep Tuxedo Park Mark IV

by Greg
(Georgetown, Ohio)

After searching for a few months I came across this 1966 Tuxedo Park Mark IV.

It has the Dauntless 225, 3.7L V6 engine and is pretty much stock except for the wheels, and mirrors (I think). It still has the original oil bath air cleaner. It does have some filler in the usual places, but a good sheet metal guy could possibly save the tub. I was told that I'm the fourth owner of this gem that I have nicknamed "Mongo".

Not sure where to begin with this one?

Larry's Comment: I think you've already "begun" Greg. Nice find!

Comments for 1966 Jeep Tuxedo Park Mark IV

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I found a '66 CJ5 Tuxedo Park V-6
by: Anonymous

I just found a 1966 Jeep Tuxedo Park V-6 totally original and in really decent shape. One of only 325 produced. I've no idea what it is worth. Does anyone know? Please email me at mitch39475@yahoo.com

1966 Tuxedo Park Mark IV
by: RoseMcdaniel

My husband and I have no idea what it is worth. It is really sharp and in real good condition. No rust

1966 Jeep Tuxedo Park Mark
by: Anonymous

I have a 1966 Tuxedo Park. Even has a snow plow and a winch on the back . Original mileage of 96,000, and a hard top. 3 speed and the oil bath air filter.

1966 Tuxedo Park Mark IV CJ6
by: dave

It's all apart. Most or all of the Tuxedo Park stuff is gone. The holes are in the hood for the emblems, but no emblems. Complete glass tub and fenders never been mounted or painted. Original 225 V6 and drive-train. $1500.00 firm. I'm in Venice, Fl. pitstopdave@hotmail.com I have the original tub also.

'66 Tuxedo Park
by: george

I went to college in the '70s in a Tuxedo Park CJ5. I have a lot of great memories. I recently found one and had to buy it. I have been working on it a little. It is really clean and has less than 70,000 miles on it.

I am retiring soon and my wife says that all my toys must go. I am selling it for $5500. Call me for details. 915-584-4052

Awesome Jeep!
by: Opossum Lake Steve

My best friend had one of these while we were in high school. The reddish paint had faded to pink and it was like we ran with the Pink Panther! Those memories are especially more meaningful some 31 years later. You see, he was killed in a Jeep accident (not the Tux) on the last day of our high school careers ...in 1980! I took his memories with me through the Corps and used it as motivation for SUCCESS in life. Three daughters later, I think they'd thrive if I got something like this...to cure my midlife crisis ;)

'65 Tuxedo Park Mark IV
by: leadfootlarry6

My son just bought a 65 Tuxedo Mark IV, with the over and under 4 cylinder and the 3speed trans with the single stick transfercase. Jeep needs some work but he picked it up for under a thousand bucks. I have been trying to find a good photo of the master cylinder and brake lines because someone had cut them all out and used some cheap rubber lines wrapped all around the frame. If anyone could take some photo's and send to me that would be super. Thanks.

I have a 1966 CJ6 Tuxedo Mark IV freshly restored
by: Anonymous

I just finishing up on restoring my Tuxedo and I'm missing the emblems right by the door under where it has Jeep painted. Look's like two dogs and has red white and silver on it by the looks of what I've seen on others. If anyone has ideas where I can find one I'd appreciate it.

Production numbers for CJ5a Tuxedo Park Mark 4?
by: Anonymous

I have an incredible 1966 Tuxedo Park Mark 4 with 2900 original miles, one owner.

How many were made? My number is 8322 15371


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