1979 CJ5 "The Taz"

by Dan Lindblad
(Omaha, Nebraska)

Bought it from the 2nd owner in 2000 still completely stock.

Over the last 10 years I have slowly invested another 20k. (Rule of thumb: for every year old your Jeep is that's about how much you got in it)! lol

Latest upgrade was 1 month ago: Howell TBI fuel injection. Wow! No more stalls on steep grades; runs great!

I take "the Taz" to Moab, UT and Arizona for wheeling. I am an associate member of the Red Rock 4-wheelers club in Moab, and a member of the Arizona Virtual Jeep Club.

This early CJ IS MY PRIDE AND JOY! I don't care to have a Jeep that everyone else has (i.e.Wrangler).

I get lots of comments about my CJ especially from the "old guys". lol


Larry's Comment: Very nice CJ5 Dan! I can see why you are so proud of your Jeep. Thanks for sharing...and the "old guys" usually know what they're talking about.

Comments for 1979 CJ5 "The Taz"

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by: James8203

You really have some Jeep there Dan, it's truly unique and looks fantastic!!

Question: I myself have a CJ7 on this site and wanted to ask you about your hood vents.

I'm running a stage 1 Chevy 350 and it's heating my whole cab up. I bought a whole bunch of DEI heat shield and was also considering hood vents.

If you have a moment, could you tell me if they helped your cause and if you installed them, was it a very difficult install.

Keep on Jeepin' and thanks for your time!


by: Anonymous

Yes, I could use the "Heat" living in Montana. Run your exhaust out the rear of the front wheel wells.

Hood Vents
by: Anonymous

I have never collected any data but I do believe that they help get the heat out. (How could venting heat out of the engine compartment be a bad thing?)..lol Anyway, the install was EASY! I laid them on the hood and traced the outline with soap stone. Then instead of cutting out big rectangles I used a 2" hole saw and cut 6 holes under each hood vent. This served 2 purposes: it let the heat out, and by drilling big holes it didn't weaken the hood like cutting 2 big rectangles would have. I hope this helps! Message me again if I can help some more. Thanks for the compliments on my Jeep!!


Fender Flare Inquiry
by: KristinK

Dan...Love your CJ! (Also LOVE Moab, lol!) I am from PA but worked in UT for 2 yrs (got back home this past Oct) while there I bought an '85 CJ-7. I put it up on here but it is in the process of a "make-over" (it's nice to have an autobody man for a brother, lol!)

Enough rambling...what I really want to know is what brand are the fender flares you have on yours? I like that "look" but am worried about not having enough tire coverage if I go with the Gen-Right flats that I'd REALLY like & what you are running just may be the answer. Appreciate any response :)

Also, out of curiosity...as I didn't think I could install one w/o the whole "bracket system" with a soft top, but how is your roof rack installed & are still able to easily remove your top?

Again, thank-you in advance for any help & I really like your CJ!

Reply to KristinK
by: Dan

The Fender Flares are made by Xenon. They are on page 210 of the Summer 2012 Jeep Essentials Quadratec Catalog.

The roof rack was custom made by me and I have to put 4 holes in the top canvas to bolt it on. This is the 3rd top I have done this to and with a little silicone the holes seal up nice and no rain gets in!! Hope this helps!

Dan Lindblad

re: fender flares
by: KristinK

Thanks for the info Dan! Think those Xenon flares are what I'll go with.
As for the roof rack...I really don't want to drill through my brand-new soft-top, lol! I like to run without it most of the summer & need the ease of getting it back on without anything getting in the way if needed (out @ night & chilly, bad storm, etc.) Thanks for getting back to me!

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