1981 Mahindra 560 D LONG CHASSIS JEEP

by Mathai Varkey
(Anchal .Kerala .India)

I own this Mahindra Jeep since 1981 and want to modify it by installing a new Mahindra Major 2008 Engine and transmission . I am uploading the photos so that you can provide me with your best suggestions.

It now holds a completely overhauled engine Perkins 4 /Walchand Cooper engine (original installation) and a 3+1 Manual transmission, which is very noisy and is not comfortable to my ears.

I would prefer a very silent engine and transmission, with a compatible differential and braking system in place.

Will a Toyota qualis Diesel engine and transmission help? I don't intent to carry any heavy load and will be used exclusively for traveling purpose only .

Appreciate your suggestions and ideas.

Larry's Comment: Okay all of you Mahindra experts out there. Any advice for Mathai? Comment below.

Comments for 1981 Mahindra 560 D LONG CHASSIS JEEP

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by: James

Just can't put a price on some things. That is truly a work of Art! Hope you hang on to it and pass it down!
Beautiful Jeep Man!

by: abhir

Keep it original dude.

Try Toyota c3 engine
by: sam

Toyota c3 engine will fit in, however you will have to forego the 4x4 feature as the sump of Toyota engine is low and fouls with the front axle differential. The gearbox too will be changed.

by: Anonymous

Please keep it original friend!. Never ever change anything. It's a rare piece of beautifully maintained CJ500D. Purchase another one already modified and do the works what you like.


by: Hari

I agree with the guy below. Keep it original would be my advice as well (I am currently restoring my 500 D).

I know it's not the most refined drivetrain out there, but if you must modify it then try plonking in the 2.5L MDI engine and transmission from the Bolero. You will also need to upgrade your brakes and you could consider installing a power steering assembly as well.

I could hook you up with someone who will give you the right guidance if you are interested.

by: Anonymous

by: Hari

Hi Hari

I am really interested in someone who can help me restore the engine, transmission and brakes. Please send your advise to my EMAIL: mathaivarkey@gmail.com . If I don't get the right guy, I might as well sell it off. If anybody is interested just let me know .

Stock is best
by: Vikram

Hi, keep it stock. That way it's more fun plus as they say jeeps are built. Maintaining a stock cj500D is every bit more fun. I have a cj500DP and simply love spending time with it.

by: Anonymous

What is the mileage?

No need to change the engine
by: Sooraj


This Cooper engine is a rare piece. Keep the engine as it is. The Cooper engine is better than the new high speed jeep engines. It's a very good engine for off road purpose. My friend having these same engine jeep. For off roads nobody can beat these, even Thar. The high speed Cooper engine is <3000 c, and you have to change the gear box to a 5-speed transmission then see the performance.

Upload Interior Images
by: Anonymous

Hi my name is Amal. I own this same model jeep. It's a 1992 model. Could you please update the interior of this model, especially the back side so that I could modify my vehicle?

Willing to buy
by: Anonymous

Hi Bro,

If you are willing to sell it, I will buy it. Then you can buy a nice sounding Mahindra Thar or a Jeep Compass, what ever you like. Don't kill the old nice guy please.

my e-mail id is

Thank you

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