1982 CJ7 Project Sunburst Edition

by Jonathan
(Greers Ferry, Arkansas
Matthews Automotive )

Before Photo!

Before Photo!

I recently purchased a 1982 CJ 7 with 4.2 auto.

It's all original but I've been working hard to undo the mess created by years, or people who had no business working on a go cart working on it.

I noticed some odd graphics painted over on the hood, rocker panels, and glove box door. It has 9 stars on the hood that have streamers running up to the center of the hood by the windshield to a sun looking beginning point.

The star on the glove box door was painted over and I removed the paint to show a red outlined star inlaid with silver. In the center of the star is a red "CJ" logo. I am not sure if all 9 stars on the hood looked like the glove box star or not.

On the rocker panels there are 2 red stripes, one about a 1/2 inch the other about 1 1/2 inch, both stripes are solid red. I have run all the numbers and it's original black on black with soft top.

I've discovered the package is an ultra-rare option called a "Sunburst". From what I can find it's one of no more than 10 ever made.

I want to do a lot of customizing so I'm (probably) not going to keep this Jeep. I have way too much respect for special edition packages to ruin it. I have come up with a dealer pic from a parts book that showed the part numbers for the decal kit. To my knowledge this parts book drawing is the only surviving pic of the '82 "Sunburst".

I am trying to figure out what to do with the Jeep. I'm a mechanic but I don't have the time or resources to do a total restoration, and I would really like to know if I have something special that someone might want or if it's just one of those things that's cool but not much more.

I do know the rare "Jamboree" Jeeps are very sought after and bring a large price restored or not. Any other information or help would be very appreciated. I have too much respect for what it is to do what I want to do to a CJ 7.

I want to put a TBI 4.3L with 700r4 in one with A/C and half top cab. I want a completely custom "old Jeep" with all the new things to make it fuel efficient, comfortable, and above all very reliable.

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'82 project
by: Jayne

Nice Jeep!! Beautiful Job

'82 CJ 7 "Sunburst"
by: Jon

I am searching for any information anyone would have regarding the 82 "Sunburst" CJ 7 I have listed.

I have original AMC part numbers for the decal kit and I would love if anyone could point me in the direction that will allow me to search for (if it exists) any AMC new old stock parts that might lead to me finding any information or possibly a decal kit.

Also if anyone simply remembers seeing a "Sunburst" Jeep I'd like to know the stripe and star colors. All that's left on the hood is the glue. I tried removing the top layer of paint and the star was disappearing so I stopped. Even though I think it will be ugly as sin I want to put it back to it's original and possibly atrocious condition. Any information at all will be greatly appreciated.

Also I'd like to thank everyone who has helped so far in my search to gather info on my '82 CJ 7.

Thanks for reading.

1982 Sunburst
by: Jeeped

In 1984 I bought a 1982 CJ7. The salesman called it a Super Star package.

I still have it. It has a brush guard like the one in your picture. The hood has the Star decals, and it also has a star decal on the glove box with CJ7 on it.

The front has chrome surrounding the radiator. It also has the two tone stripe trim and AMC decal on the back.

I’ve been trying to learn more about it, but so far no luck. Would really like to know if 1982 was the only year they were made, along with how many.

by: Anonymous

Sounds like you may have a 1982 CJ7 Superstar. I have one that I bought new. Still have windshield sales sticker. Has lots of bells and whistlers on and in it. Starburst emblem on hood (9 stars). Red and silver. also red and silver stripes on rocker panels, a red and silver star with CJ on it located on glove department door. Trac-loc, Borg-Warner 5 speed trans, 258c.i. six cylinder engine, power steering and brakes, heavy duty suspension and cooling system plus lots of chrome everywhere, and more!!

by: Anonymous

There was supposed to be 1000 red and 1000 black ones produced but have heard far less than that number was made. Same for the Jamboree. Target was 2500 but I think less than 900 were made.

Another Superstar
by: Chilly

My aunt and uncle had one since 1982. Has been in Fencerow for 25 years, and they just gave it to me. I remember it was a nice machine when I was a kid. This one is a 258, T5 5-speed. Not sure what I'll do with it. Needs a new tub and lots of work.

Sunburst research
by: Jkgecko

Just got a 1982 Sunburst Edition. It has 80,000 miles, all original hood (faded but can see stripes and stars).

Are the stripes and stars all silver? Are the stars like the one on the glove box? Looking to restore any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Sunburst Decal Package
by: Anonymous

I am having the '82 Sunburst decal package professionally recreated. Should be done soon.

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