1991 YJ Project

by Jay O'Rourke
(Paris, Tennessee )

Before photo!

Before photo!

My 1991 YJ Wrangler project has the following so far:

-4.0L straight 6-cylinder engine,
-TF999 transmission,
-AMC 231 transfer case,
-Dana 30 reverse cut front differential,
-Dana 35 rear,
-4" suspension an 3" body lift,
-running 285/75/16 tires,
-custom full roll cage,
-custom dash,
-fuel cell where back seat was,
-air compressor with air tank,
-Hi-lift jack,
-4 wheel disc brakes,
-cold air intake,
-custom exhaust,
-15x10 rims,
-35/12.50/15 tires,
-hard top,
-and the list goes on.

Larry's Comment: That's a tough looking YJ, Jay.

Keep us up-to-date with your "project" YJ Wrangler.

Comments for 1991 YJ Project

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by: Aprill Ann

Your '91 is great! I wish mine were a straight six, but it's only a four-cylinder. Great picture. I have a '90 YJ. It is red and looks a lot like yours. I don't know ANYTHING about my Jeep other than how much I love it.

I've got a broken fuel gauge. Do you know if that is a precursor to a fuel pump going out? And if I can fix it by putting in a new fuel relay sensor?

Aprill Ann

Aussie lockers
by: Grasshopper

Does anyone have a official time when Aussie will start making there lockers again for Dana 30's?

Up date's
by: Grasshopper

Well I got my aluminum diamond plate that I was working on for my dash done and it looks great. I will be making some door skins for it next. And thanks Aprll Ann. If ya have any pictures let me know..like to see your yj .

APRILL's fuel problem
by: Bigdaddyrabbit


I have a '92 YJ. I had a fuel issue as well. Easy to troubleshoot.

First go under the hood on the right fender in the rear you will see a black rectangular fuse box. There you will find a large fuse (50) amp. Pull it and check it for being blown.
If its blown, there is a good possibility that the fuel pump is shorted. They do it over time, so it's normal. but a pain. You have to pull the gas tank as the pump assembly is inside the tank. This is no easy task.

But if the fuse is good, get in the seat in a quiet environment and just turn on the ignition to on. Listen for a slight short HMMMM in the area in the rear of your jeep. This occurs every time you do this, but you never actually pay attention to it. That is your fuel pump priming your fuel rail. If that happens you have a fuel supply problem. Hope this helps...and most likely your pump is good.


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