2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Piece of Junk

by Steve
(Danville, Ca)

2004 Grand Cherokee (File Photo)

2004 Grand Cherokee (File Photo)

About 6 years ago my mom bought her first new car in her life.

A 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. Fully loaded, HO V8, leather, etc.. Cost her almost $40,000. At any rate, it now has about 60,000 miles. I have a 4Runner with 300,000 miles that has had less repairs to it.

The emergency brake cable broke. The power steering pump went out at 35,000. The heat/ac vent broke and was replaced under warranty. A year later, it broke again not under warranty. $1700 to fix it.

A year later, broke again, fixed it myself. The wiring harness for the heat/ac fan melted...$500 estimate to fix it, fixed myself for $30.
The seat heater got super hot. Was recalled and fixed.

The newest problem is all of the weather stripping around the front and rear doors is falling off.

What a piece of crap!

She could've gotten a Lexus or an Acura or a BMW, but she wanted to buy American. What a mistake. Now, 6 tears later, her $40,000 Jeep is worth $13,000.

What a joke.

Larry's Comment: Sorry to hear that your mom had so much trouble with her Grand Cherokee Steve.

Is anyone else out there having this kind of difficulty with your Grand Cherokee...especially after 2002? Or...is this just a story about a particular "lemon" (which often happens with any make or model vehicle)?

I would like to know. Please enter your comments below.

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Grand Cherokee Opinion
by: Andrew Glinski

I owned a 1997 Fully Loaded Grand Cherokee Limited 5.2 Liter V8 w/ Quadra-Drive. I owned it from 28k miles to 55k miles. No problems except when I put it in 4wd Lo and went too fast I snapped front Drive Shaft. And it never drove quite smooth again. So I sold it and called it a wash.

Ontario, Canada
by: Lyle

Steve's story strikes a familiar note. The seat heaters in my '04 G.C. Limited have been recalled for overheating....twice. The door weatherstrip trim is also melting away. The hood will no longer stay open. I would have replaced the hood struts, but the design has been changed to a coiled spring hinge...wonder why?...and struts are not available. New hinges are on order now for $280!

On the brighter side, and this might help other G.C. owners with Quadradrive.....the differential oil was replaced recently at 72K miles as suggested in the service manual. Soon after, it developed a loud binding (groaning) noise in the front diff. during slow turns. The dealer's mechanic explained why, put more limited slip additive in and, it's all fixed...for $10.

Overall, this Jeep has been OK. But just OK. Not nearly as good as the '97 it replaced. That one was absolutely bullet proof. Jeep has to do better for a vehicle that costs well over 40 large.

I've been waiting for the 2011 to get here, but now with the new redesigned 2010 4Runner at a lower price....well????

Darn Overland
by: Anonymous

My window regulator broke, suspension went out, CV joints, electrical problems, you name it I've had it with my Jeep. I have been fixing most of them myself BUT OMG!!! Whatever happened to top of the line?

So Far So Good
by: R.J.

I recently bought a 2004 G.C. Overland model. I bought it used and took it to my mechanic who went through it with a fine tooth comb. Result, a very sound vehicle with 73,000 miles on it. My son has a 1999 G.C. with over 200,000 miles on it and still going strong. I like Jeep products and will continue to buy them.

2004 overland, so many problems!!
by: Anonymous

I have a 2004 overland and all I have had are problems with the car. I bought it in 2007 and immediately had to have the heating and air system replaced...when the a/c was on, it had heat coming out. And the window track had to be replaced. Then I had to have the ignition switch replaced, heated seats were recalled, weather stripping on back door has come loose, the power steering line had to be replace, and now, - just yesterday it decided to die on me. Thought it was the battery,or alternator, but they tested fine. Turns out it "may" be the starter...and last night once I got it running again, it started blowing extremely hot air from the vents, when the a/c was turned to lo. So, that sounds like the original problem has returned from 2007, when I first bought it. I am at a loss. I just want to get rid of it at this point. It's a great looking car, but most important part-- the internal organs SUCK!

An isolated incident..
by: Steve

I bought a 2004 Overland a year ago. It had 51,000 miles on it. The vehicle has been virtually flawless. And, I've spoken to several people with these and they too have been extremely happy.

It is not a piece of crap by any means. But like any other vehicle, there will be lemons out there.

by: Ralph P

I have had many cars in my life, always used never even bought one from a dealer's lot. I have never been a 4x4 guy-(Lincolns, Caddys, Monte CARLOS...)

I bought my first Jeep in `06. First because I wanted a SUV, second, because I liked the way the Jeep looked, and third, I see them everywhere!!!

I live in NY and if you walk outside you will spot a Grand Cherokee within 5 minutes Guaranteed!!! So I figured If so many people had them they must be good.

I was right! My first GC was a `99 limited with 86,000 miles that I had 2 years. It was great, and then I decided to upgrade. I did have that A/C problem, but it was getting colder anyway.

I got a 2004 Grand Cherokee Overland with 57,000 mile and it is AWESOME! I cut through any snowstorm while other SUV`s are stuck, and the 4.7L, 8-cylinder has got balls!!!

I love my Jeep! Best medium size SUV on the road today!!!

De ja vu
by: Mellissa

Wow my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee has experienced all of the same problems along with the drivers side rear view mirror which was supposed to be heated over heating and melting inside out.

I can hardly see out of it but have not replaced it yet because the going price is over $400 for a rear view mirror.

I also had to have the transmission rebuilt which was covered on my extended warranty, but I paid for that anyway so I guess you could say that repair cost me $3600 or whatever the warranty amount was that I paid the dealer.

Very disappointing for the price of this car. Now has 140,000 miles on it and is burning oil at an awful rate adding oil every 300 miles or so.

I needed this car to run to 180,000-200,000 miles based on what I paid for it and the needs of my family and budget, but doubtful that it will make it.

2004 Jeep Overland = crap!
by: Anonymous

Air went out 3 times @ 1600 bucks a pop to fix. Window motor is gone. Weather stripping is gone on 2 doors. This is my first and last Jeep.

Problems w/ 2004 Overland
by: Ric

I have owned 4 Jeeps, currently own 2. The 2004 Overland is the worst auto I have owned except for Dodge Durango. Power steering pump and hoses went at 45000 mi. No heat situation now at 58,000 mi. Weatherstripping falling off along w/ a host of other issues. Biggest disappointment is the current heat problem which I am told could run a lot of money. I'm quite sure Jeep lost me as a customer.

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee=AWESOME
by: Scott

Sorry to hear about this. Sounds like the Jeep was a lemon from the factory. Just want to say my parents have had 3 Grand Cherokee's (93,97,01) throughout the years. All of them had the 4.0L I6 which is a great engine, bullet-proof in my opinion. Never had any major problems with them and all lasted with over 100K (93 was 180K).

I now have a 2004 Grand Cherokee Overland with that awesome 4.7L HO V8. Man I love that engine. There's so much torque and I can really scare the ricers with it. It is my first car (I'm 17) and I take great care of it. Bought it with 75,000 miles and now have about 80,000. Absolutely nothing wrong when I bought it. All I did was slap on new tires and perform an oil change. I recently added a Flowmaster muffler which sounds great. Overall I'm a Jeep guy. Grew up with them, now I have one of my own and love it. I'm so happy I got this for my first car and I have no doubt it will last me for a long time to come.

Worst Car
by: Anonymous

I have had all the same problems:
-Window motors broke
-Drivers side rear view mirror broke
-Extremely hot heated seats
-Heater/AC broke numerous times
-Battery died
-Power steering pump and hose had to be replaced
-All of the electronics in the car malfunctioned numerous times, the gauges didn't work, the windows didn't work.

I don't feel safe in this car.

Bought the car for $12,000. I have spent over half that in repairs and every few days/weeks something new goes wrong.

Biggest mistake I ever made. It's a shame Chrysler puts lemons like this on the market. Obviously not a unique situation either, since clearly many people have had very similar problems.

I read that they were thinking of recalling this particular model because the gas tank could potentially explode in an accident due to it's location in the vehicle.

by: Nathan

Yeah I would have to agree with the first post.... Looks nice and that's about it. Stuff falls apart twice as much as my 1999 Camaro with a 120k on it, and I drive the hell out of the car.

Like 3 of the 4 a/c vents are broken which the dash has to be removed to replace a 40 dollar part. Radio knobs are bent and broken off. I have had to replace 2 inside door handles, transfer case twice, and this is all with 62k on it.

Trail certified??? I would feel safer driving on trails in the Camaro.

I agree that they are Junck
by: Anonymous

Same problems but add the Rotors. My wife and I bought it new for around the 40K price. We have spent thousands on repairs. We have had several Jeep Grand Cherokees none of them have been as horrible as this one.

I rode in the passenger side today...the wind noise is soooo loud that it makes me sick...we have already replaced all the rubber. I am not as handy as most of you, we have brought it in for most repairs. The last bill was for over $2,200 which included upgraded rotors & work on the heating system. It will be our last.

asking for punishment
by: Kane

I own several Jeep vehicles at the current moment and wrench on offroad Jeep Rigs. And have owned around 10 in the past 3 years. The 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee overland edition has by far been the biggest piece of Sh*# !! With a window sticker price of $43K it has been a big kick in the groin to own one.
Here is a list of problems
-Seat heaters
-3 broke window regulators within 1 year
-driver side floor board fills with water
-Tranny wont shift into OD and starts off in 2nd gear.
- exhaust leak between header and pipe
- front diff groaning
- rain sensor broke and hanging off windshield

Luv my Jeep!
by: Ron Coulter

I bought my '04 Overland a few months ago, cheap enough that if it was junk i could unload it on some other unsuspecting sap. This is my third Jeep and it is a fantastic machine. First was a Wrangler, then a Cherokee Sport. My wife and I just got back from a 3700 km drive over New Year's from Canada to Dallas and back. Zero issues and decent fuel economy. I'm sorry some folks have had bad luck with theirs, but I'll get another one when the time comes.

2004 G cherokee problems ditto
by: ABA in Canada

I too have suffered the same and more problems. Heater/AC, weather stripping, power steering, torque converter lock up, seat heaters which were recalled and now don't work, the air pump clatters in cold weather,the air pressure monitors are constantly reading an error. After owning a 94 Jeep with almost 400,000 kms. on it and no problems the new improved version is a disappointment.

Overland of 2004 is junk
by: Anonymous

I bought this Jeep about 3 years ago with 29k miles on it. I had no problems with it for first two years. When it turned over 50k I had all the fluids changed in the trans front and rear end it cost me almost $500 to have everything done.

Not long after that the cruise control stopped working. The #1 cyl. stopped firing and the trans. started to slip.

Now it has 77k miles on it and I have to buy a new motor for it and the motor is a 4.7 H.O. with the vin code j not a easy motor to find. Then if you want a new motor or reman. it costs $4,000+ for a long block.

So to sum it all up I bought a high dollar car and did everything your suppose to do, and took care of it like a baby. And now I just have a piece of #&*@ I can't drive. I WILL NEVER BUY A JEEP AGAIN.

2004 Jeep Overland 170,000 miles
by: Anonymous

We have a 2004 Overland 170,000 miles still running good, but the weather stripping is rusted bad. Other than that everything is good. I would say buy one with a lot of miles so everything that could go wrong has happened already. Hope that helps.

Mine is fine
by: Anonymous

When you read everything on here, stop and think for a minute how many of these that Jeep made. Mine has 170,000 and still looks great and runs great. You will find bad ones, but look up a BMW SUV and you will see the same thing. Every producer will have bad ones. Think about it.

04 Grand Cherokee Overland
by: Anonymous

Love the Jeep, but, as mentioned above:
Seat heaters replaced, power steering pump replaced and hoses, radiator busted open and had to be replaced, both front door window regulators replaced, blower motor and harness replaced with upgraded parts, air flaps in heating/cooling system have been replaced. Bought used with 80,000 miles so all this between 80 and 120,000 miles. I put 150,000 on my Toyota Tacoma and I replaced the brakes rotor once.
I did have the 4 wheel drive system serviced when I heard a slight noise when turning, everything is Ok now. I really like my Jeep.
Mike in NC

Can this thing get stolen already?
by: POS

- Heating transistor replaced
- 4 window regulators replaced (every single window)
- Water pump replaced
- Power steering high pressure line replaced
- Rear axle replaced, apparently the thread that lead into the unit does not have the surface area to hold up. (superb engineering?)

I have a 85' Toyota pickup that has had fewer problems over its 250,000 plus mile lifespan.

Heating 2004 Overland
by: Anonymous

Managed to solve a problem myself! The heating was back to front on the controls. Hot was cold and cold was hot, and windows and electric mirrors did not. Traced the problem to two broken wires in the wiring loom between the drivers door and the frame of the car. Once these wires were reconnected everything worked perfectly, a common problem I heard.

2004 jeep grand cherokee
by: Anonymous

I purchased my Jeep in '08 and it is a '04...don't think I will be buying another Jeep in the future. 1. defrost does not work on any window except the front window. 2. the back window weather stripping is loose. 3. the front driver window stripping is melting. 4. the heat and blower went out on me twice. 5. the dash light area that shows the gears went out. 6. now I have a huge power steering leak. Sounds like that's an on-going problem with everyone's Jeep..

by: Dan Badyrka

Yes I have all the same problems with the same Jeep. I hate this Jeep more than I hate terrorism! And to top it off I can't get rid of the thing.

2004 Grand Cherokee is crap
by: Anonymous

Maybe some have had few problems with their Grand Cherokee's, however I hate mine.
I purchased my 2004 in 2007 with 35,000 miles. Since then it has been almost a monthly pain in my rear. I could list all that has gone wrong but I will keep it short. The front axle burned out (this thing has never seen off road), had to get one from a junk yard. The engine will periodically burn a battery out to dead, but then be fine for weeks. Weather stripping all coming off. Brakes need replaced and or serviced every 10,000 miles. Strange leaks coming from all parts of the drive train. Burns through tires (good tires, not cheap ones). This thing is a bunch of Junk, and WAY overpriced. Now its worth like $7000, List price in 2004 was $39,000 and change. I took care of it and babied it, and nothing has helped keep it trust worthy. DON'T buy one. However, I will say that the older TJ Wranglers hold up well and I have liked them in the past. Jeep should stick to the Wrangler thing.

'04 Gr.Cher. SO "not a piece of junk"
by: Not Anonymous

I own an '04 Jeep Gr. Cher. Overland QuadraDrive 4.7L H.O. w/ 126,000 mi. Couldn't disagree more. Beside the obvious cost of owning a luxury SUV, I've never had a safer or more capable vehicle! As far as the weatherstripping, buy some glue and buy American. Get a clue! I would have pitted my jeep against a brand new 4-Runner. Since your 4 Runner is probably not "running" anymore I'm Left to beat more Hummers in comp.

Tool Bag
by: Anonymous

Dude, you're a tool bag.

Overland =
by: nyjpr

Bought mine in '07 (certified) from dealer with 40k miles. Now 81k...2 power steering units, 1 instrument cluster, 1 driver door seal, 1 radiator, 1 set of front rotors and 2 front pads 1 rear pad, +basic maintenance, 2 recalls...1 set of tires Kuhmo kl61 a/t (purchased over winter)...I just bought 2nd warranty(Jeep maxi care $200 deduct)...my 1st finished @ 80k miles.

With all that said...I luv my Jeep...It's shockingly fast, smooth and it's all weather/terrain prowess is unbeatable...a lot was done the 1st couple of months I had it, i.e.: instrument cluster, brakes, and door seal...but all was covered under warranty.

New York City streets can beat up a vehicle...but with the Overland I feel as if I always still have the edge oIIIIIIIo !!!!!

by: Anonymous

YEP,, JUNK!! Took to dealership 7 times for heater/ac issues. Still can't fix it! I give up. As expensive of a vehicle this is, what a dissapointment! The climatic control system sucks! It blows heat out of the floor vents, when its not even on! One minute it works, the next it doesn't. Had to replace both window motors, transfer case, you name it and it's been done! Now the warranty is out, and I'm screwed! I had a '96 Cherokee before this and it was great. Stick to the basic Jeep, not the fancy overloaded piece of junk! And they tell me there are no lemon laws in my state if you buy it used. Thanks Jeep!

Gotta agree
by: Anonymous

Have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee and have had more repairs than ever required on ANY OF MY FORDS. It's 101 degrees today and AC will not work. Last winter had to stop twice to scrape my windshield...no defrost...sometimes it works sometimes it does not. Spent a fortune so the front windows would work again. Very expensive vehicle to own and operate. BIG MISTAKE!

by: Anonymous

Our 2004 luxury jeep is nothing but a piece of crap. It needs fix after fix after fix, and now it sounds as if the tranny is going out, and it has rear end mechanical problems. We also got it to buy American which sadly won't be the case again. They are nothing but lemons.

by: Anonymous

I bought a 2004 GC LMTD with 76k on it in Ontario 3 years ago and here are my issues:

-water pump went
-weather striping on drivers door
-ground wire in pass door broke and repaired twice
-brakes and tires (which I am OK with)
-driver headlight all yellow
-recall on heated seats
-driver side mirror won't work on memory
Same mirror went all discolour (auto dim seal broke) found replacement with no auto dim but everything else for $50 US on line.
-trim at bottom of all windows is rusting underneath and staining the paint
-Pain peeling off plastic trim behind front wheels
-rear wiper quit working and had to replace
-hood won't stay open
-bearings are now gone in something under hood and AC just quit working so back to the shop again.
-Also the rear seat leg room is terrible and the floor mounts on the seat and the hood and lift gate are starting to rust.
-Also i noticed last week the trans is starting to take too long to shift into gear.

I baby this thing and wash it regularly. It is awesome in the snow and the engine makes a ton of power. It drives great but with 146km (90k miles) it is costing me way to much to run. I will be buying a 4 Runner or Highlander next. My 2001 Saturn runs more consistently than this thing and I paid $2200 for it 2 yrs ago!

2004 Grand Cherokee Overland
by: Norm

I bought a 2004 Jeep GC Overland 2 years ago with 72,000 miles on it. I've only put about 6,000 miles on it because of the bad gas mileage. Here are the things that have gone wrong with it:
1. Dual zone blend doors broke
2. Hood struts don't hold hood up
3. Weather stripping around doors keeps falling down.
4. There's a grinding noise and the front wheels skip when turning sharply.
5. There's a recall on the heated seats that I haven't had fixed yet.
6. The air bag lights stays on all the time.
7. Last week while on vacation, 2 window regulators broke. Got them fixed last night.

I have a 1998 GC with the 4.0L engine that has over 220,000 miles on it. It's been bullet proof and I trust it more than my 2004 Overland. If I ever buy another jeep, it's going to be an older one. I'm afraid to think how many more things may have gone wrong with my Overland if it was a daily driver. Many of the same problems that people are having should have been fixed under recalls. I think Jeep was negligent in not doing that.

2004 Overland
by: Anonymous

77k on mine and not a single issue, absolutely flawless...

2004 Jeep Cherokee Overland 4.7 AWD
by: Gina C - Balto., MD

I bought my fully loaded piece of crap Jeep about two years ago after my '99 Toyota Camry with 199,000 miles started to experience engine problems.

I've only put 23,000 highway miles on my Jeep and to my surprise the engine light came on, so I put it in the shop.

I was just informed today that the water pump failed and as a result it warped the left head gasket. To make matters even worse the worthless warranty company (Fidelity Warranty Services) is only going to pay to replace the water pump but not the $2900.00 head gasket...really Fidelity? Thanks for nothing, thieves.

This is the first and LAST time I will EVER buy an American made vehicle. I'm trading this piece of crap in for a Hyundai. At least then I know I'll be buying a reliable vehicle that won't drain my pockets.

Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge should not be allowed to manufacture automobiles because they don't know what they're doing. Who are they employing to assemble them? Monkey's?!!!!!!

by: Anonymous

Windows in back won't come up. Windows in front won't roll down. Heat or air does not work. Drivers mirror broke. Heat in seats way to hot. Makes loud noise when turning to the right. Shut the car off and all kinds of noise from dash. I hate it.

I loved my '97 Jeep. but the Overland sucks!

Great Jeep!
by: Anonymous

I have a 2004 Overland fully loaded and it has 220,000 plus miles! I love it! It does have some issues...but don't we all? Overall I'm glad with the purchase and will consider a Jeep in the future!

OMG I have the same issue as the first story
by: Anonymous

Can I just say that I thought I was reading my story already written. I have had the exact same problems plus some. I HATE my jeep the only reason I still have it is because I spent a fortune on it too. What a piece of crap it is.

We love our Jeeps
by: Russell Baker

We currently are down to 3 Grand Cherokees, but have owned 7 since '96. All were purchased used, with anywhere from 70K to 140K on them. I do my own maintenance, and while there have been some minor problems, we have never had a catastrophic failure of major parts.

We started with a '93/4.0L, (sold at 247K miles). That was replaced with a '96/4.0 (sold at 258K) and a '96/4.7 (sold at 239K). We added a '98/4.0 for my son, who is still driving it 168K. We added a '05 Hemi for my wife's daily driver, which only has 87K. We recently purchased 2 '04/4.7s, both with about 140K.

None of the motors have used oil between changes, but I have always used high mileage oil (green bottle), and Tough Guard filters.

Three of the 7 cars have had to have at least one of the rear axle seals replaced. One needed a water pump at 220K. Two radiators have been replaced due to stone damage, and a couple CV joints have died.

I had purchased the 2004 Overland for my son, who left Maryland on a 4 month cross country adventure to San Diego 2 days after we got the car. It had zero problems until the steering wheel mounted radio controls quit working. Bad Clockspring. I'm selling that one only because my son has started the SEAL program, and won't need a car for a couple years.

Most every brand has it's problems, but when in 2' of snow, or 6" of mud, I'll take a JEEP!!!

Don't be fooled into getting rid of it
by: NICK

All of you are making big a mistake. Spent £1300 on new alternator, starter motor, new battery, and pcm key module.

Put it in to main dealer instead of silly garage mechanics because what I am reading in all these comments I've had the same symptoms with my Grand Cherokee 4.7 HO Overland 2004.

Now it is fixed tops up. It was two wires running from pcm to alternator that had slight break in wiring causing all this erratic behavior. It's now running perfect. Revs not dropping below 500 rpm because the computer does the work all for £136.00, and very rare that the computer gives up its called gen field on pcm that they can read at the main Jeep dealer when they plug it in.

Don't be fobbed off with its the voltage regulator in the main ecu. This could save you thousands instead of scrapping yours. Love my Jeep..best drive ever.

Jeep currently has the best quality JD Power
by: Anonymous

Any Chrysler product built during the years when the company was owned by DaimlerBenz was a cost chopped failed experiment. Now that they are owned by Fiat they are climbing the quality charts again, just look up the 2011/2012 GC Overland and see. Don't blame the American worker, blame poor German management that not only ruined their vehicles but landed the Company in bankruptcy.

'02 Overland
by: Anonymous

Not much I haven't replaced on mine. They are JUNK.
Will never buy another.

Should have bought TWO! One for parts!

Trouble comes in a 2004 Jeep Overland v8
by: picard v

Yes, my experience is almost the same as Steve's mother. Purchased for 40k the heat/ac vent wouldn't work correctly and still does not. They so-called fixed it during warranty, then $950.00 for the ac to work, but the heat works only on "high". Seat heaters have a mind of their own. They love to be working when its 80 degrees outside, so who needs it?

Now u-joint rusted and exhaust system needed repair only have 70,000 miles full maintenance on it and still runs like a piece of junk. Yes I should have purchased the BMW or the Lexus.

I hate the 2004 Jeep Cherokee Overland. The only good thing about my Jeep is the seats are comfortable in front, but the heat is on when you don't need heated seats! Lemon!

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
by: Kris Duttlinger

I have had the differential go bad, the blend doors break, the heated seats stop working, the Infiniti speakers stop working...but now the 4.7 lost oil pressure due to plugged oil journals and blew the motor. The replacement motor is almost $5k...it looks great but it's a very expensive piece of junk that literally eats brake pads...

2001 Overland draining me dry
by: Judy

Always wanted a Jeep, and finally was able to afford one. First 50K miles were ok, except for the brake pads and rotors...boy do they go fast! Then it began. Leaks here and there, emergency brake is frozen, power steering unit went out, AC unit went out, heated seats, fixed twice and still don't work, and on, and on. And I am a freak about regular maintenance on my vehicles. I've only got 78K mi on it right now, hell, my Lumina van went 200K with only minor issues and alot more abuse. Bought an overland for off-road fun but I'm afraid to even drive it on the interstate! So sad.

Fifth Jeep and will continue to Buy them
by: Anonymous

I am sorry to hear about all of the problems everyone has experienced with their Jeeps. I have had five of them including the '04 GC Overland and have not had any major issues. I did have the driver side window motor break within the first year, but they replaced and paid for it. Otherwise I have not had any problems. I am looking at purchasing the 2012 soon. I love the power of my V8 and I feel secure driving it with my family in it. I did hear about issues with the '07-'10 models so I guess it is best that I waited to upgrade.

by: Anonymous

The problems that most of you are having are very minor and can be easily fixed by Techs that know what they are doing. Window problems are common as are weather stripping, power steering lines,and heater doors. All total these parts cost around 300 bucks and are extremely simple fixes.

Drivetrain problems and some of the other problems that occur from IMPROPER maintenance or mechanics that simply do not know better or really care. Any binding in the drivetrain is simply fixed by replacing the fluids w/FACTORY fluids and the use of factory recommended FRICTION MODIFIERS in the differentials. Often the power steering problem is just the high pressure line and not the pump. The pump is an easy sell and not the problem!!! ALWAYS ASK TO SEE YOUR BAD PARTS!!! The heater door problem has been addressed by Chrysler with a repair kit which cuts the labor time by 3 to 5 hrs of labor time saving the mechanic tons of time and costs you 100's of dollars. QUESTION THE MECHANIC AND THE NEW CAR DEALER!!! They wont tell you those secrets. Most you should spend on this repair is 200 to 300 dollars. Also the hood props can be bought and installed at most auto part stores for around 50 bucks. HINDGES? Why?

Like any other vehicle there will be repairs that need to get done. I own, buy and sell these vehicles to my customers and would not sell something that would cause hardships.

Dollar for dollar you will not find or own a more dependable vehicle than a Jeep Grand Cherokee ('96-'04). It is one the best SUV's out there, and you just need to take care of them like you take care of you...and find a good Mechanic who doesnt work on commission (NOT ALWAYS A NEW CAR DEALER)...

Jeep Cherokees
by: Archangel1

I have owned 7 Cherokees, currently a '98 Laredo. I have had an '04 Laredo, a couple of Limiteds and even some Wagoneers. When a Jeep decides to have problems it can be a real headache, and not always a short one either. My current one has been stalling for the last year. After replacing the crank sensor,cam sensor,O2 sensor,fuel pump, plugs, wires, coil, distributor, etc., I finally found a poor connection in the wiring harness; problem solved...finally!.

On the flip side, I spend a lot of time off road. In fact, one year here in Idaho, I drove an entire year without ever touching pavement once! All trails or gravel, or simply cross country. We get three seasons here; Winter, July and August.
You either have a Jeep or stay in the city and drive groomed trails. Do the work yourself, avoid the dealer whenever possible,and your cherokee will be worth every dime you spend on it. Do not waste your time coming to the mountains with some wannabe, no matter how nice it runs in the city. Jeep is life or death out here. The Overland will take you anywhere you want to go,(and places you are not brave enough to go) and will be available to tow the wannabees back to the pavement at the end of the day.

Barely an issues now at 114K
by: Overland is a beast

I bought this car with 45K on it as a second owner and have driven it hard, put it away wet, and the thing has not given me much hassle.

I did get an extended warranty and had an axle seal done and a u-joint fixed, as well as the recalled heated seats, but other than this have had zero issues with this car.

It does need shocks but at 114K driving all thru frost heaves all winter every year you have to expect these things. The engine is very strong and the interior looks as it did the day I bought it. The gas mileage is the only drawback of this car, but you know that going in.

Solid vehicle which I intend to drive into the ground.

I've Got Headaches Too
by: Anonymous

I have a 2004 Jeep Limited and payed $10,000 for it. The first year we had it, it ran great no problems, but after that year it's been nothing but a head ache. Over-heating, replaced water-pump, temp sensor thermostat, and the over price cooling fan and radiator. I still keep blowing holes in the radiator. I'm ready to trade it in for a Honda.

My JGC Overland
by: Anonymous

I've owned 3 Jeep Grand Cherokees, a 2000 Laredo 4.0L, a 2004 Laredo Sport and a 2004 Overland.

With the exception of the a/c vent blowing hot air and not workng, I fixed the problen for just $150 with Aluminum A/C ducting tape, and she works perfect. All other problems, such as window regulators, mirrors grinding noises while turning is due to faulty parts which can be easily replaced by quality parts.

I have spent no more than $400 on these repairs and have driven all of them all over the US from NY to Miami to TX to KY and beyond with absloutely NO problems, and this is with towing trailers.

Being in the Military has had me moving many different places in the US and needed a dependable vehicle. With the proper care and if you are mechanically inclined, or with an honest qualified mechanic, you will NEVER have any major problems with your Jeep GC besides the routine maintenance.

I love my Jeep and will not own another vehicle anytime in the foreseeable future.

by: Anonymous

Rocker arms fall off going down road.

by: James

I'm so fed up with the constant repairs.

'02 Overland
by: Anonymous

Someone else stole my line...should have bought two..one for parts.

I have nearly replaced everything. This will be my last. I had a Ford Ranger for 12 years...only 1 problem ever in 12 years! (speedometer).

This Jeep piece of crap breaks down monthly with different problems. Several times with the same problems that they just said they fixed! I don't think they ever hired a real electrical engineer to design these things. The more electronics in it, the more it fails.

I don't know why it is so hard to make anything with quality! Maybe they think you will come back and buy another, but at this rate I won't even go back for anything!

2004 Overland
by: Anonymous

Yep, bought one new and had the same problems plus the chrome wheels delaminated causing slow leaks and the tire sensors went bad at 180 bucks apiece. I agree, what an American piece of junk!

Stay away
by: James from Boston

My '04 Overland HO is junk. I have had almost every problem listed here. I've also been lucky enough to have dropped a valve seat out of my cylinder head and destroy the motor. If these things haven't happened to you they will. Get rid of your Jeep now and never buy a Chrysler product again.

You have to give it love
by: Dennis

My '04 has had the oil changed, new tires and that's it...bought new off the floor for 25K and now at 200K miles, drive hot, cold, dry and everyday traffic.

Got To love that Jeep!

2002 Overland still running strong
by: LordOfTimeSpaceAndDimension

I have had Jeeps since 1982 and my daughters are also Jeep owners. I do all of my own repair work with a couple of exceptions.

My latest model Jeep is one I purchased new, a 2002 Grand Cherokee Overland, 4.7 HO. During the life of the vehicle besides regular maintenance, tires and brakes I did have to have the heater control box repaired ($1200) and then a couple years later the evaporator core for another $1200. I had put 150K miles on it when I decided it was time for a new engine since it was burning 1/2 quart of oil per tank of gas. I dropped in a factory 4.7 HO for $3700 and had the trans rebuilt for $2000. With the "new engine" the vehicle is ready for another 150K.

I replaced the ball joints, tie rod ends, half shafts, wheel hub bearings and brakes. I did all the work myself but it is worth it to me because I like it. I probably put in a total of 10K to get the vehicle into "new" condition but the vehicle is paid for and reliable.

Retail value is only important if you're willing to play the game with the new car dealership.

by: Anonymous

I have a Jeep myself and at 60,000 miles I threw a rod and put a motor in. At 70k the transfer-case completely snapped in half. And that is no exaggeration..completely in half on the highway. I had to take the front drive-shaft out on the side of the highway. I have constant electrical problems. I mean Jeep has come to stand for just empty each pocket and that's terrible. Never again will I buy a Jeep after buying this POS...

2002 Jeep Cherokee
by: Anonymous

I have a 2002 Jeep Cherokee that is a total lemon. I have had to replace all the motors in the windows, whole front end, brakes about every 2 years, sunroof leaks and now the front window leaks, new starter, new heater, new everything. I would never buy another Jeep ever again.

by: JC

I got a 2002 Overland, from an old, retired Navy officer. The owner showed me all the service records from the local rep. All fine on test drive, so we bought it. Soon afterwards, the problems started.

First, the engine cooler went south leaking coolant. The heated seats stopped working. The aircon needs gas every summer, because the aircon cooler is leaking. The adjustable mirrors never return to their proper position (I've removed and cleaned them at least twice, same problem after a few months). Then the windows started falling down, so far I've had to repair 3 of them. Then the engine blew, as if there was no oil in it (it had been serviced with me present about 3 months ago), a very expensive fix. Then the frame of the sun roof broke, rendering it useless. Then the stereo went south and had to be fixed. Then the fuel pump failed. Then the handbrake cable broke. And our final trouble? The gearbox! I am just looking forward (NOT) to another expensive repair.

Mind you, this is not a neglected car. It has been serviced at regular intervals, and we have added only about 20,000km in the 5 years we have it. With all the money we have paid for it, I could have bought a Cayenne or an X5.

No more Jeeps for me, thank you. The Grand proved to be the most unreliable car I've ever owned, contrary to a very old Cherokee Chief XJ I had (first year production), which just kept going and going.

2004 Grand Cherokee Overland
by: Guy

Steve is absolutely correct. My 2004 Overland is a piece of junk. Over the years the cost of repairs continue to increase each time the car is in for service. We fix one thing after another. Now it is the front tie rods and ball joints, along with fuel pump. Car was in for an oil change and alignment. Last visit was the heating and cooling system.

by: Jim

I have a 2004 Overland fully loaded, and I am having all the exact same issues (heater, power steering, weather stripping, seat heater) as well as I have had to replace the power window regulator on all the windows.

I love the Jeep but mine is now worth (in 2012/2013 about £2,500 ($4,000) in the Northern Ireland area, and that is because it's a rare vehicle over here.

2004 piece of garbage
by: Jennelle

I bought my Jeep Grand Cherokee 5 months ago. It's a 2004. Worst mistake of my life. Had to so far replace the battery, atv valve, water pump, and radiator cap. It's at the shop now getting the heater core fixed and the radiator. Sometimes going 55 mph it shakes uncontrollably. I am so upset. Spent 11,000 on a piece of garbage. Something's got to give.

by: Pat

Bought this vehicle in 2007 used with 76,000 km on it. I now have 171,000 km and have not had many problems, but those currently are expensive. One yr ago the heating/ac had to be fixed,and have that groaning noise when turning slowly. Changed motor for drivers window twice. Yesterday it wouldn't start after coming out of store, don't know why. Have a suspicion might be the alternator, because guess what the week before my ac/heating went on the blitz again.


by: norm

I purchase a 2004 Grand Cherokee Special Edition with the 4.7 liter V8 in 2013 and it has 156,000km. No heat comes out until I start moving even at normal operating temperature and also has a tapping noise or misfire. I also had '96 Grand Cherokee Limited with the 318 V8, now that's a reliable Jeep even at 230,000km. I also owned a 1989 Nissan Pathfinder from new and no stupid issues with these SUV's, even at the time I sold it with 260,000km.

'04 Overland
by: Anonymous

I found out after I bought my '04 Overland that it has body control module issues. I took it back to where I bought it, and unknown to me they installed a used one. The dealer wanted $1400 just for the part, but I found a friend of my brothers who works for Peel Chrysler who got it for me for $600. To top it off, the whole problem with the signals not working, the headlights flashing, driving lights not working, turned out to be the combo flasher and the signal switch. Fixed a year ago, no more issues.

Jeep Grand Theft
by: Anonymous

Many of the comments about the 2004 Overland reflect my experiences, especially the A/C - Heating System.

I believe that it was Consumer Reports that rated the 2012 Grand Cherokee as one of the Top Ten Worst Built cars on the market. While I'm still suffering with my 2004, Jeep has continued to pursue totally flaky engineering. It seems like a race to who can sell the biggest heap of crap for the most money.

Of course, the apologists may claim that this ripoff is the result of excessive government regulation. Well, did the manufacturers ever get together and agree to uniform non-compliance? Of course not. What they agreed to was "cartelizing" the industry and fixing the prices until the whole corrupt industry croaks.

'04 GC Overland was a nightmare
by: Anonymous

I loved this SUV when I purchased it at 27k miles. Once this truck hit 36k miles the problems began. The AC regulators went twice, seat motors went, 3 of the window motors went, master cylinder went, seat heaters went, etc.

There was a knocking in the right rear that would happen often enough to be annoying but I could never get it to replicate at the shop to get fixed. At 70k I started to have transmission problems and it began "bucking" as I was driving onto the Toyota lot to trade it in.

The horsepower was great, the leather interior/seats were awesome (before they got a$$ed out) and it was a great truck for the first year. When I bought this my girlfriend's brother (a mechanic) asked me what I was going to drive when it was in the shop. Little did I know that I would also have to budget $400 or so per quarter for various repairs after 36k miles. Save yourself the headache, avoid Jeep.

I think all cars are deteriorating
by: whisperingsage

I appreciate this author's frustration with the newer models. I have an '85 Grand Wagoneer and I love it- It is not the death trap of the small cars. It cost me $300 last year. To buy.

I have had a 73 Ford PU that took the punishment. My first husband took my motor and that was the end of that truck.

The newest car I ever bought was on money that was given to me specifically to buy a newer car- $10,000. I wanted a '97 Jeep Grand Cherokee, but the owner of the money did not approve. (A friend and church member to my husband and me).

I looked at a Land Rover. I had no idea there was a prestige factor to this car. It was a 2001. We later looked up all sorts of great stuff about the Land Rover, people seemed magically enthralled by this rather dorky looking SUV. I never did figure that part out. We live in the desert and get all sorts of mud and dirt coming 3 miles down a bumpy dirt road. We had expected tough, rugged, and reliable. We hit an ice puddle, and it broke the front PLASTIC bumper and the fog light encased therein.

We needed to have trailer lights installed and it came with a tow "package" which evidently meant a trailer ball. There was no wiring. We could not find any local professionals who would touch the wiring. Not even the trailer place. So our shade tree mechanics who would tackle anything set up our trailer lights.

Then it overheated. The coolant hoses were non-existent. There was one, very tiny, very plastic hose and it melted a hole and squirted all my coolant out. My husband used another plastic hose he found as a spare evidently, in the engine compartment, and rigged it so we could drive home. I had taken his truck and bought real rubber hoses and clamps, which he turned down. On the 30 mile trip home, it failed again and burned the motor for good. We sold it for parts. Beautiful motor but very weak cooling system, and after looking we found that overheating was the biggest cause of failure in this car. Waste of $10,000.

But we kept asking ourselves, why was the 1965 version of the Land rover so great and the 2001 version such crap? Well, on a whim, I Googled "Land Rover" made in China, and got several hits. Well, there is your answer. Once the GATT and NAFTA treaties went into effect (thanks both Dems and Repubs) that sent our major manufacturers overseas. That explains the American cars no longer made here.

No Land Rover being made in the UK? What happened there? They must have had a similar New World Order type deal happen to them too. All the cars cost more than a house used to cost and are horrible quality.

Best vehicle I have ever owned!
by: Anonymous

My 2004 Jeep GC Overland has 155,000 miles on it and is just beginning to show some signs of wear.
The hood doesn't stay open, but that is minor. The fan is running fast now, but that will be fixed. Gas mileage is 18mpg which isn't bad. It has been a very dependable vehicle. Great in snow. I have the oil changed every 4,000 miles. Love this car! Bought it new.

Very True
by: Anonymous

I have same vehicle and have had to replace every window regulator twice, tach wire harness meltdown (happens to every Jeep this yr eventually), new motor, 3 radiators (3rd one is now leaking), front differential, none of the a/c vents open or close properly and they sometimes blow hot when supposed to be blowing cold, 2 ac fan controllers,O2 sensors monthly, I love the vehicle (WHEN IT IS RUNNING).

If I would have known the amount of $ I would have to spend to keep this thing on the road I would have definitely bought something else. Now I'm too far invested to turn back but don't let it happen to you. My gripe is that all these are and have been known problems with Jeep. Why haven't they made it better over the years?

by: BS

My 2004 Jeep GC Overland. Really nice, ha-ha! I've had/have many problems. The A/C, heat blending door broke shut. Fixed it myself. Left window regulator broke, fixed it myself. The brake/gas pedal Fwd/Back is out, could be a fuse. The hood won't stay up,(using a baseball bat). All four doors seals are loose, like they are not long enough to fit, needs replacing. Right mirror took on water (car wash) so the view is not clear, needs to be replaced.

This is the last Jeep I will own. American made, really?

Same Here
by: Adam Smith

'04 G.C. Overland 4.7L H.O

I bought it used 2-1/2years ago with 67XXX on it. It now has 114XXX. Since then have put 2 new motors in it at 90XXX. The 1st motor was messed up by install shop. At around 98XXX had transmission issues (never been 4 wheeling or taken off road). She's a pavement queen. Now I have to replace speed sensors in transmission. Just replaced the oil sender unit. Also, after replacing battery and alternator within last year voltage meter fluctuates between 14 and 9. No one can seem to find the issue. The 1 only owner before us had every single service done to the Jeep when needed. I have all service records.

heater/ ac vent
by: Rich olexsak

Cost $1700 to fix ac/ heater vents. Clicking noise under hood. Been that way for quite a while. Will get to that pretty soon.

Other than that, been a real hoot blowing Jap crap off the road.

Also, I'll take my HO 4.7 over the underpowered 6-banger ANYDAY!

Yep junk
by: Anonymous

I have a 2004 Overland 4.7 HO. This morning it started to piston slap out of no where. I keep my vehicles maintained - oil changes every 3k or less. At first I thought it was the cold. Went out at lunch to pop the hood and listen, sounds like the drivers side bank one of the pistons is ready to pop out of the block. At 168,000 it is not an offroad Jeep but all factory stock. Very, very disappointed. I really liked this SUV.

Look at any...
by: Anonymous

Look at any 2004 high end SUV and you will find the same issues. I've got a 2004 Grand Cherokee with the 4.7 HO 4x4 which I off-road often. It only has a small oil leak and now has 177,000 miles on it. Also, I've had it since 55,000 miles.

Money pit
by: Overlord

We have a 2002 Overland. At 30,000 the blend doors in the heater /air conditioner duct broke off. Dealer wanted $1200 to take the dash apart. I replaced it with a $100 kit made from aircraft aluminum by an engineer in Mass. At 70,000 both front hubs had to be replaced. The dealer charged $400 for the passenger side and while he was at it the mechanic stripped the lower bolt holding the brake caliper support bracket on. He stuck it back in with JB Weld. I found that while replacing the brake rotors and pads. I replaced the driver side hub myself for $100. At 90,000 all the bearings in the front differential had to be replaced. $1500. At 102,000 the passenger side engine head gasket blew. While they had it that far down I had them add a timing kit. Chain, gears, guides. $2600. I have a '95 Tacoma I bought new with 226,000 miles on it and it is just fine. American quality??? Don't make me laugh.

2004 GC 4.0 selectodrive
by: Luke

Not familiar with Overland. My '04 Jeep is straight 4.0L six, 80,000 miles. Problems: Waterpump 1st week, seller replaced;
rear axle seals; front axle seals leak (unusual); front brake rotors warped; tires replaced - routine. Disappointed but sticking with it as a basic tough 4X4, and hope it comes close to '98 4Runner it replaced. Counting on proven engine and drivetrain, and only put 10,000 miles on so far. Only other Jeeps owned were real AMC's, a 1973 Jeep Wagoneer 33 years; still have 1978 J20; awesome Jeeps that do anything you put them through went asked.

Thanks for comment section on website.

John T PENN.
by: Anonymous

Had most of the problems with my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee that people have commented on. Bought my Jeep in 2010 with only 40,000 miles. As of now (2014) I have 71,000 miles, so it's not like I am driving it too hard, but it just keeps having problems. Latest is A/C and heating unit not working and unable to get it fixed by independent mechanic for a reasonable price. Jeep dealer wants $1000 to $1500 to pull out dash to fix. Why do so many people have the same problems, and why is there not a recall by JEEP for this known problem?

Law suit needed
by: Anonymous

I own two 2004 Jeep Overland's. I am having most of the same problems as everyone. Why do we not all get a class action suit against the manufacturer to fix these issues? They certainly got $$$$ bucks out of us for pitiful quality.

I have owned nothing but Jeeps all my driving days, and still love them but these high priced Overland's just do not hold up.

Everyone of us would get something for our troubles and it is not hard to prove if we would file a lawsuit.

No problems with my Jeep
by: Bryan Rhatigan

I'm the original owner of a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with over 184k with not a single issue, and a 2000 Cherokee Sport with 451k on it and the only problems I had with that one was my water pump going out, which is understandable considering it has over half a million miles on it.

It all depends on how well it was maintained, and not been beat into the ground.

I LOVE my '02 Overland
by: Anonymous

I've owned Fords, Dodges, 5 Jeeps, Toyota and my Overland is the best vehicle I've ever owned. It's wicked fast with good mileage for a V8 4wd. Climbs Colorado mountain trails with ease and gives a plush ride back home. Yes I put a passenger window regulator in myself. It took about an hour. I also replaced a power steering hose that took about the same amount of time. I consider these normal repairs for the 30 thousand wonderful miles we have put on our Jeep. I got rid of an '09 Wrangler Unlimited Sahara to buy this older higher mileage '02. No regrets. I love my Overland.

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee has been OK but,,,
by: Anonymous

I am upset that the weather stripping around the doors are coming off for no reason. Even when I put them back in place they won't stay. Recently I took it to the shop for an oil change and the mechanic told me to have the differential oil changed as well. I did this because I had an 8 hour road trip planned. I took the trip and parked my Jeep at the airport for a week. When I returned I noticed some type of an oil leak on my passenger side floor... Do any of you know what that could be? I took it back to the shop, they checked all of my oil levels and said they were full and they had no clue what this oil could be. The Jeep runs well. I get that triple beep every now and then, besides that, nice ride if you keep it tuned up. The oil is a clear or yellow color like new oil. If you know what this may be, please add on here. Thanks

Bad Jeep or bad owner?
by: Tim a mechanic for 31 years

Believe it or not personal driving habits and doing the maintenance that the manufacturer recommends and when they recommend it has a lot to do with how long a vehicle runs.

No, I'm sorry to say that a 2004 era Jeep is not as good as a Toyota. But if you are replacing the same part over and over again you should ask the repair shop doing the work what parts are they using.

There is a reason Napa charges more for a part than Checkers auto parts do. Do you know that a company named A-1 Cardon is the largest re-manufacturer in the USA. They build for both Napa and Checkers. But they are built to the sellers specification.

A company called A-bex builds 99% of all brake parts sold in the USA. Have you ever heard of them? No, you know Wagner, Rabestos. So parts are everything.

I had a 2002 Grand Cherokee (not an Overland) that's just body pretties is all. I sold it with 203,000 miles on it. It had all the maintenance and I used good parts when things needed to be replaced.

The new Toyotas are no better than the Jeeps now a days. I have bought more Jeeps and will continue to. In my years of repairing vehicles I am seeing that the Toyotas and Hondas that years ago made a vehicle that lasted are not being made today.

People ask what vehicle should I buy. My response is what headache do you want to buy. They all have an area that's weak and will give you a problem sooner or later.


200k and still running like a gem.
by: Anonymous

The only thing needed to be replaced was the passenger side wheel hub. But I think that would be expected after 200k miles!

Everything replaced
by: Dave (Mississauga)

Where do I start? I paid $10,500 for the truck in June 2012, have put $11,000 into it since.

New: rotors, brakes, fuse block, rad, BCM, signal switch, tie rods, trans pan. Recently I had the engine replaced at 200,000k due to the valve seats let go.

It is a 2004 Jeep G.C. Overland. I can honestly say, I should have stuck to my guns and bought a 2004 Pathfinder which is 10 times the truck, and I'm A CHRYSLER FAN. What a piece of garbage! Sad part is I have a truck worth $20,000, but can't even get $7,000 for it.

Anyone else have problems with valve seats? Write Chrysler an e-mail.

Not so loud
by: kirbytravels

WOW! I hope my 2004 G.C. Overland 4.7 V8 doesn't hear of all of these problems. Mine has 119,000 and has been like the name says "Grand". One minor problem with the right rear wheel grinding on a early morning slow turn but change of fluid and added an additive from the dealer fixed that.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2004
by: Anonymous

My wife owns a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and as I type you this letter let me tell you why I stick to Ford. It's a nice looking car, but that is all that Jeep has. I have to fix my Mustang here and there. But no problem because I do the work myself. And if I need help on anything I go to the web for advice. And as the Jeep starts to mess up I say to myself, no problem. I'll just go to the web. Big mistake. My wife did buy this car. Big mistake.

It's all in the bad design
by: WJ owner

WJ Jeeps all suffer from the same bad design and testing. It's just a matter of time and they all fail the same way:
Brake rotors warping;
Ac blend door made from cheap plastic;
Seat heater wires that fatigue and burn;
Fuel pump seals that leak;
Door winders designed to rely in tiny bits of plastic to hold the wire ends;
Memory seat and mirrors that have a mind of their own and can't be reset;
Gas struts that fail all round;
Power steering hose seal that leaks;
It's just bad Chrysler design and procuring low quality or unusual third party parts. Dealers ripping off customers.
Will never buy a Chrysler again.

2004 Overland
by: Anonymous

I've had my Jeep for over a year now and have put around 30,000 miles on it amounting up to 125,000. No problems other than leaking water pump and a whining rear end but have been doing some extreme off roading. Other than that it has been a great Jeep.

I love my Jeep
by: Anonymous

My Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 2004 has 140,000 miles and I am in love with it. It runs amazing and I've had no problem at all, would recommend to anyone looking for a good reliable SUV.

If you don't want to maintain your vehicle, BUY NEW!
by: Anonymous

I've had many vehicles over the years from all manufacturers. My '04 WJ 4.7 limited Quadra-drive has been a solid vehicle.

I've had minor issues, some of the ones that the majority of the posts are about. But it's got 215k and still rolling; 40-50 HARD miles a day. I'm not easy on anything I drive, firm believer of giving it hell or driving it like you stole it. And my Jeep has taken every bit of abuse I've thrown at it. It leaks a little oil, but what other car with over 200k on it doesn't. Oils cheap! When you buy a vehicle used, be prepared to maintain it. If not go shell out the money and buy new.

They can make a car run forever but that would kill the economy. So stuffs guna break. You people kill me with "my a/c not working" or "my heated seats quit". Go buy a Chevy and see how many times it goes to the shop; or a Ford. I wrench for a living so I know if it weren't for Ford and Chevy I wouldn't have a job. Not just old ones, 2011 Traverses and 2009 F150, Expedition. On and on.

I've worked on 100 Tahoes and Silverado and 100 more Ford crap in the past year. And I can count 2 or 3 Jeeps. I'll take my knit picking issues with my Jeep over all the major crap these other companies are putting out. Quit crying about your little problems or sell it. Somebody like me who got tired of really "fixing" their vehicles can buy it and "maintain" it like it should and put 100's of 1000's more miles on it and luv every bit of it.

My awd Jeep has almost a 1/4 million miles on it, and I'm still enjoying it as much as when I bought it with under 50k on the odo. And I plan on putting another 1/4 mil on it. If y'all don't wanna maintain your vehicle, sell it. Go buy some other junk so you can see that your Jeep might have been not so bad.

Mine has had its problems but never left me stranded and is an absolute beast in the snow and ice. (Never even needed 4wd low).

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland-Nicknamed "The Junkster"
by: Joe from Douglas, Mass.

In 2005, I made the mistake of buying a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland from a friend who bought it new and paid over $43,000 for the thing. It only had 22,000 miles on it, and my friend maintained it meticulously. I've regretted this purchase ever since!

When it was JUST out of "warranty" (36,200 miles to be exact), the problems began and haven't subsided to this day. Both axle seals and rear shocks were leaking. On the way to the Dealer to have these items fixed, the factory CD changer crapped the bed. Upon exiting the Dealership I found the starter was junk. The power windows and door locks have ceased functioning over 4 times already ("frayed harness" I'm told every time. I just dumped another $1700 into this piece of garbage...rotted-out rear trailing arms, all the brake lines and hoses, and more; even the transmission pan was rusting away! This piece of junk only has 125,000 miles on it...nothing for a modern vehicle these days. The transmission seems to be slipping as the tach constantly fluctuates from 1500-2000 rpm and back again while driving at around 50-55 mph. Enough to drive one nuts! My Brother-In-Law owns an '04 Honda Pilot w/TWICE the mileage and it's had virtually NO problems.

This is the very LAST TIME I ever buy a Jeep (or ANY Chrysler product for that matter!) I'll be writing a little love (hate) letter to the CEO of Chrysler Corp. very soon to let Him know what I think of their products.

I've nicknamed this Jeep "The Junkster". Horrible!

Love My Jeeps
by: Anonymous

I have several Jeeps and have had others in the past which I have sold.

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland
2003 Jeep Liberty Limited
1987 Jeep Wrangler YJ
1998 Jeep Wrangler TJ

Now to the Overland. It has had some problems, but nothing serious so far. Heater fan and resistor (overheated plug). Cruise went out, but was a hole in vacuum line, which was an easy fix.

So far it has not had as many problems as some of the Cherokee Limited's that I have owned. Keep in mind these are in my case older vehicles, the Overland being a 2002 model, so some wear is expected on that age. However, so far have had nothing serious go wrong with it or really any of our Jeeps.

My next one will be looking for the right CJ to fix up.

Yuppies in Jeeps. LoL
by: Recon7

You folks that lament a repair quote north of one thousand dollars are comical.

The Jeep Cherokee is so ubiquitous these days that parts are easily and cheaply come by. Price for DIY labor? $0.00

You folks getting duped into dealer costs need to sell your Jeep immediately to someone willing and able to do their own work.

Nothing about the OVERLAND version is off putting enough for a real DIYer. Sure, some things are annoying because of low quality original workmanship but the OVERLAND version is a real beast off road.

It's not a grocery getter...not unless you drive 25 miles cross country, uphill, though show... both ways each time.

Jeep Overland.. Yes it can be agrocery getter..
by: Jeep-Family

Recon7 "It's not a grocery getter.."

For me it is. All we own are Jeeps, Grand Cherokee Limited, Grand Cherokee Overland, Liberty and two Wranglers.

Oh we used to own others, over my life I have had several dozen vehicles. Including 2 Volvo's, 4 Toyota's, 2 Honda's, 1 Nissan and more. My wife wanted the Jeep of her own (before that she was driving one of the Volvo's).

I do most of the work myself, when I need help my youngest son helps out (he being a licensed mechanic - and his price on parts helps).

My wife's primary vehicle is the Liberty and mine is the Overland. So far none of our Jeeps have EVER let us down.

by: Anonymous



by: Anonymous

Just recently bought a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland used for around $3400.

It had some damage at around 160k miles. The only issues with it upon purchase are the following :

Power Steering Pump Leak
Overfill on Oil - Need Oil Change
Steering Dampener (Steering Stabilizer) not up to

Estimate about $170 to fix. Not that big of an issue to fix any of these issues, and they are not the worst repairs as mentioned before on here. DIY labor is $0.00.

Good first vehicle to learn how to fix up a car.

'04 G.C. Overland
by: Anonymous

It has 215,000km (133,000 miles). Repair List so far: dual zone blend doors & actuators, recirculator door & actuator, a/c, EVAP, weather strips (all of them), hood & trunk lift supports, 1 window actuator, and radio.

On the other hand, the same year Land Cruiser has 270,000 kms on it, is driven offroad almost every weekend, and has been working flawlessly for over 10 years with only 1 precautionary timing belt replacement done to it in all those years.

American vehicles are not famous for quality.

2004 Overland
by: Anonymous

I bought it used (a 2004 in 2008) with low miles and it was a dream ride as far as comfort, power and handling. BUT, it had all the problems mentioned. Power steering went out, blend door problem happened twice and cost a bloody fortune, seat heaters, power window tracks, door seals, etc.

It all went wrong and my friend who purchased one about the same time had similar issues. We both unloaded them. I have owned other Jeeps without issues but you will never get me to buy another WJ unless it's a stripped down 6 cylinder version.

Save your money and buy anything else.

'02 Overland
by: Anonymous

I bought my '02 overland 10 months ago. Had 180,000 km on it. Chrysler replaced steering gear, radiator, all 4 rotors and pads, fixed and recharged A/C, changed both diff fluid, and a 4 wheel alignment.

Also did a full inspection with an 'everything is good' approval one week before I bought it. Seventy days later the computer went out on it and cost $300. Took it in because it seemed to lean more when cornering. Shocks were worn out; another $300 . Two weeks later started crapping out. Took it in, the throttle body was dirty and air filter plugged, and plugs needed replacing. I did this one myself cleaned TB, put K&N filter in and Champion plugs...cost $180.

Then about 1 month later alarm and door locks and interior lights didn't work. Put new door modules in and traced a PCi bus wire broken in the rocker panel on passenger side cost $500. Then with no warning 25 miles from home it decided to drop the #2 valve seat and wrecked the block and head...replaced the engine..cost $4200. While the engine was out the motor mounts needed replacing and cost $160. Then tried the initial start and the starter quit which cost $260.

Chrysler/Jeep has to be the worst vehicle I have ever owned, spending $11,000 in 10 months. And they gave it a green light. What a joke. Any one what to buy this thing? I will take 9 grand.

'04 Jeep Overland junk
by: Anonymous

I too own a Jeep Overland V-8. I bought it second hand and started out it was somewhat wrecked and my friend that sold it to us at $2000, said oh, it appraises at $3800 in decent condition. Some $2000 later it still has a noise in the rear end and drives like a truck. An SUV it isn't. I have all new tires etc. Garage said we had a bent axle and was gonna charge $1000. We did it ourselves and the noise is still there. Now that we are going to sell it, it is only worth $2300 out the door! How can I re-coop this money?

02 Overland. "Christina" possessed and will never let me go!
by: Victoria

I am sane, really. In a year I have managed to have two certified garages in 2 cities either flat out saying, "That Jeep is **** crazy! Get it out of here!" And my new neighbor, from a tire and service center asked me the other day " How's Christina?" (Anyone missing ref. Stephen King). Twice she has locked me out while running. My ex-husband was driving her and it wouldn't stop and accelerated to 100+. It has filled up with water mysteriously. Twice when I've put it up for sale I've been hit by elderly drivers. Other times if I have some one coming to look at her the windows won't work, the same with doors or lights etc. I hate Jeeps. I hate that I loved the way it drove the few times she actually ran right!

My 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland
by: Julie

I brought my Jeep 8 years ago after a huge car accident in a convertible left me with bad injuries. I just wanted a car to feel safe in and it is exactly that.

In the time I have owned this car I've looked after it, replaced fluids and service parts when needed. My car has just sailed through its 3rd MOt with very little work.

I love this car so much I'm moving to Cyprus and can't bear the thought of leaving it behind so its coming with me...lol

The only answer I have to this article is if you look after your car it will look after you, end of story.

I love my Jeep, but it goes without saying it's a big 4x4 and if you don't take care of the little things be prepared for the big things to go.

2004 J.G.C
by: Anonymous


Go away now - thanks
by: Jeep-a-licious

I payed $1000 for a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and all I got was this lousy tee shirt. Oui Vey!

Same vehicle 2004 Overland
by: Anonymous

Like all vehicles UPKEEP is important.

I purchased my Overland in 2006 and had the pleasure of putting 180,000 miles on it personally. Want another one with low miles. Yes it needs a lot of things recently, but I am tuff on it and use the V8 power always, driving three of the worst highways in MA every day. At 206,000 miles my seat broke, and I need brakes again. Never owned anything but Jeep since 1988. It's the dealerships that suck! This car goes anywhere! I recently drove a 2012 overland and got it stuck in 1 foot snow with ease. Had to push it to get it out. I drive my 2004 over 3 foot snow piles with no effort. Never got stuck. I actually park it in the snow to clear the driveway.

'02 Overland great truck and Mustang killer
by: Jake

I purchased my Overland new after a test drive while waiting for parts for my '89 Cherokee. Thing runs like a bear, and yes wiped the smile off many Mustang and Camaro owners. Dealer did front brake up-grade replaced seat heater. It's a perf. vehicle so it needs more attn. Some may not understand that. She has 110,000 miles and still runs strong. I Love my truck!

Have 2 Grand Cherokee Overland 2002 & 2004
by: Anonymous

Best ever 2004 GC OVERLAND with 200,000 miles still strong and will smoke your Toyota

American Made from Turdville '03 Overland 4.7L
by: Anonymous

Power Steering Pump Changed;
Brake System Replaced;
Starter Replaced.

Now Oil Pressure Sensor Replaced; Nope, it's probably the Oil Sending unit located attached to the Timing Chain Area of the deep dark South of an American Dream.

Only 198K miles while thinking other SUV's in the area lasting well over 300K, but we live in a place where the average male is living in their parents' basement until well over 34 years old.

Government tax dollars paying for elective surgeries to help with someone's mental state of awareness, still friends with the country found liable for 5 planes knocking down 7 buildings. So, an easy fix is beyond achievable.

Any Suggestions from someone who knows my pain? Welcomed.

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