2008 Jeep Liberty Getting Stuck In Snow!!!

by Hal
(Phoenix, Arizona)

Chevy Truck Pulling Out A Jeep That Got Stuck In Snow

Chevy Truck Pulling Out A Jeep That Got Stuck In Snow

Well I thought I bought a 4X4 Jeep... I have Command Trac II, A part time system... I got stuck really easy in snow... I just drove off the road and stopped... I got out and looked at the terrain and decide to let my son go first... Well I am glad I did... I couldn't move... (By the Way my son backed up to me with his 4X4 truck and pulled me and my party to the pavement so we could trek down the road once again…)

I was already in 4x4 low as I put it in low when I started off road... I only had two wheels trying to drive my Jeep... One front & one rear, to my dismay I was really pissed off because my other two wheels were not even moving... So I took it to the Jeep dealer and they said, I quote: "Your system is operating the way it was designed" so I have a system that is guaranteed to get me stuck...

I am really not happy now... The dealer also told me that Power will be sent to the wheels that lose traction… (By the way that statement doesn’t make sense… Why would power be sent to the wheels that are slipping?)

The Jeep.com web paged explains How 4x4 systems work... The web page explains Command Trac II as being: "This is a shift on the fly system allowing the 4 wheel
drive lock mode to be engaged at any speed, once in four lock the front and rear drive-shafts turn all four wheels at the same speed, producing the awesome traction that has made the Jeep vehicle such legendary 4x4 machines. Just remember this is a part time system which locks the front and rear drive-shafts together."

Ok so I believed this... Bought the vehicle and away we went to the snow... Big mistake so far on the purchase of a 2008 Jeep Liberty Sport... Oh I was also told by the dealer that I could make it operate with all 4 wheels driving by purchasing off road products like: ARB's, a means of locking the axles together so the wheels turn at the same speed... (Hmmm, I thought I had purchased this type of 4X4 system to begin with...) or some sort of Locker, Detroit or whatever is available for AFTER market products... Oh this is a cost to me of at least $1,500.00 dollars per axle for the ARB’s.

I am now afraid to take my so called 4X4 off road anywhere because I will get tired of hooking up the tow strap. You can look at the picture attached and make any comments you like to, such as, wrong tires, no chains ect… but the fact still remains: (ONLY TWO TIRES WERE SPINNING AT A TIME, ONE FRONT AND ONE REAR… NEVER ALL FOUR…)

Signed...a very unhappy 2008 Jeep Liberty Sport Owner.

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by: Nash

You have discovered what many others have also with "basic" 4x4 technology. The text you quoted states that the front and rear driveshafts are locked together. It did not state the front and rear axles were locked together as they have open-type differentials. Without the very least of traction control options like a limited slip differential will only give you "two-wheel" drive where one is up front and the other in the rear should one wheel on each axle lose traction.

So sorry your experience wasn't favorable. I don't know if the Liberty was really meant for off-road duties like the older XJ-Cherokee or any of the wranglers even though they too can be bought without limited slip or locker-type differentials.

Liberty nonjeep
by: Anonymous

Liberty is the only jeep that to me is not a jeep. Cut your losses and sell that thing.

stuck in snow.....
by: mike

I have owned many 4x4 vehicles with standard 4 wheel drive. They are all the same, only 2 wheels turn 1 front, 1 rear unless equipped with some sort of posi-track system or brake traction control like my '06 Liberty, or my Nissan Titan.

When one or 2 wheels come off the ground the brakes or ABS engages or pulses stopping the wheels that have no traction, and in return power is sent to the wheels that have traction. My Liberty is great and it's like having posi-trac. Same with the Nissan.

I'm sure, in fact I'm positive that your son's truck is the same 1 front 1 rear. From the pic it looked like the only thing you son's truck had on your vehicle is ground clearance.

by: Anonymous

Your traction control was turned off because you were in 4 low. You should of just put it back into 4 high and it would of got you out just fine.

You have no locking differentials. This is how all cars work only one wheel powers the car at a time in 2wd. It's the way the differential operates. It's so that when you are making a turn one wheel can rotate slower and not snap your axle. Let the traction control put the power where you need it.

2008 Liberty stuck in snow
by: Anonymous

As a 40 year off roader I can assure you that tires and ground clearance play a huge part in traversing snow conditions that your picture was showing.

I have been on trails with multiple CJ5 4-wheelers and watched everyone take turns getting stuck. I suspect your tires were less than...you may have hung up because of low ground clearance and you might have wedged into some ice.

Your Liberty is a fine vehicle for the snow and most 4-wheel drive vehicles operate exactly the way yours does and what the dealer told you.

No go in snow with stock 09 liberty
by: Dan from mich.

Hal, I have the same problem with my '09 Liberty. I took it to a ring and pinion shop and had limited slip added to the 8.25 rear differential. You would not believe the difference. Well worth the $570 out the door. The thing was useless in snow before the change. It should have been installed at the factory. It will knock off about 1/2 MPG anyway good luck to Ya.

Don't blame the Liberty cuz you can't drive
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry to say, but you getting stuck in that snow doesn't prove anything negative about the Liberty. Any vehicle can get stuck in snow, especially if the snow is too high. The Liberty's 4wd is more than capable for snow. In fact AWD vehicle are sufficient for snow.

The fact is if you pack too much snow under your vehicle it will get stuck. Even pickup trucks get stuck when that happens. Also just because the vehicle won't move when you gas it doesn't mean you are stuck.

Hey Anonymous...
by: Harry

Hey Anonymous, you missed my whole point about my article. Jeep lied about the Liberty being all wheel drive. To make a vehicle All wheel drive means, All wheels LOCKED up. Thus the Liberty is NOT ALL WHEEL DRIVE.

Learn to drive
by: Anonymous

Liberty was never all wheel drive. I own a 2008 and I've put it almost everywhere the Wrangler goes. Just a ground clearance issue that's soon to change.

Liberty VS Wrangler
by: Anonymous

Hey Anonymous, The Liberty will not go the same places a Wrangler will...

Not true
by: Anonymous

I have an '08 Lib too with only a 3 inch lift and 265/75/16r. That's all. Turn your esp off in 4wd high by holding the button down for 5 seconds until you hear a chime. I have only about 9.5" ground clearance at lowest point (rear diff) and I have been anywhere any other Jeep goes. It's about picking lines and tire placement not just height. The fact you got stuck in that snow, I hate to say it, but you have no idea what you are doing.

Liberty sucks!
by: Anonymous

Ignore everyone else's comments, especially those that have never owned the vehicle. The Liberty is trash...always fishtails in snow.

by: Anonymous

This thread came up as I was looking to see what kind of diff the Liberty had. Sounds like I found my answer, but man, there are a lot of know it all's that really don't know much.

And fyi, unlike one of the previous comments said, the truck pulling this out may well have had some type of locking differential depending on the year. They put push buttons in for a while, and have put the auto locking Eaton in for years now. Three wheel drive is better than 2.

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