2010 Jeep Liberty---HATE IT

by Susan

2010 Jeep Liberty (File Photo)

2010 Jeep Liberty (File Photo)

Have had a '55 CJ, '90 Wrangler YJ, '02 Wrangler TJ, '08 Wrangler JK and my most loved Jeep a 1998 Cherokee.

Got this 2010 Liberty because it's a Jeep and supposed to be the new Cherokee...but it's just ridiculous.

I drive a Jeep for its off road capabilities and rugged style. This thing with the awful headlights is a joke.

Larry's Comment: Susan...no Jeep model will satisfy everybody.

However, I agree with you that the Jeep Division of Chrysler has been "softening" the once rugged Jeeps to satisfy the on road "car/SUV" and "soccer mom" crowd.

By doing so the designers and engineers have ignored the true "Jeep" consumers who want to keep the rugged style and performance of the older Wranglers, CJs and Cherokees intact in the new models.

The only new Jeep on the market today that upholds the original character of "Jeep" is the Wrangler JK and the Wrangler JK Unlimited...and the corporate suits are even trying to dumb down these as well.

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2010 Jeep Liberty Hate it ???
by: Anonymous

Susan, what made you hate it? What did you do or try to do that the Liberty failed you on?

Personally I like the ride in town and on the freeway better than a Wrangler. Off road there is no comparison, however the Liberty wasn't built to compete with the Wrangler. It is a SUV that has 4-wheel drive to get you in the back woods to kayak, camp or fish on light to medium grade trails. Experienced drivers can even take the Lib on some pretty tough trails.

I have no issues with the headlights or the power in the 3.7. Different strokes I guess.

by: Anonymous-X

I have read many articles comparing the TJ (Wrangler) and KJ (Liberty). From the non-biased writer, those who have not already judged the KJ/KK before giving it a try, they all agree that a stock KJ is just as capable as a non-Rubicon stock TJ off-road. Of course, when it comes to mods, the CJ/Wranglers have most, if not all, vehicles beat. The IFS is also a major flaw for major modification.

But still, there is a reason why you mods Jeeps: They do not satisfy the average off-road junkie in it's stock form.

It's a Jeep Thing.

2010 Jeep Liberty--Hate it
by: Anonymous

Well for one thing this is a KK and not a KJ--very different vehicles. I've driven this thing for over a year now and the power is worse than the '98 TJ 2.5L 4Cyl that I have. The hard plastics inside scratch beyond belief, I have mysterious squeaks inside this Jeep, and don't in the '98 TJ. And it just does not have the capabilities or the options to modify like my '98 Cherokee. This is an SUV made for folks who want to drive in the snow to go skiing, or to get to their favorite fishing spot. This is not the quality of a Jeep Cherokee and its a farce to say it's the vehicle to replace the Cherokee.

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