2011 Grand Cherokee Through the Crystal Ball

by Larry

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I don't know if, or how much the 2011 Grand Cherokee will be successful...or end up a flop.

These things are out of my realm of prognostication, which I leave to the meteorologists anyway.

Aside: Now that's a great job...being a weather person that is. What other job allows you to be wrong 90% of the time and still have a job at the end of the day? But I digress.

According to this Popular Mechanics Website review 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Test Drive the new platformed GC is a winner.

It reportedly has many German made components left over from a previous company owner, Daimler Chrysler and "utilizes shared component sets with the Mercedes-Benz ML—including, for the very first time, a four-wheel independent suspension" according to the article.

Taking several of the new Grand Cherokee's to Moab, Utah the PM staff appeared to be impressed with the Jeep's overall performance on some fairly tough trails.

I would wager that this was probably one of the most comfortable rides these seasoned test drivers ever took in an off road style vehicle.

The Grand Cherokee has always been the top of the line SUV version of Jeep, and this apparently has not changed with the newest version.

For between $32,000 and $42,000 a range of goodies are available from the new base 3.6L Pentastar V6 to a 5.7L MDS (multi-displacement system) Hemi V8...plus a myriad of optional bells and whistles from which to choose.

My crystal ball skills have never been real sharp, but I'm going to guess that the new 2011 Grand Cherokee will definitely have a following.

The question is...will there be enough interest to help keep Jeep (and ultimately Chrysler) above water?

I don't know. What are your thoughts? Would you buy one?

Oh, and the forecast for tonight is (wait for it)...DARK!

Comments for 2011 Grand Cherokee Through the Crystal Ball

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Popularity Relative to Economic Value
by: Smitty

I agree the 2011 Jeep GC is a winner. This version may be the last that will use Daimler's influenced design since this was on the drawing board a few years ago before the break up. Only time will tell if this particular design will be popular as our economy and our income constantly wax and wane in the winds of priorities.

It would also appear that Chrysler is deviating from the core of Jeep's values by designing all this new stuff into a vehicle that most will never take off road. Making it pretty and powerful so as to make you feel it's too nice a car to get dirty seems counter to the stoutness of what it's designed for or its heritage. Add to that the "inflated" look. It's more rounded than the 99-04 appearing larger outside with some improved room inside. At least my left shoulder doesn't hit the door pillar now. So in essence you have a Sport Urban Vehicle you paid $32-42K for that still gets terrible gas mileage by today's standards that most owners can't drive in 2 inches of snow believing that 4WD is enough by itself so they shouldn't need to "learn" how to drive in it.

I see a lot of these 2011's bought initially and then some financial disaster happens across the board and they are dumped onto the "Pre-Owned" segment of the industry in relatively short time. That's the time to come out and snatch them up. Just be prepared to either spend a lot on fuel or a lot on maintenance. The sell prices may have flattened some but cost-of-ownership certainly hasn't. Beauty panels and plastic fascia's won't be first on my list of damaged parts to be replaced.

Personally I can't wait to see a non-European influenced Jeep built again even though this one still has some American styling cues left. So many of our cars look like theirs now it's almost hard to tell where Europe/Japan/Korea end and America begins anymore. I'll sit this one out and enjoy getting my inexpensive-to-use TJ dirty.

Chrysler future
by: Mike

No matter what happens to Chrysler, Jeep will continue on.

If only on the Wrangler platform.

Just my two cents.


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