'66 CJ-5 Finally got it! Stubborn Seller

by Tony Kembro
(St. Augustine, Fl)

Hello Classic Jeepers,

Here is my 1966 Jeep CJ-5. I have admired this Jeep for 3 years, after I became friends with its owner. He has owned this Jeep from the dealer that was purchased by his father for him as a teenager. I made outrageous offers to buy it, but all I ever got was "not for sale".

I was deployed back to Iraq, and upon each return I would go visit my friend and continue my badgering for him to sell it to me. He and I both have other Jeeps ('92 Wrangler YJ) and CJ-7 we have been restoring over the years.

I returned from Afghanistan from this tour, and as it has become our joke, I offered to buy the "worn out ole piece of junk", and he said OK make me an offer. We came to a figure. I had to add conditions like I would not "ruin" (his words) it like I did my YJ...(6" lift, 35" tires and $7000 worth of trimmings).

I agreed to keep it original, and I aim to keep that vow. It has 51,640 original miles on it. He touted that he was a "rock crawler" before it was cool. I doubted it until I saw the custom roll cage (attached to the frame). His Dad had mandated the cage be installed before he let him drive it on his own.

I look forward to getting this CJ5 back to its former glory. I am in Afghanistan right now, but I am excited to get started on that restoration. I have garnered tons of tips and ideas from your members, and thanks to your classic Jeep site.

I look forward to many years of viewing. Most folks see it as an "old Jeep" but you guys understand as goes the saying...."It's a Jeep thing...You wouldn't understand".


Tony Kembro

Larry's Comment: Tony...first, let me thank you for your service to our country.

That fine '66 CJ-5 looks to have been worth the long wait. Nice to have good Jeep friends. I hope more Jeep Lovers will send their stories and photos to ( Your Jeep Page ) so that we all can share the fun and joy they bring.

Thanks again Tony...God Bless and come home safe.

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Thanks Larry !
by: Tony Kembro

One of the reason I viewed this Site was your commitment to our Armed Forces. It is the consensus that America has forgotten our soldiers, and mix it with the politics.

As a whole, most do not care for the recognition. They, like me, merely want everyone to remember that "Freedom isn't free", and also remember this when you tuck in your children and lie in your safe homes and neighborhoods.

I will get off my stump now, and get back to JEEPIN! I have drank the Kool-aid and I love all aspects of Jeeps. I have 2 Corvettes...but I can admit my Jeeps are my favorite!

Thanks for your site bringing us all together, Larry. God Bless.

Larry's Reply: It is my honor and pleasure, Tony.

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