A Canadian Girl and Her Jeep(s)

by Aurorae
(Ottawa, Ontario)

My '99 Wrangler TJ with 4 Cylinder

My '99 Wrangler TJ with 4 Cylinder

I guess you could say I grew up with Jeeps.

My mom (also a Jeep girl, and a single mom) bought a brand new 1993 Jeep Cherokee Sport, with a straight 6-cylinder engine, and an automatic transmission. She drove it until it had over 450 thousand km on it. Unfortunately Canadian winters can be hell on Jeep bodies and it finally had to be retired.

By this point I was dating a guy with an '88 Jeep Comanche. I loved that thing. It just wouldn't die. My mom had also replaced her Cherokee with one that was about 10 years newer. Now she's driving an '05 Jeep Liberty.

In 2008 I was finally able to buy a Jeep of my own, a 99 Jeep Wrangler TJ SE 2.4L. She just passed her 300 thousand km birthday, and yes I know how rare it is for a 4-cylinder to go that far. 400K km here we come!

So you can see that I come by my Jeep addiction honestly. I love the freedom, independence, and simplicity that a Jeep provides.


Larry's Comment: Aurorae...you and your mom definitely qualify as "Jeep Lovers".

"Freedom, Independence, and Simplicity"

In those three words you encapsulated the essence of the Jeep mystique and why most of us have such an affinity for them.

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