B275 CJ 500 D 4x4

by Abhir
(Goa, India)

My MM CJ500d

My MM CJ500d

Hi all,

I own a 1983 model Mahindra CJ 500 D restored to original condition (nut and bolt level repairs).

The plus point in owning a CJ 500 D is the parts are available, although not all original, but of course at a reasonable price.

It has oodles of torque off the road in 4x4 so can match up with the best 4x4 available in India. There are very few lovers of this tractor, but I swear this machine is awesome if kept original.

The issue is highway speeds that people talk about, but if we technicaly study this vehicle it has a slow speed engine and performs best when driven at speeds of 40 kmph.

People who understand this vehicle will never complain about speed as it was meant to be used off the road.

Larry's Comment: Abhir...I agree that most original types of Jeeps all over the world were intended to go relatively slow, and be used primarily off road.

Also, thanks for the recent photos of your CJ 500 D.

Comments for B275 CJ 500 D 4x4

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Wow nice!
by: Anonymous

I have to say I never knew about the CJ 500 D till I started reading on here, just like I did not know that Jeep has been building the XJ style jeep over there. Very nice machines.

I know what you have done
by: Frank German Dude ;-)

Hey, you did a great job to get your Mahi in a good condition.

Question from me : Is it very hard to get me a total set of cheap reasonable price (4) Brake Drums for a CJ 540 here to Germany from somebody from India?

Need help
by: Anonymous

I am also going to do same thing that you did getting a B275 CJ500 D jeep in to life. I may need some advice from you as you have done it before.

CJ 500 Green
by: Anonymous

Very nice to see CJ 500 in original shade. Looks beautiful.

Jeep 1983
by: Anonymous

Me too; I have a 1983 CJ 500 dp. Amazing offroad performance.

Bought today CJ 500 D
by: Gandharva

I also bought this CJ 500 D. Very nice but turning radius is the question; what to do for this?

Chasis for CJ 500
by: Anonymous

Need to replace the Chassis of the CJ 500D. Any purchase help is welcome.

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