Both winners! Wrangler and Hummer

by Gregory Fernatt
(Charleston, WV)

Jeep Rubicon and Hummer H3 (File Photo)

Jeep Rubicon and Hummer H3 (File Photo)

I've owned (1)CJ7 (2)YJ (1)TJ (1) WJ. I currently drive an H3T Alpha. Being a former US Marine I've driven the crap out of a hmmwv(M1044).

I have wheeled in both the newer JK and H2. So speaking from experience this debate is strictly Camaro vs Mustang. Two wonderful and capable vehicles with so many variables at play, it comes down to preference. The type of off road terrain you operate on, your budget, styling preference, and desired comfort level just to name a few.

With the proper operator behind the wheel a Rubicon Wrangler and off road package H3 would go just about anywhere human beings could exist.

With Jeep's Harley like heritage and military pedigree I give kudos to Jeep for not screwing it up.

The Hummer now out of production (falling victim to politics and poor marketing), will forever be in my heart.

I am going to try and hold onto my H3T, since in about 15 years it will be just like the CJ8 Scrambler (collectible and a very cool ride).

Keep the shiny side up!

Larry's Comment: Thanks for your unbiased and professional review of both vehicles Gregory.

But most of all, thank you for your service to our country!

Comments for Both winners! Wrangler and Hummer

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Jeep or Hummer
by: CB

I have one of each and love both for different reasons! The Hummer is my everyday driver and the Jeep is my toy.

The best is Jeep and Hummer
by: Lewis Jackson

Jeep for young man, and Hummer for young businessman!

by: MasterChief Ross

There is a reason they send Hummers to the front lines instead of Jeeps.

by: Gerry

I love both the Unlimited and Hummer H2. I love the beastly look of the Hummer without modifying it. I love the Wrangler Unlimited beastly look when it is modified.

Hands down #1 Wranglers when it comes to the many different things you can do to it as far as removing items from it at ease. Hummer hands down because it's just a straight monster of a vehicle on the road.

Both are boxy burn a lot of gas. If I had to choose I couldn't love them both. I had a Jeep now it's time to go Hummer.

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