Canadian Jeep Girl

by Terri
(Canadian Jeep girls on Facebook)

First topless run of 2011

First topless run of 2011

I have loved Jeeps since I was a child. I Don't know why but I have.

What attracts me the most is the freedom! Freedom to go mudding, topless, 4x4ing or just to the grocery store!

It can be fun, practical and glamorous all in one vehicle.

Larry's Comment: Thanks for the review, Terri.

Jeep Girls are a very special bunch, and it is nice to see more of the ladies (like you) driving Wranglers, Cherokees, Grand Cherokees, Liberty's, and more.

By the way, please tell us some details about your specific Jeep, if you will, such as year, model, engine, accessories, modifications, etc. You can use the "comment" link below or contact me directly.

Jeep Lovers all over the world like to see and read about what others are driving, and especially what the ladies are driving.

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by: MADforMUD


Canadian Jeep Girl
by: Anonymous

Very nice Jeep! There is nothing like having the wind blow your hair all over when your rig is topless. Please tell us more about your Jeep and some of your great trips off road. Thanks

Off roading still pending
by: Terri

I was in a near fatal car accident Dec 9 2009, and am still in recovery so I have not yet been able to go 4X4ing or off roading.

I am keeping hopeful for next summer, just have to hope my next surgeries heal by then!

My Jeep specs...
by: Terri

-1997 Jeep TJ Sport
-5 Speed Manual
-4.0L engine
-32" tires
-Have a soft and hard top, if I use them
-No real mods yet...still in progress.

by: Terri

Not a lot of people on here, eh?

by: Sassyjeeper

Nice rig. I have a '99 Wrangler Sahara and a '95 Cherokee Sport. I can't get enough Jeep in my blood. My prayers to you, having had a near fatal accident, for a speedy recovery back to being able to enjoy life's Jeep pleasures.

Same Girl, New Jeep and Life!
by: Terri

I no longer own the TJ, had to give her up due to a bad left ankle.

Bought a new JK 2 door Sport Wrangler..a 2012, so she has the new engine. Still healing from my accident in Dec 2009, so not a lot of mods yet BUUUUUUT...I run a group called Canadian Jeep Girls. Look it up!

I have been cleared for 4x4ing for a few years, so been offroading a LOT. Photos and stories are on my Facebook Page.

Editor's Reply: Terri, glad to hear you are getting better. Having the JK instead of the TJ still qualifies you for one of the special "Jeep Girls" on this website.

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