Cheap Jeep Piece of...

by Charles

2001 Jeep Cherokee (File Photo)

2001 Jeep Cherokee (File Photo)

Yes I said cheap as in cheap piece of crap.

I previously owned two Toyota Pickups, both went above and beyond. I thought I would give Jeep a try. Big mistake. I bought my Jeep Cherokee brand new, and what a let down. A Jeep begins to fall apart once it leaves the assembly line. I bought the basic model, manual transmission and no bells or whistles. Had I gotten bells and whistles, I'm sure now that it would have been just something else to go wrong.

I am religious about oil changes every 3000 miles, and routine maintenance. I have about 150,000 miles on it and the following is a list of problems I've had with my piece of Jeep crap.

1. At three years old, air conditioner failed. Service sucked. Even though I purchased 5 year warranty, I had to fight with the dealership to fix it. Did not want to give me a rental car as provided by the warranty. I had to take it back twice within a two week period to get it fixed. Basically, I spent almost two weeks camped out in their lobby and had to stay on their a** to get it done. The repair lasted about two years and broke again after the warranty expired. Up to this point, not including the warranty work, I have replaced the compressor three times, and on the third time, the whole a/c system.

2. Gauge cluster problems. Kept getting "no bu5" signal which indicates a problem with the computer communication with the gauges. Whenever this happens, the speedometer and odometers also stop working.

3. Electrical problems. Turn signals. Had to replace parts twice. Extremely hard to get to. Had to take them to a shop.

4. Freeze plugs cracked. Temperature light came on. Had to get that fixed.

5. Went to replace battery cables. Guess what? They have it set up
where you damn near have to order the whole harness. At the time, you could only get it from the dealership.

6. The struts that hold up the rear hatch wear out and the hatch does not stay up.

7. My Cherokee barely has enough pickup to get on the freeway in traffic. If your in hill country, forget it.

8. The driver seat has broke and shifts as I drive.

If you ever perform repairs yourself, look at how they put together this piece of crap. It is obvious that in engineering and assembly Chrysler took the path of least resistance. Where something should have been bolted, there is a clamp or plastic fastener. Basically, they are put together with spit and paper.

I will never buy a Jeep or Chrysler product again. I am not surprised they are bankrupt. I hope the company completely folds.

Larry's Comment: You didn't say what year your Cherokee was Charles. Nevertheless, it's no fun having problems with ANY vehicle. Auto engineers and manufacturers owe the customer the best quality possible for the money spent.

I have heard this same lament and frustration from owners of almost every make of vehicle.

On the other side of the coin, there are so many folks who report having great experiences with Jeeps of all models. Are they perfect? Absolutely not. Nothing made by man is perfect.

I don't know why some people, like yourself Charles, get a real lemon in a particular brand, but you obviously did, and that soured you (pardon the pun) on all Jeeps and Chrysler products. You did manage to squeeze a respectable 150,000 miles out of your Cherokee...but I do understand.

Sorry for your bad experience with your Cherokee, and I hope you have better luck with whatever you get next time.

At least you can't say we are not "fair and balanced" on this obviously pro-Jeep website.

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Piece of crap!
by: Anonymous

Sorry but as far as any model built after about 1980 I would have to agree, JUNK!. I Love Jeeps, Currently own 3, 47 Willys CJ2, J-10 truck and 69 DJ5. I did have a 77 CJ5 which was a very good vehicle.

I had a 1997 Grand Cherokee, can you say Junk! It was a fight to get anything fixed by the dealer under warranty. Always something breaking. My wife drove it and it was never off road. At one point I had to replace the complete front brakes and from an engineering standpoint it was sub-standard. Whenever I now see a new Jeep, I refer to them as Barbie Jeeps.

I also have a 72 Toyota FJ40. This is how a off road vehicle should be built! It still has the original clutch. It just will not break. I will never ever purchase a new Chrysler or Jeep vehicle.

What use is a warranty if they will not honor it?

Begging to Differ
by: Tim

Sorry, but I think you are both wrong. We have owned a total of 4 Jeeps since 1993. They were 1986 and 1990 XJs, 1994 Grand Cherokee, and a 2005 Grand with a Hemi. Best vehicles ever. If Jeep ever builds a pickup, that will be next. Lets see Toyota ever build a good truck, right, it ain't gonna happen, 'cause Americans build trucks. Japanese build lightweight economy cars. I would be embarassed to bring a Toyota off-road. We also rented a 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and took it on trails, AMAZING. Never even showed signs of getting stuck. If not Jeep, Hummer. If not Hummer, Ford and Chevy. Never a Jap-built car or truck.

Glad owner
by: Anonymous

I own a 99 Grand Cherokee, and have had it for 3 yrs. Has 4.0L engine 4x4, and I love it. It has never let me down.

I live in Michigan where winters can be rough, and in the area where I live A LOT of snow and ice. It goes through snow very well and handles nice on dry pavement.

No off roading, but would put up against ANY TOYOTA OR HONDA OFF ROAD. Not a challenge just saying I have that much trust in it to say that.

It is an automatic and can select part-time or full-time four wheel drive. In my opinion the 4.0L is the best 6-cylinder engine Chrysler could make. Will miss that engine as they no longer make it.

There are minor things that need to be repaired but nothing major as of yet. Have heard from other owners a/c has some problems. Am glad I have it.

Your bias is showing
by: Anonymous

The assumption that imported (assembly or engineering) is better shows blatantly in your post. I think you just want to whine about your self-created "problems."

I looked at several Toyota pickups before buying my current Cherokee XJ. I gave up when the seller declared "Toyotas run forever; I just put a new engine in this one!"

My Cherokee is going on 300,000 miles with the ORIGINAL engine, no problems with it.

missed point
by: Anonymous

You seem to have missed the point I was making. When I said minor it means minor repairs, which since have all been fixed.

I really don't think you know what whining is. Having a bad day? Like I said I trust my Jeep and being ASE certified helps, and working on different kinds of vehicles for 15 yrs. also helps.

Really should learn how to read things, OR maybe its just me. Anyway love my Jeep. Everyone have a nice day.

Hey Tim
by: Jap

I'm a big fan of Jeep XJ Cherokee, but I don't agree that Japs are making bad cars. It can't be compared, they just have different character. I'm disappointed that Americans like you still see Japanese that way.

Cheap Jeep Piece of Crap Part II
by: Charles

The only Jeeps that are not pieces of crap are those from the 1940's to the 1970's that have been completely rebuilt by someone, and not Jeep. Yeah, even I could take my 2000 Cherokee piece of crap and cut it to pieces and put $20,000 to $30,000 into it and make a hell of a sturdy off road respectable vehicle with a Jeep emblem on it, but it really would not be a Jeep.

They may have been sturdy off the assembly line during WWII, and I would not mind having one built like that. But the quality and work ethic on the assembly line today is not the same as it was then and has not been the same probably since the 1970's. Yet Jeep advertises on the reputation for sturdiness it had during WWII, with not a fraction of the quality of that time. Now I laugh every time I see a Jeep commercial with all the model crawling over rugged terrain, including the biggest chick-mobile, the Liberty.

Anyway, if it makes you happy, keep paying for that label.

Jeeps are better off in the Junkyard
by: Steve

I've found Jeeps to be very unreliable. I have dealt with about a dozen over the last 14 years from a 40's Willys to a 2009 Grand Cherokee.

The list of problems never ends: Engines, Transmissions, Axles/Joints, Differentials, Coolant System, Electrical, A/C, Fuel, Emissions, Rust, lack of power and bad fuel economy.

Over the course of this time I've owned a number of Toyota trucks which have very few reliability issues, worst being a rear main seal on a 1993 T100 with 220,000 miles. My 2002 Tacoma radio quit working and that is the only problem ever with the vehicle since new. I do alot of towing, mudding, running through snow.

You may say every vehicle has its problems but fact is Jeeps are unreliable.

Reality Check...
by: Puma

There are three "civilized" vehicles for off-road use: Land Rover; Jeep; and Toyota. You go anywhere in the world and one (or all) of these three are not only there, but have been there for a long time.

The reason for that is all three companies make damn good vehicles. It's really a matter of availability and personal choice as to which one to use. As was pointed out in an earlier response - NO BODY IS PERFECT.

My family has been driving Land Rovers, Toyotas and Jeep/Willys since their creation. There have been real good ones and some that weren't worth recycling, and everything in between as far quality goes.

So hate on the Jeep all you want, but over 3 million Grand Cherokee's alone were built by 2005 so Jeep must be doing something right in spite of some horrible experiences you and others have had.

As for me, after some thought, instead of buying something new I'm going to refurbish my '88 Cherokee Laredo (360,000 plus miles with only a water pump replacement). Why? Because I know with it, I and my family are safe to travel 70% of the land on earth.

Dodge Ram
by: Not A Chrysler Fan

Can we expand this discussion to include all Chrysler products?

Jeep Cherokee's tough enough
by: Gregor


While I can most certainly empathize with you, because I too have had a lemon or two in my day, I would like to share this with you and others.

The average Joe has never changed his own oil, rotated his/her tires, or done their own brake job, much less lubricated all that needs lubricated etc..etc.

Most, not all, of us live in a Walmart world where you get your precious vehicle cared for while you shop. The tech's at these places aren't making much and resent being there instead of on their own. They aren't going to care for your vehicle like you would.

Some things are going to break well before 150,000 so I think you've milked the good out of what you have. Sometimes it's best to fix it and sell it to cut your costs rather than let your pride and ego get in the way. "I can make this work!" I speak from experience and am not saying you are this way.

Finally, in defense of the Jeep Cherokee; my two brothers-in-law owned them in their teenage years (16-18) and put them through pure hell and one would have survived if oil had been kept in it- it threw a rod! The other went well past 200k mi. and was handed down to a little brother.

The in line six is easy enough to work on and you can modify a Cherokee just like most Toyota, Nissan, fill-in-the-blank owner's do. Not many are happy to keep anything stock any longer.


Toyota vs Jeep..
by: Anonymous

HAHAHAHAH!!! For those out there who are advocates of newer Jeeps, and who call Toyota trucks "wimps", do your research. My Tacoma has gone over 150,000 without a single problem yet. As for offroad, I just finished pulling a Wrangler out of a ditch, and then going through the same area just to prove my truck could do it. Any Jeep made after 1985 is a piece know. The 1960s to 1970s CJs are almost on par with Toyota quality.

Death wobble
by: Anonymous

I can't believe nobody has mentioned the death wobble that the Cherokee is known for. Total piece of crap. I can't believe that this happens.

Toyota trucks unreliable??
by: Anonymous

To the dude who said Toyota trucks are basically the worst ever, apparently he has never heard of the Heluix. I have never heard of a truck receive so much world wide praise for being indestructible. You might want to do your homework on really what are the best trucks because that is most definitely one of them.

Jeep Guy Happy Me
by: Jeep Guy Happy Me

Thank you, it's owners like you that fix all the factory defects and then sell it to me for cheap, then I find the vacuum hose that came loose that makes everything A-OK when plugged back into the intake manifold (actually found this!). Everything works in my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0l and all I paid was a lousy $1000. With only 175k miles I expect to get 50k more then sell it again for $1000.

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