CJ6 Big Red Comes to Papa

by Willem
(Pretoria, South Africa)

We are Together

We are Together

I grew up in and around a '52 Willys pickup. Naturally my first car was another.

My own was rebuilt while I was at school, but I had to sell it to pay for university. It took me many years before I could get another jeep of my own and I wanted an unmolested one.

Mid 2010 while trawling the internet I found this peaceful CJ6 (ex-SA army) waiting patiently for me, and now the rest is history.

Me and Big Red are now buddies - why Big red?... because I can!

Unfortunately, spares are hard to find and outta sight expensive here at the bottom end of the Dark Continent...

Larry's Comment: Willem...your CJ6 is obviously not the U.S. version.

What, if any, can you tell us regarding the origins of your Jeep. Is it Mahindra...Korando...conversion...or...???

Also, what motor and drive train is in it? Is it four wheel drive or 2 wheel drive?


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Real Willys
by: Willem

The tag in the engine compartment reads as follows:

8305 213253 AA
Kaiser Jeep Corporation
# on engine block is 807885

Tag on the other side indicates "JEEP assembled in South Africa" I have the date this jeep rolled out of that SA assembly line, but I am sure that is very different to the date the jeep was originally built.

It's 4x4, 3-speed gearbox, 4 cyl. petrol engine.

Larry's Comment: Thanks for the clarification Willem.

I've seen a number of U.S. built CJ6s and yours appeared a bit different in body style. "Jeep" manufacturing was licensed to several different countries for production, and most of them received a few different "touches" from the US versions.

Good examples are the Mahindra (India) and Korando (Korea) models.

Your CJ6 here in America would be a prized find especially in good condition. Thanks again.

Real Vintage?
by: Willem

Larry would it be possible to learn more about the year my jeep was manufactured from the ID tags? I know it was assembled in SA late 1980 but that was definitely not its original vintage.

Larry's Response: Willem...I don't have a complete set of serial numbers and ID information on all Jeeps manufactured here in the USA and abroad.

Much of this info is difficult to find and often not completely accurate.

The CJ6 was produced for sale here in America through 1976.

From 1977 through 1981 there were about 6000 built here for export only.

For those Jeeps built and sold in other countries I don't know where you might find proper statistics.

If you learn of a reliable source, please let me know.

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