Exploring with the '09 Liberty 4x4 Sport

by Scott
(Muskegon Michigan)

2009 Jeep Liberty (File Photo)

2009 Jeep Liberty (File Photo)

This is our first Jeep and I have to admit... my wife was ecstatic with the aesthetics, and I am excited about the 4 wheelin' possibilities.

In its stock configuration it goes where I point it here in west Michigan which is mostly sand dunes and woods trails...tho we do have some serious mud and hills...we don't have any rock cliffs here.

There are a few limits like the stock configuration and radial tires, and my concern for the paint:) Other than that we are quite happy with the trail rating and its willingness to take us deeper into western Michigans woods than I have ever been.

Bottom line...so far, so good. I do have to admit one thing though. We followed a '93 Grand Cherokee out on the trails the other nite...and he coulda walked circles around us with the setup he had.

Larry's Comment: Welcome to the world of Jeeps Scott. Be forewarned though...it can be addictive...ha!

One more thing. How about an actual photo of your KJ Liberty.

You can either do another submission like this one (with a photo), or shoot me an email and I will tell you how.

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I'm Sorry
by: Hal

No Comment just a link to view...


This '09 Liberty...2 years later...An Update
by: Scott

I am Scott...from Muskegon,Michigan again.

I have driven this 4x4 Liberty for over 2 years with loads of wheelin, hunting, boat towing, camping, going thru pavement, sand, mud, and snow.

The creature comforts I like. The anti-lock brakes engaging at the oddest times I do not. When you should be powering thru a situation, half your drive-train is fighting you, trying to stop. This is serious especially at highway speeds on slush.

The plastic lower panels crack from the weight of minor road ice here in Michigan. The windshield is very vertical which is not bad for vision, but it is very thin and has had multiple chips from road debris.

Editor's Reply: Sorry you are having some problems with your '09 Jeep Liberty, Scott.

However, it also sounds like you are getting a great deal of use...and fun as well.

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