German Dude Has Terrible Restoration of Mahindra CJ3B Replica

by Frank Bohringer
(Steffenberg, Germany, H essian)

Hello folks, I am a 49 year old/young crazy German dude who worked 18 nice years for the US ARMY as a mechanic.

I always dreamed about these Willys (later Kaiser) Jeeps. It did not happen until in 2008 through an advertising I bought a Mahindra CJ 540 LWB for 200 Euros.

I started with restoration of the tube. This was fine and relatively cheap. Then later went to the mechanics like brakes, engine, gears, bearings, tires...and these sucks my money out of me (smile).

I had a hard time with my wife, because I WANT THIS THING running. I had so many back-smashes, but now she runs cool, with this INDENOR XDP 4.90 Diesel engine, but there were several Master mechanics on this car. I shake and crush my head about that much terrible patchworking, as per example, out-pulled cylinder treatments (GEWINDE), etc, not mounted water thermostat, wrong mounted leaf springs, and alternator was only fixed with one screw! Nice isn't it?

The brake linings grinding to the drum, making waves (hope this is the right translation) I miss my American English language since the U.S. troops leave Hessian. I turned all drums out, and now I have instead of 9" Drums, 11" drums. Now is the way too far to hit the brake cylinders to the (bigger) drums.

It is hard and expensive in Kraut old Germany to get parts for the Mahindra. Dealers say they are either "Not Available" or too expensive. Crap!

But as I said: I want it running soon. If you get in touch with me I hook you up with my address:

Kind regards from Frank the old kid!

Larry's Comment: Finding parts for any old Jeep can be a real pain...but from what I hear the old Mahindra's can be an even bigger pain in the rear.

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by: Anonymous

Very cool! Sounds like he may need to see about doing some mods to the later AMC jeep rear ends and brakes that can be found on like ebay or most any type of Jeep web page, I like the photo's very much. Very cool to see that others all over the world feel the same about Jeeps. I call mine "empty pockets" if you all know what I mean.

Jeep Mahindra
by: Alain

For your information there are sometimes good opportunities to find cheap Mahindra jeep on, for spare parts.

Parts available
by: Rahil

You easily can buy parts from India. Easily available here. Even fully modified or in genuine shape jeeps with lastest features in New Delhi.

by: Tony

Well done! I've got 3 of these jeeps.
What left hand drive steering have you got?
Tony G

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