Go With Hummer!

by Devon P.

My pick would definitely be the Hummer. The Land Rover is nice, and if I wanted a capable luxurious 4-Wheeler, I would choose that, but who cares about luxury when 4wheeling? I want it to feel like a truck!

The Jeep doesn't sound too bad, but I would only get it if rock crawling or mud bogging was my main concern. The only real advantage that the Jeep has over the Hummer in my opinion is that it is smaller, so it can get to a few more places. Jeeps are cool and all but I don't think so. If you have never been off road then you wouldn't know that a Wrangler can tackle rougher terrain than a Hummer H1.

The H1 was designed for combat duty where lives are at stake. The old Jeeps were great combat vehicles in their time, but times change. The new Jeeps are made to deliver mail and putt around the beach. The only advantage a Jeep has is turning radius and being cheap (disposable).

In short, I believe that the Hummer would easily take the Jeep as being the superior off road vehicle. It is modern and up to date compared to the out of date, and now superfluous Jeep. Go with the Hummer.

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