How to potty train your grandson with a Jeep.

by Mike
(Tonawanda, NY USA)

I've owned several Jeeps over the years and have had fun adventures with all of them.

Right now I've got a red (is there any other color for a Jeep?) 94YJ.

I've had a lot of adventures in my YJ and could tell a lot of stories about it, but one of my favorite stories is how I potty trained my grandson with my YJ.

Now I don't know what it is with Jeeps and Grandkids but they love them, and my grandkids are no exception.

They would always want to go for rides in my YJ, and would argue over who was going to sit in the front seat.

Well to make a long story short my one grandson, the youngest, was dragging his feet on becoming potty trained.

He knew what to do and how to do it, but he was just being lazy.

So one day I told Grandma that I would get the little guy potty trained and that I would do it in less than a day.

She said no way. The kid will do it when he is good and ready.

The challenge was on. I figured it was simple enough so when the kids were over the house I made the statement, come on lets go get ice cream, and we can all ride in the Jeep.

They all jumped up and started to run for the door.

Then I grabbed the little one and said hold on there, you can't go.

I told him no one is riding in my Jeep who is still making potty in their pants.

Well you should have seen the look on his face.

He put his arms straight down by his sides and marched upstairs, where he proceeded to take off his own diaper and put on training pants all by himself.

The wife was impressed, I was a hero, and the little one never had any more issues with going potty again.

True story.

Larry's Comment: That's hilarious Mike! I would have never in a million years associated "potty training" with a "Jeep".

Hmmm!...I wonder if you could house break a puppy the same way (pondering!)

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Too Funny!
by: Rich

Great story! I'll have to try it with my daughter..we are going thru the potty training right now!

Great idea!
by: Denae

I hate potty training! I trained my 4th and last child six months ago. I bought my first Jeep last week. I wish I had it four kids ago, especially my 2 boys. Great idea though, and I'm glad it worked so well!

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