by Bobby

The Hummer is a much more capable rig no matter what any one has to say.

The thing is there are not too many people who know how it was made for the Army, not for the use of everyday people. I know I have a lot to work on before I will be able to handle my H2 as well as a Jeep I drove, but I have seen my dad take my H2 where I would never dare take a Jeep.

I also would like to say most of you who say the Jeep is better have spent all kinds of money on your truck where me and many other 4x4's use either stock or almost stock Hummers, and keep up all day.

Let's just leave it at is the owner of the Hummer or Jeep's personal opinion.

Larry's Comment: Personal opinions do often run deep Bobby...but ain't it fun to defend your choices? What say the rest of you Jeep or Hummer fans?

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JEEP should never be compared to any other vehicle
by: Boos4x4

There is more to owning a Jeep than just having a good 4x4. It's the SPIRIT and LOYALTY that goes along with it. I grew up in a dad still has a sister and I have Jeeps and we will ALWAYS have Jeeps. It runs deeper than mud. I absolutely LOVE my JEEP and will never live without one.

It is personal choice when Muddin' or Rock Climbing. There should really not be an arguement over what is better. There are many factors in those activities...and a person's skill is one of them. I've personally seen a Jeep outdo a hummer, but that doesn't matter. They were both built for the Army and have their special characteristics. Leave it at that.

You ask any Jeep owner that loved their Jeep if they ever regretted selling and the answer is always YES. Here's to the SPIRIT and LOYALTY of JEEP owners!!

Jeeps are Good to Go
by: Anonymous

Jeeps may break every once in a while, but what doesn't?

Hummers cost the most right from the get go. Hummer is nothing but a Jeep wanna be.

H2 for military?
by: rpiereck

I would agree that the H1 was made for the military, but the H2 and H3 are boutique vehicles, re-badged Chevys made with a different body, basically. Their steering components fail on the trail and the suspension doesn't get nearly as much travel. Plus, it is too expensive to lift them properly to achieve anything close to a Jeep's capability.

Keep your Hummers on the pavement where they belong.

To each their own
by: Wheels his H3s

Whatever you prefer don't let brand loyalty blind you to the capabilities of others.

Boos4x4, you talk about Jeep loyalty and spirit as if it's the only brand that could possibly have this. I can tell you that the same can be said about Hummer owners.

rpiereck, you are correct that the H1 was the only Hummer that was originally designed for the military but to say the H2 and H3 are simply re-badged Chevy trucks is something said by the uninformed. You are correct about weak links such as tie rods but as somebody that wheels smart, not just with my right foot I have yet to have a failure and have run a lot of higher rated trails around the country. You are also correct that IFS doesn't allow for much flex but with wheeling smart and picking my lines I don't require the flex even if it would be nice to have. It takes more to modify but that's something else I like about them, I'm not wheeling something that is just another of the dozens seen every day. As far as achieving anything close to a Jeeps capabilities, they are more capable straight off the showroom floor than most Jeep models with the Rubicon being the only exception with a slight, and I do mean slight, advantage. That advantage can be quickly wiped out with driver skill as well.

I love my Hummers but that doesn't mean I hate Jeeps. It takes a small minded individual to hate a brand for no reason and if you are honest there is no reason. To each there own, wheel what you love to wheel and maybe we can all hit the trails together sometime.

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