Hummers Designed for Idiots to Operate

by Real Wheeler
(Where a Hummer can't go!)

I was in the army when the Hummer made its debut.

From horrible reliability, to not fitting anywhere, to its not starting in the cold, to all the independent suspension problems, the Hummer was junk from day one.

I found its off road ability a joke when compared to a stock CJ. The reason people assume the government bought the Hummer was durable off road transportation. Wrong! The actual reason was they needed a vehicle that the dumbest soldier could drive and not roll over. It was designed for the lowest common denominator...the soldier who barely passed their ASVAB test and had drool coming out of the corner of their mouth.

Hummer's are for the typical poser fool who wants people to think that they are rugged off road folks. Jeeps are for people who actually are.

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You just burst my Bubble ...
by: YJ Bantum

WOW...Really? I always wondered what it would be like to own an original Humm-V. I have to consider from your stand-point and experience that your opinion is the most valid I have ever heard...

by: Mike

I agree with the comments about the HummV. I was also in the army when they came into service. They would get stuck and we would have to send a vehicle to retrieve the passengers, usually an Army Jeep they were intended to replace.

One of the major reason the Army went with them was they could go 70MPH on the Autobahns in Germany and keep up with the then new Abrams tanks. It had nothing to do with their off road capabilities. They even issued them with basic street tires on them, not like the omnidirectional tactical tires the other vehicles had.

The CucV (Chevy blazers) also had the same tire limitations and off road issues as the Hummer. They (The CucV) were supposed to be an interim vehicle until the HummV came along.

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