I <3 my Jeep!

by Cassie
(Reno, NV, USA)

My Jeep Family

My Jeep Family

Oh where do I begin??

It all started with my Grandmother. She has an old Jeep Truck, original jerry cans, camper shell, etc. It has been lovingly maintained and is a family heirloom.

My mom has told us many stories of the trips they would take in the Cheveep. All of the women in our family have Jeeps. Our family get togethers revolve around the dirt roads and areas to be explored.

My mom and grandma prefer the tops on; I want mine off year round. The bigger the Mud Puddle the Better! The goal is to see how dirty the Jeeps can get. And Yes, I do feel sorry when I pass a clean Jeep. I feel it isn't loved very well.

My baby cousin does have the Pink Barbie Jeep. We like to start them young in this family. :)

And yes, all of us take many pics of the places we go in our Jeeps; their own "baby books" if you will.

Larry's Comment: Nice family photo Cassie! Most families pose in front of a fireplace or something..ha!..but this is great!

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This year there is 1 more to add to the photo
by: Anonymous

So this is Cassie's brother. My wife and I finally were able to buy a Jeep this year. We will finally be joining the pictures. I thought of holding out to get the Rubicon like grandma has but couldn't wait anymore and still got a wonderful Jeep! In 2 weeks we'll be hitting some trails and seeing more ghost mines. My wife is really starting to get into it. I can't wait until she is as gung-ho about Jeeping as all the other women in my family are! Happy Jeeping! :)

Our Family of Jeeps
by: mom

Just sorry that the old Cheveep wasn't in this pic. It is a 1961 jeep pickup that my parents bought brand new so that they could explore the Sierras every vacation. Over time, the engine was replaced with a beefier Chevy engine, hence its name: Cheveep. It was my mom's carpool vehicle, because she could throw all of us kids in the back and not have to listen to us! We lived in Southern California, and it was not really the "cool" thing for a woman to drive a pickup truck. But, that didn't stop my mom. She loved(s) that truck to this day, although she now drives a 2008, 4-door Wrangler; this happens to be an easier ride for an 82 year young off-road enthusiast.

I also live in Reno, NV
by: BOOS4x4

Cassie...I was so inspired by your story. I grew up in AR, my parents had a Jeep, sold it, regretted it. My dad bought one years later, sold it, regretted it. (you'd think he'd learn his lesson, right?) My ex-husband and I bought a Jeep, loved it, divorced it. So I bought my OWN Jeep Wrangler, Sahara Edition, love it and will never disown it. My sister currently has the 2 door unlimited Jeep which she dearly loves and will never part with. We LOVE driving "topless". :) I moved to Reno a year ago and can't find anyone who can appreciate the LOVE for Jeeps as I do. Tell your grandma I just adore her for loving Jeeps so fiercely as long as she has. That is very impressive that everyone in your family has the most amazing vehicle in the world! If you ever see a black Wrangler in Reno w/ the license plate BOOS4X4, that's me! Brandy

It's a good day to be thankful for our Jeeps... let us pray. (And then go find a little mud)
by: Mindi

I got thrown in the back of the Cheveep, too! lol I thought I was going to fall out the back and die when we went up the grade to Cerro Gordo, but alas, I'm here to tell the story. Jeeping is great; topless is great (great cousins think alike) and MUD IS THE BEST! Rory's got two jeeps now - both pink, but I think she can overcome that. ;) Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Cassie.

'61 Pickup
by: DM Deluka


Would love to see pic of Cheveep. Does Grandma still drive it on occasion? I have a 1978 J20 with Chevy power and TH400. What engine & drive train do you have in it?

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