I Appreciate our Military...Their Sacrifices are Priceless!

by Schatzi Ninteman
(Ramona, CA, USA!!!)

How cool is it that we have a place like this that we can voice our opinions!

As the friend of a sailor in our U.S. Navy who is also a proud Jeep owner, I would like to say how proud I am of him and all of our brave military...it brings tears to my eyes when I think about all of the sacrifices that these fine people make...not only are their lives on the line everyday, but they leave home whenever they are called upon.

Think about being away from the people and things you love so much...there are very few of us who could do what they do...and look so good doing it!

When people bash our men and women, it breaks my heart...it is these same folks that are so closed-minded that they get to say critical things BECAUSE of our brave men and women.

My stepson joins the Navy in a few weeks...I couldn't be more proud! I do what I can for our sailors by making them homemade cookies...They LOVE it! That makes my heart swell...GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS & GOD BLESS THE USA!!!


Larry's Comment: Well said Schatzi...and God bless you and yours for all of the support you give our brave men and women in the military.

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For the sake of the Nation.
by: George Varanam

The defense personnel [of any country] is the asset of the nation. We should be honored. Few days back I had a bad experience in India. Two persons from military were returning to their home on leave after a period of two years. They got the train from Delhi[the capital city of India], they have to travel more than 2,500Kms to reach their homes. There was no birth for them in train. The unreserved compartments were full. No space for them even to stand. Both of them had two big bags[ thing to home for the dearer ones]. The first Train ticket examiner permitted them to settle in the open space near the door of the sleeper compartment, in which I got my berth. I was helpless as I had only one berth. After the travel of approx. 600Kms a new Ticket examiner came. He asked them to vacate the coach. Some politicians even without a valid travel pass were permitted to sit on the coach without any hesitation. Then we a few commutators were made an interference, we asked the TTE to learn to honor the heroes of the nation. We combine to give them offering like free tea, chocolates and fruits. Last our desire made them to be seated in our compartment. They traveled with honor of the national heroes.

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